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Pulsar Beacon

By Alpha-Step
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I've been practicing cityscapes behind the scenes and decided to do something more elaborate. This is the result. If I ever want a job doing concept art better start leveling up.

Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos5

Hope you dig!

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cool scene, great atmosphere
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Fantastic picture, one of the best futuristic city scapes I've seen. Love the style of this, very well done!
Personally dude, I think this is your best piece and my standards are pretty high (despite not being able to draw a straight line!). I think your are damn good cross over artist any way but this image just blows me away, it is right up their with my other favourite Science Fiction pieces.
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Great work!!!Love 
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This needs a little story!!! 
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It has! That little ship is looking for the beacon for many days but that damn building is in the way, so he turned the other way an returned home. The end. :) Plot twist, the ship is alive!
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hahahahaha! I love it! :) 
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Hell. Yeah. Extreme OMG 
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Dude this is epicly awesome.  Wish you'd add a little description for what methods you experimented with and what results you found to be good for creating a piece like this :)
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Sorry for the late reply but this actually a not so hard pic. Few colors and most forms are basic solids easily constructed with the right brush. Very little scientific perspective, it´s mostly a work of fooling the eye into thinking there´s some tight perspective going on bt he truth is if you watch closely there are elements with weird perspective. This start with no sketch at all, just blocked the entire scene and detailed from there. If you are interested in more detailed techniques for this you can visit Feng Zhu or Level Up´s channel on youtube. And thanks for the comment man :D
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Thanks man.  Already on both :D :horns:
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Teach me oh master =(
Great work!
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Fifth Element, anyone?
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Naaa not really my inpirations, Fifht Element had more relatable architecture from New York, like the tenement buildings. This is probably more on the line of Tron or Nar Shadda from Star Wars.
ShaD-23's avatar
I can definitely see both here.
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This is fantastic! I could definitely see this as concept art for a movie. 
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  You did a wonderful work!Congratulations! :winner:
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All I can say is WOW...
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Really inspiring work!

+congrats on the DD :D
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