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Planet Ring Resource Pack





:D!!!happy halloween everybody!!!:D
sorry i'm a little late, i decided last minute to give you guys a very nice treat for halloween!;) and i'm definately sure you guys are going to love it!
its a 'little' resource pack containing 5 different rings for your planets, each one roughly 3000x3000px. it also has that saturn ring stock from before, thats been slightly refined and included as a little bonus image too!:D yep, it doesn't get sweeter than that! (except for the fact that there'll be more to come!) ;)

so please enjoy using my stock,s as long as you follow the rules below!:) comments and favs are always welcome and appreciated!:D

:omfg:!!!!!DOWNLOAD FOR THE ZIP FILE !!!!!:omfg:

:bulletred:!!!!!READ THE TERMS OF USE!!!!!:bulletred:


1) You MAY use my stocks/ resources in any of YOUR OWN works.

2) You MAY alter my stocks/ resources in any way you please.

3) If you use my stocks/ resources, you are to comment on the stock/ resource used, stating that you used it. Include a link to the work you used it in and a link in the work's description, back to the stocks/ resources used.

4) You MAY NOT use any of my stocks/ resources to create any other stocks or resources.

5) You MAY NOT use any of my stocks/ resources in prints, redistribute them, sell them or claim they are your own in any way.

6) DO NOT use any of my stocks/ resources outside of DeviantART.
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Your stock used here. Thank you!
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