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Neptune from Triton




did this one in about 5 hours. a 95% accurate recreation of the neptunian system as viewed from Triton.
-Proteus (bright moon to the bottom far right of Neptune) and Larissa (very faint and tiny moon to top left of Neptune) are seen -here at nearly 100% accurate size as seen from triton.
-Neptune's rings are 80-95% accurate in terms of its structure, but it is a little too bright.
-Neptune itself came out farely ok, except for the fact that the great dark spot got blown up by a factor of 3 because of spherize. and its distance from triton is 99% accurate.
-the system and rings tilt are also farely accurate at this point in triton's orbit.
-the brightness on triton may be a little dark, but it came out pretty good. i also like the way the ice geysers came out, they're a nice touch to the scene.

all in all, i am in love with this scene, maybe because i just feel there on triton.:) but i have to admit that this one of my best scenes yet!:D

comments and critques are most appreciated as i would love to hear what you guys have to say about it!:)

many thanks to fallengraces:iconfallengraces: for the geyser stock used!:)

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:THIS WORK IS COPYRIGHT ALPHA-ELEMENT
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Really nice work! I find the scale of geysers tricky. Any chance you could make a version with a farmhouse and a Winnebago in the foreground? :-)

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Absolutely beautiful, though there is a tiny thing I have to complain about - Neptune is actually a bit more cyan in true color, Voyager's pictures made it a lot darker :P 9.5/10, awesome!
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thank you. this one is very though. i actually forgot about it. lol
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I tried doing that myself once and just altered the HUE of the Neptune texture from Celestia in Paint.NET lol. Either way, gonna have to check out more of your art :3
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well thats usually how it's done, by just taking a nasa map and recolouring it. but either way you can take a look at my other artwork for possible techniques that may help.
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Hi i am a UK based musician with a website of totally original sounds and images.
I am currently working on a song called the blue star and wondered if it would be possible to copy/paste your blue star to my site. I dont know how this works as so far i have never used anyone elses images. Obviously i would credit you for it on the site. Anyway if you are interested please check out the site at and let me know. My contact details are there. I,m really just interested in the planet and rings not the landscape.
The music is blues/folk/space rock and the site is kind of space themed. Theres alot of dark space on the site and having just discovered the devart site i am very cautiously approaching artists (i sound like a stocker here). You will see from my site i am an amateur in digital art form but i like to think my music is good and with this kind of space backdrop hopefully even better. This is a non-profit making website.
What do you use to create this ?. Its very good.
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oh thank you, i use photoshop.
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Absolutely gorgeous. This one is making the rounds on Twitter.
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You are welcome!
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Lovely picture. To think those geysers are tectonic in origin. If I remember correctly, the planet's gravity is pulling the moon apart. (Think it was a PBS special)
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thank you, and yes those geysers are tectonic in origin. that's because titan orbits neptune in a direction opposite to its rotation. over time, neptune will pull the moon in closer until it gets torn apart or collides with the planet.
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Forget about Triton orbiting Neptune in a direction opposite to its rotation.
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If only I lived on Triton!!! :'''( Love the image!!!!
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The Dark Spot of Neptune is somewhat random in terms of size, location and appearance unlike the GRS of Jupiter. So I can't comment on the DS, but what I can comment on is... SO AWESOME :iconsoawesomedashplz:

Considering the fact that Neptune is my favorite planet. Next is Jupiter.
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thanks! glad you like it!:)
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Triton is one of my favorite moons, and I love Neptune too, my third favorite planet :D
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neptune is also one of my favourite planets simply because it looks so serene and quiet.
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I :heart: this image.
I find Triton to be so fascinating and mysterious.
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