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:bulletred:i recommend downloading to see all detail. also, large file size, sorry if it takes long.:bulletred:


heyo!:D just a little something i popped out between my university work and life. tried a new kind of shadow on the planets, kinda like it more.
made this one because i was bored and asked you guys what i should do for it. some of y'all said to do a binary planet which really appealed to me, so here you go!:)
wallpaper pack will be posted soon.:D

p.s. i only noticed that i had made the image half the size it should have been, only at the last minute when the whole thing had already been made.:0 so whoops.^^;

wallpaper pack------->Gemini - Wallpaper Pack by Alpha-Element

any comments, favs or critiques which are always welcome and appreciated!:D

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:This Artwork is ­­© 2016 Alpha-Element. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DO NOT USE THIS ARTWORK!
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I'll happily critique this work. There are a few pros/cons I'd point out, although I'd rate it more good than poor by far.

Double/twin planets aren't a new concept in space art, so it can't be called purely original. While clouds are visible, it is difficult to judge any features on the planets or their moons due to the angle; however this does give them a mystique that compensates. While blue is a favorite color of mine, if there were anymore of it I'd dare to call it monochromatic.

Small details bring out the best in this piece. The auroras, the differing number of moons per planet, the sun's nebulosity, and touches of violet and white help break any monotony. While more details would be great, obscuring the planets in darkness invokes the viewer to imagine what may be there or to journey around and perhaps down to the surfaces.

I'm willing to give the artist mainly a 4, with extra toward technique and impact since thought on subtle detail was given.