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Dragons Skate Deck by alpha-dragon Dragons Skate Deck by alpha-dragon
I got board one day and decided to put one of my old skate board deck ideas (here's the full drawing Dragons and Skate decks by alpha-dragon) on my real board. I'd been skating this blank deck for a few years then put down skating for SEVERAL years. Picked it up again recently to get some cardio exercise after my doctor told me i was gaining too much weight. 
the main reason I wanted to do this was I had a pair of metallic sharpies laying around. As well as a thick blue sharpie. no black sharpie though had to fudge around to find any black pens to do the initial drawing on the skateboard.
Using a tech deck as a template in high school when I created the original drawing. It translated very easily in pencil first then 3 almost dry black felt tip pens. The metallic sharpies Turned out to be the WORST they dried up almost instantly every time I started coloring so I spent a lot of time coloring in the blue parts while the metallic pens sat nose down in the corner polling in into the tips.
in the end i broke my board a month later and now don't skate so eh here's a picture to remember it by all that's left. 
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July 20, 2017
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