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2010 Wallendar

2010 Wallendar (Wallpaper + Calendar Pack) for iPhone and iPod Touch

27 wallpapers

- 12 calendar wallpapers
- 12 plain wallpapers
- 3 bonus wallpapers

PSD included


. 2009 .
© 2009 - 2021 alperyesiltas
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These are amazing!

But how do you add these to your iTouch? :crazy:
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Nevermind. Don't answer that. I was too lazy to read the comments, but I just did. Amazing job! :)
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How do you use this with iPod Touch? It looks great.
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thanks. it's a set of jpegs actually , just copy them to your ipod touch and set as wallpaper (:
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Ahh I spent all night jailbreaking my iPod and trying to find the app for 3.1.3 just so I could use them! Where did you find it?
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Are you still trying to figure this out? Either don't need to jailbreak to use these wallpapers. Plug your iPod into your computer and sync the folder containing all the images to your iPod, to learn how click here, [link]

Then while on your iPod, click on photos, then tap the image that has the name of the current month on it. Then click the little icon in the bottom left and choose Use as wallpaper.
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Cheers, but I was after getting the calendar itself to work (as seen in the picture) - hadn't realised these were only the wallpapers.

Besides, I stupidly took my iPod apart and it's a bit dead ;(
once again, beautiful !!
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great wallpapers , thanks!
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Really really nice! Thanks!
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when i click download it says its a rar_auto file, with the icon as the white paper that means it doesnt work. umm yeh if you could upload some other way that would be great. im glad you made a new year by the way. i'll be away in jan and need to take them with me. :)
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download it and it comes as a blank file. not compressed. i probably need winrar but i had that and it stuffed up my comp. any ideas? calendars look really good btw. i used your 09 one for the whole year. :)
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the rar file is clean but i can upload it to somewhere else if you want.(or in an another format)
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not working for me. :(
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