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WHEW, finally after about two straight weeks worth of spare time, I finished this piece.

I have a lot to say about this...

There's a lot of proud of and a lot I'm not really happy about at the same time.
I think if anything, I'm most proud of the way I posed her dynamically and the way I drew her anatomy (aside from her calves, I should've fixed them to not make them boring cylinders attached to her thighs. I think my drawing here also suffers from a case of anime-sameface which I'm looking to really get away from without having to make my style inconsistent. Her foot also perhaps needed adjusting?)
Base coloring was actually much easier than I thought it would be... just really really time consuming like the lineart.

Although I think I'm easily the least happy about the way I shaded her. I don't really think even I myself know where the hell the light source is coming from, and the way I only saturated her original hair color instead of actually shading more of it to provide depth was kind of frustrating. I was actually finding ways to try and do this for about 5 days until I finally just came to terms with my inefficiency in that area. But given that I have not once worked with shading in digital art before this I think I'll let it slide for now. But hey, there's something to keep me artistically occupied until next time!

The background I think is the only thing I'm neutral about. I believe it fits, it's not really interesting, but it's a start. Plus I think simple backgrounds in this case are better than overbearing or highly detailed ones.

I'm aware this piece isn't phenomenal, but that's okay. This is definitely a HUUUGE stepping stone in my artistic "career" and commemorates the fact after all my years of hard work and spare time practicing, it paid off leagues ahead in comparison to my embarrassing old pieces (which I thankfully don't think I ever uploaded to dA...) The only help I got were some opinions and critiques, everything else was done with a few references and my mind's eye, which is unlike me given my past habits. And for that much I'm already thankful.

I'm especially grateful to those that encouraged me to get this far and to those that offered me criticism as well.
And to those that said I'd never improve or make anything competent YEAH WELL HOW 'BOUT I MAIL YOU A FORK CAUSE I THINK IT'S HIGH TIME YOU EAT YOUR WORDS.

I'm looking forward to practicing almost everyday like I did before, to get better and make certain people happier, build upon what I couldn't do here, and ultimately just work towards being the me of the future :>

The Tales series is property of Bandai Namco and blah blah disclaimer etc. how do I work these yeah yeah you get it.
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SO this is a pretty belated comment but I wanted to say, from the way you put yourself down I sure as hell didn't expect something like this =P The pose really does look fantastic, has a great sense of movement particularly where the clothes billow out, and overall your style is clean and bright and lurvely. The work you've put in really shines through. :aww:
Don't worry about background, not everything needs one (nowadays I almost always get lazy and just dump in a greyish gradient), and you're right in that the minimalism looks good here :nod: The colour you chose makes it pop without detracting from the main focus and that's what's important.
Anime sameface is only a problem when you've publically drawn more than one significant image ;P Your style is already closer to realism than the anime that gets criticised as sameface, which I think is a point in your favour.

Don't be afraid to shade more as a whole.. your shading is strongest at the legs and the lower half of the coat, where it's implied the back and underside is in shadow :) whereas the top half has very little shading.. your piece is bubbly enough that it isn't a problem, but for the effort you put into the shading there it isn't having the impact it should. It's only by jumping into the deep end that your understanding will strengthen, so go for it :D
As for your style itself I get the sense you're not happy with cel-shading for now, but do stick with it until you feel ready to tackle more painterly styles :nod: It's important to have a good sense of cel-shading as a foundation, something a lot of beginner artists miss. If you like, when you get to that point I can give you some of my cruddy shortcuts ;)

ANYWAY this comment is getting far too long and far too saturated with emoticons; it's a medical condition. Wonderful piece, your art is incredibly solid as it is and it's great to hear you're happy with where you're at. Anything specific you think you'd like tips on, you can just derp me on skype and I'm sure I can help. Hope you get more time to draw in the next break. :meow:
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I suppose you're right about the sameface comment from that perspective. Though I kiiiinda still find it a problem because if you looked at it by itself it's kind of... you know, generic. Judging by the face alone you wouldn't be able to tell if it was male or female so I'mma have to fix that anyways.

But yeah I'd really appreciate all the help I can get, thanks a lot for the insightful comment!
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Looks real good, Alpar!
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Thanks a lot, bruh.
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this was a great game and this is a great pic
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