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Asian Flags

By alpak
Estos iconos los hice hace mucho tiempo atrás y aquí estan para que los bajen si quieren.

Son de la serie de iconos que titule "World Flags" (super original).

Espero que les guste!

I made this icons a long time ago and here they are if you want to download them.
They are from the icon series that I called "World Flags" (very original).

I hope you like them!

-East Timor
-North Korea
-Republic of China
-Saudi Arabia
-South Korea
-Sri Lanka
-United Arab Emirates
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Love it!  :-D  Is there any way you can eliminate the unnecessary white in Nepal's flag?
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Where is Armenia?
i really like the waved flags - i was wondering if you going to make more of them. I am really curious to the Tibetan Flag
i was wondering if you are going to make more of them, i am really curious to th Tibetan flag
Lovely Flags. I want to comment:

Bhutan flag is actually Brunei. Bhutan is missing.
I like your pictures. I'd like to license one. Do you have a way for people to contact you?
I'd like to license one of your flags. How can I contact you?
Hi did you ever recieve à message?
I have THE Same question.

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United Arab Emirates :love:
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proud to be Asian >D
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Turkei is missing
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Turkey is here: [link]
I took the info about Turkey from here: [link]

Sorry if Turkey is from Asia, you know more than me. According wikipedia, Turkey is an Euroasian country.
Please tell me how wrong I am.

Hong Kong is missing.
Please contact me as we wish to purchase those for website use [link]
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son las mejores banderitas que he visto!

no tienes las de Oceanía?
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están listas... te respondí en otro hilo también lo mismo. :)

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si gracias! están de lujoo!!!!!
las amo hehe.

creo que faltó Barbados en las caribbean flags =P
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toda la razón... se me pasó Barbados :thanks:, lo agregaré cuando pueda.
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yah thanks its really cool!! needed Iran flag !!!
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ok, thank for your comment. :thanks:
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