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:bulletblue: Rules for using my stock :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: Note me if you use.

:bulletgreen: Credit me by posting a link to my gallery or to the specific image you've used in the description of your work.

:bulletgreen: If you want to use my stock outside of deviantART you must first ask for my permission

:bulletgreen: The only commercial use allowed for my stock is deviant Prints, if you would like to use them in other commercial purposes you must receive my written permission

:bulletgreen: My stock may not be used in offensive, racist, violent, dark images, with sexual content or nudity. This also includes macabre or horror art which is a big NO for this stock account. Also, no witchcraft, wizardry or magic are admitted.

:bulletgreen: My stock may not be used to create other stock.

:bulletgreen: If special rules are mentioned in the image/pack's description than these rules add to those mentioned above and must be respected as well.

:bulletblue:  :bulletgreen:  :bulletred:

:bulletblue: I take stock requests and any suggestions you might have are welcome.

Prints Permission
I hereby grant permission to all deviants to use my stock in their prints, as long as the images are manipulated.


:bulletred: Respect people's dignity when creating art from their stock!

:bulletgreen: Big NOs for my stock:
  • NO offensive or racist images
    • NO violent, macabre, horror images
      • NO sexual content or nudity
        • NO witchcraft, wizardry or magic
          • NO anthro

            In a word, please stick to realistic works with a positive attitude. :)

            Any educational use of my stock is allowed at any time. :)

My main account:
© 2008 - 2021 ALP-Stock
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I am absolutely fascinated by the beautiful textures, colours, and lovely design.
I would like to ask if I may use this work as a background image of concert flyer.
Thank you for your amazing work!
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        I want to use one of your texture pack outside deviant art, to make a banner in I'm not using it in any offensive way. I'd be glad if you give the permission for me to use it.

Thank you very much,
I love your textures and the colours are so bright and beautiful.  The are just what I am looking for in my designs.   I would like to use them in virtual worlds such as sl, and ones in opensim for my clothing designs an perhaps furniture and builds if that is ok.  I work mainly in sl...GCG, Inworldz and a couple of others.   I do not sell any of my clothing as full perm either or any of my work or designs.   If I have your permision taht would be great

Thank You for your awesome work.

lovely textures could i have your permission to use your texture packs in the virtual world Second Life for my clothing designs please.
QwirkySnoodle's avatar
May I have your permission to use your packs for clothing design in Virtual worlds such as Second Life, Inworldz, ETC?
Blubirdss's avatar
Can I sell on ?
QwirkySnoodle's avatar
Rules are there for a purpose and as I always try to do is to respect the artist who worked very hard to do their final product even if it was just doing it for fun.  I like your textures and would love to use them for my own creative work designing clothing for avatars in virtual worlds.  Even if an artist says on their post that they allow you to use them unrestricted I like to get their written permission to do so since it makes it personal and a matter of respect.
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what do you mean no witchcraft wizardy or magic? are you offended by it?
Levi-Ackerman-Heicho's avatar
May I use these to make couches on IMVU? I kind of need these like right now cause I'm making a couch at the moment, lol

Cloth Texture Pack 2 by ALP-Stock
EthericDezigns's avatar
I would like to use one stock resource for my banner on Facebook. Of course I will be creating a minor photo manipulated image. :-)
osowyn's avatar
can i use on (:
Knowmefirst's avatar
I read your rules, and I want to make sure I understand this before taking this pack and using it. I'm making an art and I love this texture, but the art will be use for a fest and after the fest/revels, is when I will post here in deviantart. Is this okay? 
Knowmefirst's avatar
Thank you! I'll link once everything is done :D
Villanelle-Magicka's avatar
Question: Would this work for a game map? Like, could I make it and use your texture, while giving credit? Or is that a big no?
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Can I please use this as a background for advertising a charity event?
Thank you.
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I totally respect your 'No magic' rule... I hadn't seen that one before, but I like it! Good for you! :D (Big Grin) 
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"NO witchcraft, wizardry or magic".  Wow, what are we in Hogwarts?  Close minded, much?  Thanks, but a big no thanks. 
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