Are you going to Holiday Matsuri?! If so what are you most excited for? :)
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Yes! I can't wait to cosplay/take pictures of cosplays!
Yes! I am excited for contests like the costume contest, holiday runway, or dance cover contest!
Yes! I'm ready to attend the dances like the Benefit Ball, Holiday Rave, etc!
Yes! I can't wait to enter/watch other contests like the AMV, Secret Santa, and such!
Yes! I am pumped to attend the maid cafe, pepermint palor, and/or the naughty vs nice challenge!
Yes! But for panels!
Yes but for none of these things! (Comment!)
No Im not going! D:

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im more awesome to be doing shoots with you again...YAY!!!
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Haha! I cant wait! :)
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I'm excited to cosplay/be part of peppermint parlor/ and possibly enter the costume contest lol SO MANY EXCITING THINGS TO DOOOOOO
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Oh I didn't know you were a part of the peppermint palor!! Thats so awesome! I was really considering checking it out but I feel like Im too socially awkward and wouldn't know what to do haha! But now I will have to check it out at least for a bit! :) The thing I do love about this con is that there are so many different things to do! I can't wait! :) I am especially looking forward to judging/watching the dance cover contest, I think its a great idea and will be pretty good! Plus dance, yay!
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It's really fun. :) Just make sure to have your ID with you because it is an 18+ event.  It's a lot of fun!  And oooh your judging the Dance Cover contest?  That's so cool! Judging is so much fun!  I'm looking forward to really experiencing HM this year. Last year I didn't get there till late Saturday afternoon and I was only there for Parlor. So I'm really looking forward to this year!
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I cant wait! Lately I have been trying to do more events and panels at conventions, so I am really looking forward to the palor! It does seem like a lot of fun! :) And yes! I am also judging the Holiday Runway contest and the costume contest as well! I am super excited, but also kinda nervous!
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You did an amazing job in judging this weekend!  You did so much!  Hope you had fun!
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I demand you allow me to take pictures of your Elizabeth....I love me some Bioshock! Please?!
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Oh my gosh I would love too! :D :heart:
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No, i am not x_X! I live in the wrong side of the world XD...
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Gonna be there as Mickey Mouse
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This i gotta see...
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