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:Mass Effect: Pilgrimage

Ahhhhhh Tali!! I am very sad I didn't wear Tali as long as I had hoped for, but Dragon*Con just wasn't the right con for her. This cosplay was such a huge labor of love though. Many nights were spent almost in tears over this thing and how to make it work, but when I first saw a picture that Alan took of me I was almost speechless because I couldn't believe I actually did it and was wearing it and it looked decent! That being said, there is still a lot I want to fix and add to her.

BUT. wow. I still can't believe it happened haha! I can't wait to wear her some more, I really can't.

Now what Mass Effect cosplay do I want to do next? ;D (haha just kidding. Maybe.)

Convention: DragonCon 2013 - Saturday
Series: Mass Effect
Character: Tali'Zorah
Photographer: N/A Studio / :iconnicolaiandrews: ~NicolaiAndrews
Helmet/leg armor : Wreck'd Studios…
Wrap/Hood: ~IdentityPolution…
Cosplayer/everything else: Me! :D
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This is beautiful!
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Awesome costume!
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Again, I'm not familiar w/ the game; but these costumes just get more and more amazingly intricate. *expertly* done. Thank you for putting the hard work in so that we can see awesome things.
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Thank you very much :)
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But dat Tali Zorah vas Normandy tho
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you're very welcome
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Awesome!! *_* The details on the belt, elbow things and the print on the fabric are pretty much perfect, awesome job!
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Awh thank you so much! I'm so glad all the little details I put into it show ;w; :heart:
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great job with this! *_*
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Thank you so much! ;w; :heart:
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I hope that you had already air holes so you can breath with the helmet on.
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Ya mean liquid induction ports.
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Very pretty :love:
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I loved your costume.
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