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:Mass Effect: 'But its been a good ride'

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Ahhhhhh! I am so excited I finally got to cosplay Liara even if it was just casually! I cannot wait to make pretty much all of her outfits! But it was so awesome to finally get to shoot something FemShep x Liara related. They are my OTP forever <3

Convention: Megacon 2014
Character: Liara T'Soni and FemShep
Series: Mass Effect
Photographer: Templar Digital
FemShep is Emily!
Headpiece by The Mad Masker!
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hey there..i dont know what happened but when i went to allow this on mass effect cosplay it damn well deleted it. Can you res- submit!!:)
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 Oh no! No worries at all, resubmitted it! :)
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I love Liara! She's my favorite romance character next to Tali.
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I love Tali too but I got a soft spot for my Asaris haha! :heart:
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Mmm dem tendrils.
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Not to sound rude, but how do you have the money to buy all of these Asari headpieces from Mad Masker? They look amazing, but I can't afford them, myself. (Do you buy the pre-painted ones or do you paint them yourself?)

This is a beautiful shot, by the by. I love it in all it's glory (even if I'm more of a Shakarian fan, myself).  Also, both of your cosplays look amazing! ♥
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I work two jobs, plus a third job seasonally. On top of that, when Im planning out a costume I save a little bit of each paycheck to go towards costume parts. More so, we do a payment plan. My Aria one we painted ourselves bu Liara came prepainted since I had a discount code.

But thank you very much! :heart:
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Oh, I see. That has got to be tough, but that's amazing to know the lengths to which you go for cosplay. (:

I thought the Liara one you got prepainted just because of the painting job that I've seen Mad Masker do, so I'm not surprised, haha. (Although the painting job on your Aria one was beautifully done!) Did you get a discount because you purchased one already?

You're most welcome~ ♥
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