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Recently I did a shoot with Avidchick Productions ([link]) of Catwoman and it was so much fun and from what I've seen so far the pictures look amazing!!

Here is the first preview pic, our take on the famous Adam Hughes mugshot! Hope you all like it! :)
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Love the humor in this.  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth....till you look at the picture she's holding.  Two sides of Catwoman, and one of them's bulging to get at ya.  
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Good job...I can not forget about your cos.////.Please I hope see this  cos shot agein....
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Wow...So cute...I can hardly wait for that your this cos//////
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Very interesting and beautiful work!
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This looks great.
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AAAHHH! Yesyesyesyesyes! You look sexy as hell, and I LOVE that you used the Adam Hughes art in this!
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Awh thank you SO much!!! Haha, we wanted to pay tribute to one of our favorite artists and images but do something a little new with it! But thanks so much again! :heart:
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Thank you so much!! :)
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So fun! And you make a great Selina!
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Holy shit! Is that you? WOW!!! You are the perfect catwoman!
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Awh thank you!! It means a lot! :D :heart:
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So shoot when are you going to make a fan movie?

did you ever play arkham city? What did you think of that cat woman?
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Heh, I wish!!

I did! There was a lot of parts of her I really loved, namely how they captured her sassy and coy personality, and still let her be independent whilst still having very in-character interactions with the other characters! The one thing I wasn't the biggest fan of was her outfit honestly, while I love that they kept her in a catsuit and googles, I wish it would of been of a simpler pattern/design, something just sleek and simple!
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I kinda agree, maybe on different principals, I wasn't used to her new costume so it was a bit of a switch for me. It was hard for me to adapt. But I did like her sass and coy personality, that was spot on. She was sexy and classy, which I liked. And I remember thinking that cat puns weren't too abundant, they HAD to be there, they always are, but it was managed well.

You'll have to show me the difference in her model in the game and her comic book character when it comes to the costume, this costume is too new to me, I'm more overtaken by the overall change and the details are lost on me.
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