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:DC: Bad Girls Do It Well

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"Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well"

Here is a throw back! This was back at Megacon 2012! Theres a few pictures from 2012-late 2013 that I still need to upload here! Catwoman, Elizabeth, Luna, Cheryl, and Miranda all come to mind! I want to get them all uploaded before Metrocon this year!! 

Character: Catwoman
Series: DC Comics
Convention: Megacon 2012
Photographer: :iconmorataya: Morataya 
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A smirk in time saves all nine lives.  
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Luvvv the outfit!
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i am crazy for your catwoman cosplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。
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and i hope to see more this cosplay!!!♪c(*゚ー^)ノ*・'゚☆。.:*:
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Nice - Megacon 2012 - did you come this year? ?
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Yes!! I've been at every megacon since 2009! :) and plan on being at many more! It's a con I make sure I always go to! :)
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ahhhhhhhhhhhh man - I was there lol What did u come as? Maybe I got a shot of you in passing
San Diego this year?
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This year I was there are Batwoman on Friday, Liara T'Soni on Saturday, and Mary Marvel on Sunday! :) 

Sadly no I cant make it out there...not sure when I ever will lol! 
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I had to have seen u and not noticed it was u lol  : ( o well
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Love your Catwoman!
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You are so hot in tight leather.
Hotter than this weird tentacle porn game that's being advertised on the side here. If only I had Premium...
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Even if you're in a hurry, there's ALWAYS time to look your best!
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this one takes me back
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I Loved this one!
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u make a very nice catwoman. love the pose shes making of putting on lipstick ^_^
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If this is bad, well then good just looks bad now. You do look pretty great as Catwoman here as well.
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You're very welcome!! You are 1 cute Kitty!!
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You're beautiful!
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