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Female Optimus Prime


Got the idea for a female Optimus Prime. Decided to keep it a concept art sketchy style cause i’m not great with robots let.

The idea for a ‘female’ Optimus would be she’s not that different. So I didn’t want to make her Sexy, or thin or anything. The idea of a Big, Musular leader seems kinda fun to me. 

IDK just an idea

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I have idea.

Optimus Prime having a twin sister.

Good art. What do you think of my idea

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Thanks! Neat idea!

keep up the good work

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Thank you so much!
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Definitely looks good :3

I will admit I had to look at it twice to really see the art as female though. I think its becuase they still have the distinct shape masculine of male prime. The feminine is still there, just not as obvious :(
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Yea, that was kinda the intent. I didn't want her to be a hot babe if that makes sense. 
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So more Zarya, than D'va in terms to body mass/shape? :meow:

You might like the design of Strongarm in the 2016 Transformers cartoon. Female, but still a sturdy body design.…
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lol. I guess so. 

And yea, I know her. 
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That is awesome. First time I've seen someone do something like that, and you nailed it!
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thank you so much! 
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