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escape from solarclan


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escape from solarclan


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wook, a weaf

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escape from solarclan

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Lampreykit - LunarClan

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wook, a weaf

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:AT: ''i fixed the finale''

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CotZ MSP Friendly Ref

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takin a walk

The Shadow Monarchy- Comic in Progress

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1. introduction

100 Damn Themes Challenge- Complete

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Nychtaoulik Book1 Part1

BOOK 1- NEW WORLD PART 1- The end. Sasha gazed into the grey ocean, feeling the faintest of breezes. The grey flowers were long dead and wilted on the vast grey fields. Literally everything was fucking grey. The fox turned and stepped softly down the hill, thinking she might as well go home, when a sudden flash of color caught her eye. A large bird was soaring over a distant mountain, shining all the colors she could remember (which was all of them). She nearly mistook the bright creature for the Evil Lord of HiHiHi, the cat who had drained the world of its color, turning it grey all over with his strange machine. His own pelt was grey, bu

Nychtaoulik and Mujigaei- Novel in Progress

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