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:K: Lt Fabulous and the Legendary Hat

~PabloKitsune has won again what we call a 'kiriban' even when it`s not actually some-thousand, but 8888 [oh and the grand finale kiri, 9001 is coming next...].
THE GREAT LT FABULOUS DRESSES FASHIONABLY AS HE WEARS THE GREAT HAT OF GREATNESS [the little gold thing is a crappy gold representation of an upyr being dead. the colors represent being fabulous and there are feathers and it is also a lop-sided beret and the big loop is reminiscent of a particular princess in our own world, I must say.]
shiny hair.
snazzy scars.
classy 'Color Blind' promo [ze he`s from! [link] ].
and I got it done pretty fast so sorry if it`s sort of suck-ish haha
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I wonder if he knows Sargent Popo.
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Sargent Popo goes on an inter-dimensional adventure... that would be a pretty crappy movie, and the best part would be that WE could be the antagonists.
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We would be the best antagonists the world has ever seen.
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we`d be there simply out of boredom and mild resent
and the pinnacle moment
he pees on the trees
and shit goes down
we throw rocks and worms and burrs
and make fun of rainbow group
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and in the end
it is still unclear who is the winner
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Holy crap this is amazing that is such a great hat for him!
It makes me want to sing the song of my people here I go:
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I bet he`d wear something like that and act as if it`s perfectly normal, whilst thinking everyone`s looking art it
beautiful... [my people don`t sing, so we have a Ceremonial Water Gun Spraying where we honor the great ones by soaking them to the bone
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did all of your ancestors die of hypothermia
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I`m not sure but I`ve been in some pretty chilly waters and survived
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the princess is beatrice
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