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Hat The Beautiful

Feel honored, For I, Hat the beautiful, Have stolen your attention.

messy thing for DruidTeeth of Hat, from Color Blind [… [look a webcomic that updates way faster and better than mine! Coloured pages, regular updates and everything*!]], because of being fashionably late to being fashionably late
what a way to spend a day [-mom yells at me about upcoming exams- -I frantically search for my list of things to draw-]

[*everything meaning a number of things, not EVERY THING]

anyway, I think I'm getting better at people-drawing, which is good, and also I've befriended autodesk's pencil tool
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Oh my gorsh this is amazing he lOOKS LIKE A PRINCESS
Alopiidae's avatar
probably in the middle of some kind of musical portion to his animated movie
I'd watch a princess movie about Hat it sounds better than any other one out there
DruidTeeth's avatar
I can see it now
His step parent Dato refuses to let Hat go to the ball because he is a golem
But Hat's fairy godchildren come and make him a beautiful dress so he can go anyway
At the ball he meets the most handsome prince Spartan Glasses kid but before they can share a dance the evil witch Dato kidnaps Spartan Glasses kid and shrouds the kingdom in one hundred years of darkness!! Oh no!!
So Hat goes on a quest to save the prince and stop Dato and learns along the way that gender is just an illusion and everyone can wear dresses and also Dato is a jerk the end
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I like how Dato is the step-parent, the jerk, and the witch, it really adds depth to the character.
I'm trying to imagine how that dance would go, Hat and Spartan Glasses kid... maybe it was for the best the prince was kidnapped
DruidTeeth's avatar
I don't think either of them know how to dance, they'd just end up smacking/papping each other lightly
Alopiidae's avatar
This calls for an epilogue scene where they learn to dance. The question is, who teaches and how does it go
DruidTeeth's avatar
Quesadilla teaches them and it goes better than expected
that one song from Beauty and the Beast plays in the background
The furniture is singing the song
Hat and Glasses Kid run screaming from this obviously haunted house
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the furniture is the comic cast that isn't busy doing some other role in the movie which adds to the discomfort
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