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.:Princess Ruto of the Zoras:.

By Alopex
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NOOOO! the new zelda game isn't out until may next year!!!!!!! :s its been delayed. Ah well. This is ruto from the legend of zelda, yay i uploaded somthing :D ive been practising alot resently drawing body poses and stuff, so i hop u guys see a slight improvement lol.
Tools: O.C, psp 5
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MizutoriHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey... Princess Ruto! Great image of her, her skin is so shiney... You've most deffinitely improved since I last saw your works! Your images keep on getting better and more realistic every time @____@!! If the flipper things on her arms were more fan-like it would be perfect =D Despite finding Ruto one of the most annoying characters in the whole of Zelda (that is, next to Tingle), I have to admit this is really really good. Good job, keep it up! =)
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TalonclawfangeHobbyist Traditional Artist
on most women that would be a slutty outfit but its more than Ruto normally wears! lol. this si nicely done, great coloring
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lol yeah, and thanks :D
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Ruto is my fav charactwer ever (so is mikau too,but not much zoralink heh ^^; but zora's is cool ^^ )
Cool pic :3
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thankies very much
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np ^^
your'e welcome ^^
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^^ zelda is just TOOO much fun to draw..cant wait till tp comes out..i can draw allt he new characters...yayness
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he he i agree ^^
i have done some zelda drawings too *theyre somewhere in my big Da gallery ^^; *
but if interessted you could have a look for em ^^
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oooh ok *goes to look at gallery*
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oki ^^
i have some pics of zotras *i also do have a zora comic,but it isnt submited yet ^^ *
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griffinladyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like this rendition of her, it's much more realistic than the zelda video game one somehow. Closer to how I imagined her anyway. The skin tone and reflection effect are beautiful. good work.
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thankies :)
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The-8th-SinProfessional Digital Artist
holy crap! when did u get so good?
Its been a while since ive seen your stuff (sorry ^_^), and its gotten so much better over these last years!
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LOL! thankies :) nice to have u back btw!
nornnutter's avatar the shading an as alredy mentioned...the pose practice has really payed off...brilll pic :)
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CrystalvixonHobbyist Digital Artist
The face is absoutly wonderfull! The amazing colour job makes it look really proffeshional. The hips might just be a tiny winy bit to thin but it still absolutly beautifull. Nice pose to ;) *Favs*
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YAY! Zelda =D

Oosh, i hated saving princess Ruto from Jabujabu >.<' the thing used to do my head in so much. But you've made her look all grown up and pretty! =D It seems practicing the poses payed off cause this looks fab!
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>_< THANKIES! yeah that level sucks! shes too anoying and i kept leaving her in the wrong rooms XD
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Wow :o!!!

All that practicing really payed off :D

The coloring, shading, lighting.... all that looks perfect :D

The picture itself is amazing too :D

Though I am not a zelda knower... hope my comment still counts for something ^_^;;;
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lol it does :D thanx alot for the comment
That looks fantastic now its finished!

Wow, faves totally!

Have a carrot!

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thankies :D
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