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When Wonder Woman Met Captain America

By alonchou
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Inspired by Gone with the Wind poster, I always wanted to draw a piece of When Wonder Woman Met Captain America..., Because these two people can't meet🤣

Painting Time-lapse of this work:
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Never connected the two, but they would have really liked each other.

Diana: let’s go and fight the war

Steve: yes ma’am!


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Who said that they couldn't meet? They're a married couple! Check out 'Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues'. ("The greatest team-ups that never happened... but should have!")

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Honestly, a great "What-If". A friend of mine not too long ago had shown me this art piece and I was like, "Wow, this is hot!" Nice work.

(The aforementioned friend didn't take credit for the art, we're both just comic fans who like looking up various pictures of comic characters, be it official or fan-made.)

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Diana Prince x Steve Rogers shipping *New*

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Really nice piece. Would be cool to reverse it to and have Wonder Woman holding up Captain America. Great job.

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I've written romantic stuff with these characters, but none of it's published.

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lol, awesome. Now do Steve Trevor and Peggy Carter ;)

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I love this, they’re a great couple.
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Fantastic job!

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One of the MCU's best Heroes meets THEE best Hero of the DCEU how nice.

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F U DeviantArt and FU marvel why is this being forced on me and recommend while i am not interested in anything marvel.

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How was it forced on you? I only look at what people I'm watching do. Genuinely curious.

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Because maybe of WW. I follow dc , ww and batman stuff but not marvel disney owned crap. (No offense to art or any artist)

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OK. Yeah... seemed a little rude! heh heh

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Yup but as i said no malice/offense or anything with the art or artist don't think like that, my anger is against DeviantArt, as you already know no one likes this eclipse thing forced on us.

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Dance now and icecream later

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Wonder Woman has a thing for people named Steve
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It's an interesting coincidence:)

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Nope it's just typical DC shoving it down our throats. This "steve" is from marvel and won't ever come close to her, very good. And that Trevor was a goner the movie bought him back he is cringy and useless in the comics no wonder sales keep falling in DC.

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