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[OPEN] Ancient Knight Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan [OPEN] Ancient Knight Outfit Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 13 1 [SOLD] Pegasus Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan [SOLD] Pegasus Outfit Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 45 2 [SOLD] Seductress Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan [SOLD] Seductress Outfit Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 37 2 OC Aloise with hammer by Aloise-chan OC Aloise with hammer :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 45 3 OC Arion Outfit Sheet by Aloise-chan OC Arion Outfit Sheet :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 11 0 OC Aloise Western Armour by Aloise-chan OC Aloise Western Armour :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 11 0 [SOLD] Spring Elf Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan [SOLD] Spring Elf Outfit Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 55 2 OC Aloise Crying by Aloise-chan OC Aloise Crying :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 16 0 [OPEN] Astrology Armour Adoptable by Aloise-chan [OPEN] Astrology Armour Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 87 5 [CM] Cat Empress Outfit @EroticNeko by Aloise-chan [CM] Cat Empress Outfit @EroticNeko :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 32 2 [SOLD] Succubus Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan [SOLD] Succubus Outfit Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 49 6 OC Aloise Healing by Aloise-chan OC Aloise Healing :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 23 1 OC Aloise and Katou by Aloise-chan OC Aloise and Katou :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 24 2 OC Aloise Praying by Aloise-chan OC Aloise Praying :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 9 0 OC Aloise Guardian Hammer by Aloise-chan OC Aloise Guardian Hammer :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 24 1 [OPEN] Weapon Set Adoptable by Aloise-chan [OPEN] Weapon Set Adoptable :iconaloise-chan:Aloise-chan 31 1


Rssi3-horz by Aloise-chan

What I try to do for you
I´ll create something unique, something that only you have and no one else!
I can do a detailed version of your old outfit, a completly new one based on a theme or something similar to what already exists in my gallery. I will do your ideas in my own style, I can and will not draw like another artist. 

Changes by Aloise-chan
I will not do something highly referenced to another drawing from another artist. I´ll always do it in my own style, with my own ideas in it but you can still send me other pictures, drawings as references. I want you to know, that I prefer quality over quantity. Because I do everything by myself, it sometimes takes a while until I have an idea, but I can promise you that you will like it when it´s done!
Stepbystep by Aloise-chan

Commission information:

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I`m always working on commissions at weekends. I never do them under the week, if you need a commission as fast as possible, you have to pay extra to be on top on the list.
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I will not change the colour after the drawing is done.
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I can make changes after the colouring, but only if something doesn`t look neat or if you want me to add more armour plates.
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! ALL the information such as colour, references and so on should be sent in one note, otherwise I could miss something!
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I will not write you with my personal E-Mail. All commission information is done by a note on deviantart.

What I need to know in your note: 
- Cellshading or Realistic
- Colour Palette
- References/Inspiration
- Base you prefer (curvy or slim)

What I do

Cell Shading female and male 22-25$
[SOLD] Pegasus Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan

[SOLD] Water Goddess Armour Adoptable by Aloise-chan[SOLD] Parrot Outfit Adoptable by Aloise-chan[SOLD] Faith Armour Adoptable by Aloise-chan


[CM] Ice Tamer Armour @Lucki13ear by Aloise-chan[CM] Japanese Fighter Armour @super-spartan by Aloise-chan

Realistic Shading 25-30$
[NOT FOR SALE] Thornes Armour Set by Aloise-chan[OPEN] Astrology Armour Adoptable by Aloise-chan

Outfit with face and hair (or only one of it) +5 USD

[CM] Sword/Opal Armour @Kat-Chan666 by Aloise-chan [CM] Magician Outfit @azulann by Aloise-chan

Outfit with a matching weapon  35-40$ CLOSED
[SOLD] Ice Set Design Adoptable by Aloise-chan[CM] Sword/Opal Armour @Kat-Chan666 by Aloise-chan

Outfit Sheets/Character Sheets (2 Outfits and more, can also be different genders) 25$ for every Outfit
(more than 1 outfit, price depends on how much outfits, can be with or without face and hair)
I can draw completely new outfits or redraw yours. Can include fighting, everyday, sleeping, date, hobby, wedding outfit (or else)
[CM] Chinese Outfit Sheet @Lucki13ear by Aloise-chan
[CM] Monster Kingdom Outfit Sheet @LizzyDuffy by Aloise-chan[CM] Hero Armour Character Sheet @ChaosPhantom444 by Aloise-chan

 with face and hair (+5$)
OC Aloise Outfit Design Sheet by Aloise-chanOC Katou Outfit Design Sheet by Aloise-chan

Front and back 32-35$

Idkk by Aloise-chan[CM] Tendrils Armour/Spear @JittWolfProductions by Aloise-chan

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! You have to pay first and then I will show you the outlines and if you like it, I`ll be colouring it.
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Please send me a picture of your character or describe me how the character looks like.
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Tell me which colours or outfit-styles your character wears.

I hope to work with you soon! naruto gif  kushina uzumaki 


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アロイス Aloise
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Fluent in english and german

Commissions OPEN:…

furaffinity: Aloise-chan (not active)

Please do not highly reference my outfits, unless you bought them.
Don't even ask if you can use my outfits if you haven't bought them and only credit me, because the answer is no!!!
You are not allowed to resell my designs.

I draw Armour-/Weapon Adoptables, Character References and Outfit Sheets.



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