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FRANCE : On est les Champions ! - FIFA 2018 by AloiInTheSky FRANCE : On est les Champions ! - FIFA 2018 :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 1 6 Ephemeral writing [To Winston] by AloiInTheSky Ephemeral writing [To Winston] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 2 0 Clams and cockles - fuitful digging! [Brittany] by AloiInTheSky Clams and cockles - fuitful digging! [Brittany] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 1 3 Otherworldly [Brittany] by AloiInTheSky Otherworldly [Brittany] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 9 6 Rust [Brittany] by AloiInTheSky Rust [Brittany] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 1 0
You're My Shield [To Winston]
You're here
All around me
As I sleep
In you
I am engulfed
In your presence
I am curled up
In your being
Your essence
Is a shell
Inside of which
I can rest
Your bulk
Is a rampart
A fortress
Guarding me
In your arms
I can breathe
Inside you
I can live
You're my shield
Against pain
My armor
Of Love
:iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 1 7
My beloved London [Gift from Mintdr] by AloiInTheSky My beloved London [Gift from Mintdr] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 6 5 Summer dress for my daughter - Finished by AloiInTheSky Summer dress for my daughter - Finished :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 1 6 LEGO Colossal Cave Adventure by AloiInTheSky LEGO Colossal Cave Adventure :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 1 6 Londoners [MyCroft and Winston] by AloiInTheSky Londoners [MyCroft and Winston] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 9 14 Smiling MyCroft [Cosplay] by AloiInTheSky Smiling MyCroft [Cosplay] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 2 25 Cosplay fun [MyCroft and Schoolgirl] by AloiInTheSky Cosplay fun [MyCroft and Schoolgirl] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 3 6 New Armchair [MyCroft cosplay] by AloiInTheSky New Armchair [MyCroft cosplay] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 3 14 Churchillian DVD [Darkest Hour] by AloiInTheSky Churchillian DVD [Darkest Hour] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 3 8 Plant life-cycle and biology [Cheat sheet] by AloiInTheSky Plant life-cycle and biology [Cheat sheet] :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 3 22 Lego Tower Bridge - Ready ! by AloiInTheSky Lego Tower Bridge - Ready ! :iconaloiinthesky:AloiInTheSky 2 13


Cardassian by Ananya-Talvi Cardassian :iconananya-talvi:Ananya-Talvi 3 13 Soran by Ananya-Talvi Soran :iconananya-talvi:Ananya-Talvi 8 22 Kirk Spock Bones now in colour by stick-man-11 Kirk Spock Bones now in colour :iconstick-man-11:stick-man-11 9 2 Tea with the King by cuddlesaurus21 Tea with the King :iconcuddlesaurus21:cuddlesaurus21 7 18 Spell by LadyLadyK Spell :iconladyladyk:LadyLadyK 11 4 Narsilion by Lady-Fullmetal Narsilion :iconlady-fullmetal:Lady-Fullmetal 43 12 Mr. Spock magazine art by Soluna17 Mr. Spock magazine art :iconsoluna17:Soluna17 5 3 Spock's Robe From TOS Movies by Kuromizuri2 Spock's Robe From TOS Movies :iconkuromizuri2:Kuromizuri2 1 2 Star Trek Discovery - Orphans In the Night by Jemppu Star Trek Discovery - Orphans In the Night :iconjemppu:Jemppu 17 2 Warrior of the Hive by Ananya-Talvi Warrior of the Hive :iconananya-talvi:Ananya-Talvi 14 47 James T. Kirk by Sefikichi James T. Kirk :iconsefikichi:Sefikichi 20 11 Furious by Ananya-Talvi Furious :iconananya-talvi:Ananya-Talvi 11 34 Legolas by Alkanet Legolas :iconalkanet:Alkanet 299 20 Star Trek - Mr. Spock by DocGold13 Star Trek - Mr. Spock :icondocgold13:DocGold13 4 2 Spock by TinaLouiseBrown Spock :icontinalouisebrown:TinaLouiseBrown 4 4 Spock Watercolor by Richard67915 Spock Watercolor :iconrichard67915:Richard67915 4 2


AloiInTheSky's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

MyCroft's secret young age XD

Drawing - and occasionnally painting and writting - is my special way to express my feelings and to live my dreams.

I'm so completely in love with MyCroft Holmes~ My beloved gentleman <3 So that my gallery is full of him <3 mycroft by InspectorLestrade
And I've totally fallen in love with Winston Churchill... So that there's much of him in my mind... and in my art <3

And if you dig a bit deeper, you'll see many art of my many Lee Pace loves, especially as my dear Elvenking Thranduil, and my beloved Joe MacMillan <3

StarTrek, Spock and Leonard Nimoy were my first loves and will always have a very dear place in my heart. I've made insanes amounts of art of Spock and Leonard in the past years which are still very dear to me ^^

I've written the first draft of my original mystery/sci-fi novel entitled Neon and you'll find a large part of it here <3

I really enjoy being part of the DA community. I love how we can be inspired by each other work, how we can exchange about art, fandom, and feelings on these subjects

The Leonard Nimoy animated gif was made by a friend of :iconananya-talvi:

Thranduil-(Stamp) by MischievousMonster Thranduil's Eyes by zodiacgal

The four Galileans moons of Jupiter orbiting around the gazeous giant and filmed by the probe Juno in June 2016.
The sight of these moons orbiting their planet is mesmerizing...


Merry Christmas to all my watchers and friendsHug
Have a wonderful day, with much love
RainbowCandle **Christmas gifts**RainbowCandle 
Hi there my dear friends and watchers <3

For the first *FIVE* of you who'll comment on this status, I'll make a *free drawing*, aka a portrait of a character that you love. I'll choose the media / technique myself, as inspiration strikes (graphite pencils, coloured pencil, markers, watercolour...).

The game is on~ lovestruck 

- (1) For :iconnata19i97: : Sherlock (BBC's Sherlock) - DONE
- (2) For :iconwinxhelina: : Martin Crieff (Cabine Pressure) - DONE
- (3) For :iconananya-talvi: : Xenomorph Queen Nayamandra (Alien) - DONE
- (4) For :icondahkur: : Stamets and/or his sweatheart (StarTrek : Discovery) - DONE
- (5) For :iconmaytheforcebewithyou: : Valkyrie (Thor: Ragnarok) - DONE
Try me [MyCroft] by AloiInTheSky
So handsome [MyCroft] by AloiInTheSky

Your gaze on me
Is a challenge
An invitation
To dare

To dare follow the impulse
To come to you
To dare listen to my heart
To its hastened pulse
At the mere thought
Of you

To let go
Of imaginary fears
Of self-inflicted limits
And answer to your call
To your claim
Of me

You know I want this
Deep inside me I want you
You make me face
My desire of you

And you urge me
To succumb
To my lust
For you

I see myself
Falling in love with you

I see my mind
What my body and heart
Had known
From the beginning
That I was yours

I surrender
To loving you
And being loved in return

I cease to resist
To you
To what I feel
For you

Passion embraces us
In daily renewed bliss
In mutual pleasure

We are joined

We are complete
In each other
In the soft intensity
Of our love

Oh! I love you... [MyCroft] by AloiInTheSkyGentle [MyCroft] by AloiInTheSky


Watercolour bookmark
Each bookmark is 16 x 6cm (6.3 x 2.4 inches)
Includes worldwide shipping costs

I can draw any subject: plant / animal / landscape / portrait / full body
Mosaics (portrait or other)
Mosaics made with Emaux de Briare tiles, on a wooden surface, with coloured grouting.
Price will vary with dimensions of course.
100 € / 110 USD corresponds to roughtly A4- US Letter size (the Spock mosaics mesures 24*27cm)
Please note me if you're interested ~

Two slots:
- 1. Mosaics Sundial (for my father)
- 2.
Graphite pencil portrait
Portraits made with graphite pencils
Ink portrait
Portrait painted using a brushpen
Markers Portrait
Drawings made with Letraset Promarkers and brushpen for ink outline
Coloured pencils portrait
Coloured pencils portraits in realistic style~
Humans... or not ^^
I'm more used to drawing adults than kids ^^;
I can draw either hetero- or homosexual couples ^^
Kisses are very difficult to draw, so well... I'd rather not ^^;
Nudity is not a problem for me, but I will not draw overtly sexual things.

And this is for non-romantic couples too of course ^^

I'm making commissions to widen my range of interest by the way XD
Group drawing
Price is for three characters.
+50points per additional character.


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I reply so late to your so nice wish~ I've just discovered all these nice words from my DA friends for my birthday...
My birthday was such a sad day, as I travelled to see my brother and he was barely alive already at the time, he died two days after from his cancer. Still it was so extremely precious for me that I've been able to be there, for him, giving him my warmth and my love as he was fading away.
*hugs you tightly*
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Oh no, I am so sorry for it dear Huggle! This is great loss I had very sad spring, I know, how you feel. Take care yourself. It is very important that you was with your brother and that you gave him support and love. I believe, that his soul is nearby you forever. 
Your love for him and his for you is eternal and your souls too. 
Although the loss is always painful and sad..
Take care, I think of you very much. Heart   Hug 
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