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i got goggles and i want to ab_use them
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goggles are neat, dreads are sweet...medieval fairs... not so sure, unless there's booze
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thank you. I love the fair - praise the mead!
it's not really a medieval fair, rather a fantasy choose-your-own-fetish-fair, which is cool because of all the people with goggles and dreads and other things like that.
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I LOVE your dreads!!! I really really want some but I'm chicken :P How do you like them? Nice googles! :D
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thank you :wave:

I was chicken for a long time too, but now it's the third time I got dreads. My hair grows very fast, so I cut them off after a year, but then I want them back again.
I looove my dreads, they're so uncomplicated (very little to do in the morning), and you can put beads and colours and ribbons and lots of stuff in them!

I think they'd suit you ;)
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Oh my that sounds nice :D And they are so unique.

I saw another girl with them recently, but hers were long and were tied up in a bun with interesting hair sticks in them that made them look so cool! :) You and her are really inspiring me to get some. I'm thinking about letting my hair grow out first, its been above my shoulders for some time now, hopefully after this summer it will grow and I will take the plunge. Why not right?

Ah well. There is still one thing, (I live with my parents) and my mom is totally against them, as well as other friends of mine, which makes me reconsider it. I will see where I stand after it reaches my shoulders :) Thank you! :D
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If you'd like long dreads, you should let your hair grow a bit first, because the dreads will be a bit shorter than your normal length of hair.

Yeah, you'd definitely have to learn to deal with others' reactions to your hair.
I get that a lot, thankfully my closest family members and friends are quite tolerant with it. Some of them don't like it, and I get occasional ironic comments about it, but eventually they accepted it. I have more problems in public, jokes and insults from strangers, but I learned not to care about that, everyone who is being assigned to a certain culture/subculture knows this problem, so that's a thing you'd have to get used to.
I don't know how strict your family and friends are, but I hope you can talk to them about it. Family members can be real wiseasses, especially when you live with them, but they AND your friends should like you for what you are. You're old and creative enough to know what you're doing, and it's your head after all ;)
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Ah thank you so much. I will definitely take your advice. I will let my hair grow much longer before I decide to dread it. My hair looks horrible long I think, it becomes thick and heavy and straight. I've even had friends tell me they like it short better. So when I cut off the dreads I wont mind having shorter hair. And when its short its much more light and curly..isnt that odd? So if its long and dreaded I wouldnt mind.

Oh and that's horrible to hear that people give you negative comments about it in public. Thats just awful. People really need to have more open minds. But yes I agree with you. Yes my family is full of wiseasses. ;) People need to live a little. I am my own person, seperate from my parents. They have such a old school mentatliy. My dad thinks my hair should never be dyed crazy colors and when my mom saw my in my bright little mermaid looking wig I wore to go to a party her eyes were just in shock. Its not like I'm a traditionalist like them, I'm a artist, shouldn't I be aloud to express myself? And I'm young now I wont be able to do it when I'm older.

Thank you!! Tis my head. Indeed. I'm totally going for it once I let it grow past my shoulders. And I'm getting thicker ones. Also, I will get one or two to start and then continue if I like it like you said :-) Thank you for all your help! :heart:
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I'm happy I could help a little, I keep my fingers crossed you won't make these negative experiences.
And post a picture as soon as you got these dreads :party:

and besides, I often imagined myself as a granny with white dreads. Everyone will mock me, but I will look awesome :peace:
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Oh hey!! You live in Germany? I have a friend from Germany, he lives in Münster. I think my sister and I will go visit him this summer if we have time. We are backpacking through Europe! :D

Ahahah granny with white dreads that is so cool! You will indeed be unique and original, different from the rest :D
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A Europe Trip sounds great, it will surely be very inspiring, definitely do a traveling journal! Aaah, I have to get away more often, as soon as my bachelor exams are done.
Münster is beautiful! It's about 2 hours from my hometown Herne :)
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Those are sweet goggles.

I like the photo.
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that makes me happy ^^
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The kind of goggles that give you x-ray vision - or conceal glowing eyes. Awesome.
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pssst - don't reveal everything!
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Are they dark lenses? A great character portrait BTW :)
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thanks :D
yes they are, it's alright to wear them in the summer when it's really sunny. inside, I was blind as a bat.
abstractjet's avatar this you? You are a beauty...:) Love the goggles,,,i have always wanted a pair like that too, i have seen them at antique shows, but they were very pricee!!!
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uuh that is me, thanks for the compliment :)
we bought these goggles at a medieval fair, and they're not that expensive there, about 20 U.S. dollars, I think.
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You are gorgeous, that is a great can really tell your personality in that one! Yes, those goggles are awesome, i have to say i am jealous..and for only 20 bucks..what a score!
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you can? tell me ;)
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?? Did you mean about being able to see your personality?
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Yeah you just look like a strong woman...full of life and spirit! This picture captures your artistic flare for life. Or that is what i get anyhow.:)
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