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Welcome in my head

hello everybody, been quite busy lately and don't have the time to comment your works or write answers properly, but I still love watching all your stuff :heart:
And thanks for giving me those llamas, llamas are great, no question. Llamas! Eh.
Anyway, here's one piece from my current sketchbook, I adore it very much. Keep up the good work! :ahoy:
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I'll be really happy if you tell me that's a Shrew on her shoulder. :)
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it's a tarsier. Its german name is Koboldmaki, which could be translated as "goblin lemur". See why they're awesome: link

But in your head it can be a shrew :)
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Hee! I dig that MORE! :D
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There's a party in your circus and everyone's invited! :) I love all the detail you put into the different characters
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glad you like it!
This means a lot, coming from a professional clown 8-)
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Is there one of those tooty organs playing in the background too?
Thanks for the professional clown comment, it felt like gold :)
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Great drawing. I love the snake up there. It's going to be a great show. And thanks for saying hello and posting this!
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The snake head and the Christmas light...a charming detail! Definitely interesting characters, especially the person with the clown nose at lower right.
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This is amazing, I love all the different characters... especially the lil furry friend on the girls shoulder.
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:D it's a tarsier!
and the girl's supposed to have eyes just like him...
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