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Journal - Life Is No Cabaret

I mourned for three hours yesterday for my finished journal... to hell with it, here's a new one. That always happens when I've got loads of other things to do. I already filled ten pages. Creative outbursts for teh win :woohoo:

All influenced by the fabulous Dresden Dolls Song "SING" and the fair that comes into town every summer... in the combination it creates a pretty spooky-melancholic mood.
The bandage is the cover of the book.
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except you dont fuck


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:heart: I want to do with art what they do with music
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wow !
i never could do one of those !

i have plenty of empty ones though , i bye and look at the blank pages . never knew how to fill them :(
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that's a problem I hear about very often.
Don't take those blank books as a challenge, or even a threat.
Just use them as soon as you feel like doing something creative. Never ever look at blank pages. Whenever you're in the mood, close your eyes, open them and then fire away with paint, photos or whatever you can lay your hand on :)
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Thats why I have so many books with justa few pages in, cos I started out with an idea and ran out of steam...

The reason I made my last book is because I've got to go and find a job, and I'm distracting myself from it...
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I know that.
Whereas I also make my books hoping to a big extent that they will help me find a job, or getting accepted for Graphic Design :)
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So much fun! Glad there's a new one. "This girl is a thief"! Ein schön dieb!
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ah, you translated it :D I myself am still searching for the exact meaning of it...
it is, indeed, a lot of fun. Especially looking at all the blank pages and then looking at them later, seeing what has happened to them.
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I was going to say that blank pages can be scary, then I saw that you and *privatedanser had already talked about something similar! You have a great way of approaching the notebooks.
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