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Journal - Heroes I

From thousand different occasions, David Bowie's "Heroes" crept into my head and now it won't go away.

Though nothing
Will keep us together
We could steal time
Just for one day
We can be Heroes
For ever and ever
What d'you say


ah, I experimented with adhesive tape and black marker, so it gets this gleaming effect. And you can pull the tape off the script and the letters leave a slight trace on it, looks pretty cool...
Rest is scraps from random catalogues, toast packing, bottles of wine, wax, er...
I like clowns, because I don't like them. Woodstock!

forgot to mention:
after coffee and peppermint tea, Red Wine makes pretty nice texture colour too!
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great stuff . craziness is the way to go ! :clap:
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yeah, well that's what I know best :crazy:
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I love the way you go at your pages with complete abandon!
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a fellow student, who likes leafing through my journal from time to time, recently mentioned in astonishment that the book totally lacks depressive and melancholic outbursts (which you most often find in teenage diaries, I guess).
What she doesn't understand is that I have these feelings too of course, but my book is actually a result and a compensation of these common dark thoughts. I think, sadness and anger are the biggest motivations, and that's probably why I'm able to run riot on this book over again ;)
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Right, the sadness and anger are there in all of us, but in can be more interesting (even to ourselves!) to transmute them into something a bit different. I have a notebook a little bit like yours, a few deviations have come from it, then there are other pages that are self-expression but do not rise to art... and I must try a few more things on them that I am picking up from you!
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I love all the differnt textures you've created!
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I'm happy you like my stuff, it's fun experimenting with all these trashy things :)
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I haven't done much in my journal at the moment but I think I'll have a raid around my house and see what I can find to fiddle about with in my journal.
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absolutely, do this! And often the most interesting things are those you have never considered before :)
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