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Zebra Kiss

This is a Zebra shark. It's a lesser-known shark, at least to me, because it's not one of the faster, toothier ones. It's a low-key shark that sweeps the bottom of the reef for crustaceans and such. Anyway, they are a creature with the most pleasing shapes I can think of. Look up a picture and you'll see that they are a complex collection of straights and curves that can change dramatically depending on the viewing angle.

They have stripes when they're young, hence the name. And spots when they grow up, being also known as the Australian Leopard Shark.

And they are not blue. That was me.
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This is a beautiful piece, great job.
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nice one, Mr. Sanders! ;)
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This is soooooo cute!!!!
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In comparison to your intelligent artist's note, I'll bet that what I'm about to say next will sound rather lowbrow, as my personal comment regarding your art is along the lines of: gee, that's pretty darn good!
Seriously though, I like it. Very whimsical and summery (not to mention adorable :)).
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Congratulations. You've taught me more than biology.
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Why does she have foure fingers
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I cannot get five fingers on one hand to save my life.  Check the Peanuts characters for the same issue.
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oh my god i love this sooo much! i love sharks and that girl kinda looks like me!:D
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Beautiful illustration, harmonious and live your dash me is great inspiration. congratulations.
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the zebra shark is adorable!
cRaZy-dOOdler's avatar
This is just plain cute. 😊I love how your style is so much like Lilo and Stitch (btw, one of my fav movies) so it leaves an impact on me. Great artwork!
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He wrote and directed Lilo & Stitch (with Dean DeBlois)!
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I really love your art. Congrats!
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I LOVE the way you draw feet! :)
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Thanks! I appreciate that!
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Cute! Just in case you hadn't heard that before.
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This is so cute! I really like how zebra sharks look, too :)
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Zebra sharks are my favorite species of shark! He's too cute.
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It doesn't really look like a shark.

It does, however, look happy, and that's good enough for me.
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