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Sketch of a friend

By alohalilo
Here is something I really need to finish, so to push the subject, I'm going to post this preliminary sketch here, and promise to finish it. This is a rare attempt at a caricature of someone I know. I owe about ten people drawings, and I vowed to catch up on all of them before they all show up to kill me. This particular girl will get this before I post it here, but I need to get it done, so I'm taking a stand and saying it will be done before next week!
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UnknownToDeathNorLif's avatar
Can't wait to see the finished product :D
brandi's avatar
That is very adorable.
iiKibun's avatar
It's so cute! :la:
alliartist's avatar
I love this!! But yeah, why is it flagged as mature?
operative274's avatar
:clap: - if it's from you sir - it'll be worth the wait I'm sure ^_^
tekena1200's avatar
This. Finish it sap...
SoraPyper's avatar
the legs you do are always so cute. i can never make thick legs look cute but you pull it off quite nicely. awesome
fizzylizzypop's avatar
awwwwww i wanted to see it
pamellka's avatar
elKoi's avatar
Aww how cute.
Ayem's avatar
Your style is so fluid, solid, with overheaping amounts of awesome. And this in particular is really adorable. Those hands looks precious with their wrists and arms to compliment them.
But, this has been mentioned, but I see nothing mature.
MaiganLeigh's avatar
aww she's cute :)
CaptainChants's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous. Love the flow of your characters so much. I could sit and stare at this image all day.

Can't wait to see the finished piece.
BlaqCatArt's avatar
I love seeing the rough work of other artists.
Dygera's avatar
Cute^^ and very nice colors.
Puttycad's avatar
Most Awesome! She's very lucky! :D
perhoart's avatar
Thanks for sharing Your sketches! There is SO much to learn from sketches! And they are so alive (at least I think so) ;-) Happy New Year!
Raphies-mine's avatar
you must finish O.o this is beautiful! and so cute!

P.S. one of your biggest fans :3 Lilo and Stitch is one of my only, and absolute fave Disney movies. You're style is absolute love, and so much more flowy and curvy than most disney stuff. Great work!
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midnightINK's avatar
her outfit is great. i love your style, there's always flow in it.
danikruse's avatar
This is absolutely ADORABLE!! You MUST finish it!!! :D I love how cute she is! EEP! You're such a wonderful inspiration! :)
sharpenr's avatar
One more of us saying it's truly adorable! I'm sure she'll be so pleased!
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