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Rescue Sirens Poster

Here is the completed poster, with all the characters placed and background elements added. I rarely "paint" backgrounds, as it's not my strong suit, but this was something I felt needed a fully rendered environment. My favorite thing about the finish was adding the fish. They all needed to be multiplied, as fish travel in groups. There is one lone fish, which isn't too hard to find. This was a long project, which started with a bunch of conceptual roughs, which Jess went through and picked the ones that worked the best. Nim, Maris, Kelby, Echo, and Pippa's poses needed to reflect their individual personalities, as well as lock together tightly in a single compact composition. Tails complicate things immensely. Added to that, this was planned to be a large-scale display that would be divided into three free-standing uprights that would be printed separately and pieced together on site at San Diego Comic-Con. That meant that the seams couldn't go through any of the girls' faces when divided into even thirds. So, there's an invisible set of measurements that governed the characters' placement which is as important as the aesthetic considerations.

Now, while the "sirens" in "Rescue Sirens" is a deliberate reference to both the noisemakers on first responders' vehicles as well as a popular term for a mermaid, the origin of the term is a little more complicated than that. Lest you scholars of Greek mythology think that we didn't do our research prior to developing "Rescue Sirens," we submit to you a blog post explaining the various uses and definitions of the word "siren" throughout history -- and how we choose to use it when it comes to our specific property:

To find out more about the book, check out

You can also follow "Rescue Sirens" on social media at and

Questions? We also have an FAQ:
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The background came out great, really like how you did the sky and the wavy waterline!
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Rather late to the game here, but I'm so going to check out the book as soon as I can. Needless to say, all the Sirens look fantastic! :D
Foxfires's avatar
Completely delightful!
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OH wow, this looks really cute! 
LordAkiyama's avatar
Have really enjoyed the books since they first came out. Very much looking forward to the next entry. :)
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Aww man, it would be so awesome if this got picked up for a movie! Make it happen, Dreamworks/Disney...?
DragonInfernoArt's avatar
Very nice work draws you love disney like a mermaid. :) (Smile) 
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It looks like it would be a really cool show on Netflix.
Sheharzad-Arshad's avatar
My daughter loves mermaids and I'm certain she will become a huge fan of Rescue Sirens!
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Fantastic work - both the poster and the book.
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Amazing, as usual! I can see how the banners will come together. Great composition and colors, everything you draw is so appealing!

Hey so, I was wondering if you remember me--I hopped onto Croods 2 as a story artist for a few weeks to help with the last screening. I really enjoyed watching the entire animatic--it was super fun and charming!

Anyway, I hope you're well. Will you be at CTN this year? :)
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I love to learn about how much thought was put into a work. Wonderful piece

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I love it - beautiful.   I really like the concept and I wish you great luck with it.

I also really enjoyed reading about the composition, the constraints and how you dealt with them.

I really enjoyed Jess's posting - clear, to the point, fun, and informative.

And my god, what a great pun!
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Whoa sweet poster! :D
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I see the puffer lol.
Great poster!
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