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Rescue Siren Pippa

...Now with description!

Pippa is the fourth of the five lead Rescue Sirens. She has a tail inspired by a Caribbean Monk Seal (although she's still a "normal" mermaid, not a selkie, since she's not Scottish). For more info on Caribbean Monk Seals -- which are now extinct -- visit

Even though I like all the Rescue Sirens characters, Pippa is one of my very favorites. I love her character and she's really fun to draw.

To find out more about the book, check out

You can also follow "Rescue Sirens" on social media at and

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OMG!!! I Love This PicTURE.DeviantArt :) (Smile) 
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Love the gumball braids.
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I mean, it wouldn't even make sense for her to be a Selkie anyway since Selkies have two different forms (Seal and Human, but of course you know that) And they can only be one or the other depending where they are. Sorry for the rant, I'm just a fantasy nerd, but I really like Rescue Sirens!
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Right? But so many people see "seal mermaid" and tell us that Pippa is actually a selkie! Hehe. Go figure! Shrug 

Thanks for the kind words! :) (Smile) 
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I wonder if there will be any Mami Wata.
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Whoa, now THAT is an unusual mermaid! Technically her anatomy lines right up, those flippers are feet, so you kind of wouldn't even call it a tail!
 Very cool idea and good integration. Also her hair is just adorable
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great detailing in her hair!
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Very cute, I looked at the site for Rescue Sirens, nice website too. 
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Lovely character you have here! :)
There's a innocence on her smile! I love her! <3
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She's so cute!!! For a moment I thought she was Goo from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends but was happy to see I was wrong!! Now I'm hooked and I want to know more about this cute and lovely series ♥
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I'm digging this series so far because well, for one, I live in South Florida and am currently in the works of becoming a part time 'professional' mermaid so I feel as if I would fit right in with these girls lol.
And on the other hand, I am currently an actual professional conservationist and wildlife zoologist so seeing people doing their research and even representing an animal like the monk seal makes my nerdy heart soar.  Keep it up!
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Oh my gosh, Vampire-Sacrifice, thank you so much for the kind words! "Rescue Sirens" creator and co-author Jessica Steele-Sanders, here -- it seems we have a lot in common. Dance!

I'm a former marine conservation education instructor with a background in marine mammal husbandry, so "Rescue Sirens"' focus on topics like ocean conservation and awareness as well as realistic depictions of ocean life is near and dear to my heart. I wanted the mermaids in "Rescue Sirens" to be serve as fantastical examples of convergent evolution (with the exception of the "classic" mermaids, like aqua-tailed Nim); there's so much diversity in nature that I'd never run out of inspiration. I also enjoy introducing people to lesser-known animals like the Caribbean monk seal. So many people never even knew that pinnipeds used to live around Florida!

I'm also from Florida (Central Florida, in my case), and co-writing "Rescue Sirens" is an opportunity for me to revisit the home that I miss so much now that I live in California. Miami Beach seemed like the perfect setting for the series, given its cultural diversity, gorgeous architecture, amazing colors, and beautiful surrounding environment. I love it, and I can't wait until the next time Chris and I fly out to Miami to spend some time writing!

As far as professional mermaids go... heehee, you may be interested in taking a look at some photos of me (most taken by Chris!) in my silicone mermaid tail:…

Mermaiding is such fun! Heart  I wish I had the time to do it more often. Are you looking to work with an agency, an aquarium or other facility, or independently? I couldn't perform my way out of a soggy paper bag, so my mermaiding will remain for recreation and "Rescue Sirens"-related promotion only, but I know a ton of professional mermaids and I love the magic they bring to the world through their work. You make my nerdy heart soar, too!
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Hello, great to talk with you =D

That is so cool!  Wow, I really considered marine biology myself having grown up around the ocean my whole life.  I ended up taking a different rout though and I mostly focus on reptile education and conservation.  My degree is in zoo technology (went to school INSIDE a zoo!) and I currently work at an AZA accredited Florida zoo working with all the birds and herps, with my best friend sloth on the side lol.  But education at a young age is sooo important, so I hope this book gets out to a lot of people and they get to learn something from it!  We always say 'the future is in the hands of the kids'.  If we can't make them passionate about wildlife, we aren't doing our duty!

I just got back from a week's vacation in the keys and my biggest fear was the reefs I knew and loved would be mostly dead or destroyed with how bad the last few years have been, but surprisingly most of them were in tact and thriving, so something got turned around for the better at some point.  I even went on a trash dive and only found two beer cans and a copper wire which is nothing compared to what I usually pull out of the water.

OH.  MY.  GOSH.  Your tail is gorgeous!!!!  Ahhhhhhh :heart:  Merabella Studios was one I was very closely considering, but I've teamed up with a fairly new company from St. Petersberg (even though both the makers have been doing tails for years) and after talking for months with them, have proceeded with a final consultation next month.  I'm so excited, I've been saving money all year on my awful zookeeper wage lol.  I should have a tail by early next year!  

I'm right now only looking to do mermaiding independently on my days off sense my passion is zookeeping and I'm already getting to do that!  I know it can be really challenging to get into professionally and you tend to start with a lot of free gigs and do a lot of birthday parties lol.  But I would really enjoy getting to be a 'spokesman of the ocean' at an aquarium or something, because as a mermaid you would draw a lot of people in, and sense I'm educated in conservation, I could actually teach them something they'd remember!  That would be so cool ^^
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So funny -- Chris and I just visited the Reptile Super Show in Pomona this past weekend and brought home a baby panther chameleon that I'd preordered, since I've missed having a reptile around the house! I grew up with turtles, tortoises, and terrapins, and I owned a ball python for twenty-three years. Reptiles are such beautiful, fascinating creatures, and I'm absolutely enamored with my new nugget. Love 

It's awesome that you're working with herps and birds (and I also love me some sloths), and it's so wonderful to hear that you're focused on education and conservation, too! Kids "get it" so much faster and so much more deeply than adults do, and it's through reaching them that we'll be able to make real change. I know how misunderstood reptiles still are, as well as my particular marine soapbox, sharks, so getting to kids at a young age before those dangerous misconceptions have a chance to take root is vital. I miss being able to see that "lightbulb moment" with the kids that I used to teach, and I'm hoping that the "Rescue Sirens" series of novels and children's picture books will be able to spread the sort of messages that mean so much to me -- and on a wider scale than I was able to do in person.

And hearing more about your mermaiding journey is so exciting! Clap If you have an Instagram for your mermaiding biz (since social media networking is pretty much a requirement at this point!), give me a shout over there: I'd love to follow a fellow wildlife-loving Florida mermaid!
Vampire-Sacrifice's avatar
wow how exciting!!!!  I've never tried a chameleon before, I know they are very high maintenance.  Hope you enjoy the little guy!

I think it's really great the approach you are taking to educating the younger crowd about conservation.  I really hope one day I can see for myself the changes that come about from the next generation because people like us were able to influence them!  I know these days there is so much more to focus on then saving some animals when we've got so much terrible world problems but I think starting with the earth is the only way to change everything else that follows.

Oh, I don't have an instagram for my mermaid self yet but as soon as I get my tail I promise there will be, and I will drop you a note to let you know =D  I've still gotta think of names and makeup ideas haha!
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I'm really loving all the concepts for these! I like how Pippa stands out as a seal rather than a fish.
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