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Rescue Siren Maris

Maris rounds out the five lead characters in "Rescue Sirens." She happens to be the other of my favorites, although I must say, I do love them all. Maris has the tail of a common dolphin, and hers is the most difficult for me to draw accurately, and also to balance its weight. For me, dolphin tails are a constant challenge, as they have a very particular structure and shape that, if not adhered to, lose their integrity. As for Maris's character, she's the most fashionable and culturally savvy of the Sirens. She has a little of Thurston Howell's DNA in her character, which makes me SO happy. 

I also should mention that all five of these Rescue Sirens were drawn and inked traditionally, but they were colored on my iPad with Procreate. I have a little routine nowadays where at the end of the day, when I don't feel like sketching and inking anymore, I watch TV with Jess and color on my iPad. I must say, Procreate is amazing.

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Does anybody makes you think of Kida from the movie Atlantis that reminded you of?!

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Liking this one.
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she is a Lovey for sure
Yeahhh dolphin tails are so weirdly hard to get right.Nicely done.
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Heh, Procreate. Gotta love cheap laughs.
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Hehe I like her, she's cool. :D I think out of all the sirens Kelby has to be my favorite, cause she's so cute. ^^
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I think Maris has to be my favorite of all the mermaids. :3
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