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Party Witches

This is a drawing from a few years back, colored by the lovely and talented -


I'm posting it here for two reasons - first, it's almost Halloween and I haven''t finished my new drawing yet. Second, I'm selling the last of these prints at my store -


It's also been announced on my Facebook page, which I'm going to try and make most of my announcements on first, given y sometimes limited time.


If I actually finished all the preliminary sketches I made of witches, I'd be able to post one here every day for a month. I get so tied up in trying to get new poses that I keep delaying the finishing part. I'll try and correct that in the next few months.
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Khrestos's avatar
Nice work! I love the shading!
BadSpiderArt's avatar
broomstick's packed ^^ . Love your style Chris
Dank-Smirk's avatar
I call smashing dibs on the neko!
Mary-Margret's avatar
TenshiHoshino's avatar
Wow, that is so dynamic and well coloured. Great job. :3
OUTBURST73's avatar
Id  Rock this on my Skateboard or Tattoo Station if this was a Sticker...
Baka-fool's avatar
Great image. Just sorry that I missed the print sale
smartwhitefang's avatar
I love this picture
I wish to Thank You for my New Wallpaper for my laptop for the month of October this year
ffnb's avatar
God, I love the colors in this so much! Gorgeous work all around!
cullyferg2010's avatar
Quite a crowded flight.  Are they on their way to a convention?  Love the spotting on the familiar(?).
Ejderha-Arts's avatar
Your witches are so much fun to look at. :)
Beautiful work!
QueenoftheOrcs's avatar
Well well, this is pretty special. 
If i were to pick something of yours to have tattooed, would it be an issue? 
Would you like me to pay for the print first??

Very much so in love with ALL of your work.

Gives me a giddy heart.

alohalilo's avatar
Anyone can get my drawings tattooed if they want to!  But if you do, please send a picture of the finished tattoo along so I can see it!
You have the female body that I'm looking for in my artwork. 1 of 3 artists.
fermansmith's avatar
Wow.  What can I say?  Truly a work of art.  Great stuff.
marriaud's avatar
I love this one...
Gian16's avatar
Amaizing work!!! The coloring is AWESOME!! Nod 
mathyoulynn's avatar
wow. this is beautiful!
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