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Karaoke ink4

This is something I thought I already posted. This was done for a friend at work who had asked for a drawing for his birthday. Although I've never seen it in person, people always comment on his Karaoke performances. So I decided something where he had a microphone would be appropriate. He's not the type to do anything halfway, so I wanted to make him appear very committed to his song.

Anyway, just ink and paper. I didn't have time to color it - maybe after the movie is finished I'll get around to these.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting my Facebook page - [link]
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The artist for Lilo & Stitch drawing cannibal pictures? lol
BrainCloud's avatar
So Manilow works??
And his songs don't draw out jerks??
Singing has its perks...
LateNightTelevision's avatar
I like copaccabana! Damned girl getting in the way of good tunes!
BabylonSabby's avatar
TrishaBeakens's avatar
The lineart is really great and once the movie is finished I do hope you color it. It's a wonderful piece! C:
bib0un's avatar
yeahhh nice !!!
kingfox66's avatar
TommySeeTommyDo's avatar
for a second I thought it was the guy who sings "Gangnam Style". oh well
KIRKparrish's avatar
Lol. That kid looks like a buddy of mine...He's a real dork.
AnthorLord's avatar
DTJB's avatar
Loving those teeth.
dForrest's avatar
I love that song.
keia-was-here's avatar
I love your handwriting, by the way.
keia-was-here's avatar
how does her right hand work?
porings-4-love's avatar
I don't know if he's the most unfortunate guy or the luckiest man alive....
oh well....nonetheless...
the work is AWESOME!!
Dyel75's avatar
What I'd say?
Just... Ashtonishing!!!
BlooRibbondrop's avatar
oh my gawsh it's too hilarious XD beautiful job like always!
caesaraugustus's avatar
You are always an inspiration!

Good to have found the one, true Chris Sanders FB page at last!
UncleScooter's avatar
Some nerds are unfortunately lucky :XD:
MrEdison's avatar
I absolute love this piece!
StriderSyd's avatar
That Manilow magic continues to work.
Fett49's avatar
Man, your work...I never get tired of it!
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