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Aloha Girl detail by alohalilo, visual art

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Full-time animation writer-director. Part-time cartoonist and illustrator.

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T. S. Sullivant
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Shakespeare in Love, Meatballs
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Bicycles, cameras.

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I was up early checking Apple Trailers to see if our trailer was up yet - and as I was riding my motorcycle to work it happened! When we started this movie five years ago, I thought it would be a blast, because everything was wide open.  In a world without cars, jobs, secret formulas, villains, etc. we would be able to do anything we wanted.  It didn't take long for reality to sink in - this was going to be a lot tougher than we thought.  Staring into this limitless world that we would build according to our rules, we were suddenly coming to grip with just how wide open this world really was.  Like when
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A lot of things to tell you about this morning.  First, I've gotten the word that our first Croods trailer will be up and active on Apple Trailers tomorrow morning, October 3rd.  I've heard that it's gonna be up at 8:00 AM, but I'm not sure if thats California time or East Coast time.  My guess is that's California time.  This is the teaser trailer, and since it was cut we've very nearly finished animating the film.  More trailers will follow, but not for a little while.  Be sure and check it out - our talented crew has really outdone themselves th
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I've been so busy, I think I forgot to write to everyone and let you know that my web store is open and functioning well.  We've received and sent the first wave of Ogo mugs, and everything went smoothly.  We've limited it to the Ogo mugs just so we could get our feet wet with all the new things - weighing, shipping, packaging, etc.  It's been fun. Store is located at - But the mugs are just the beginning, I'll be loading more merchandise in the months to come, eventually selling everything from here.  Prints, sketchbooks, water bottles, and odds and ends you can't get
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Hello? alohalilo ? are you still around?

I know that Disney turned your "American Dog" idea into "Bolt" maybe the "American Dog" idea could work for TV. I could help be the producer and you can create it! I know Disney may not like it at first but they could get to it eventually.

Now that I kind of have your attention, the point of the animation for Stitch and Experiments is to be very like the animated film which means that a majority of Disney's animators and artists (especially during their renaissance) to work on the show as directors, writers, producers, storyboard artists, background artists, character animators, clean up animators, effects animators, layout artists, art directors, scene planners and more! I imagine the characters would be drawn by some of Disney's greatest animators like Glen Keane would draw Stitch, Andreas Deja would draw Lilo and Hamsterviel, Mark Henn would draw Angel and Sparky, Eric Goldberg would draw Reuben, Jumba, Elastico and Cannonball, Bruce Smith would draw Gantu, Nik Ranieri would draw Bonnie and Clyde, Chris Buck would draw Slushy, Chris Bailey would draw Yin and Yang, Tom Bancroft would draw Melty, Tony Fucile would draw Nani, Will Finn would draw Dupe, Gigi and Clip, Ken Duncan would draw Richter and Ruben Aquino would draw Pleakley and David again!

can you do commissions?

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