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Trailer is UP!
I was up early checking Apple Trailers to see if our trailer was up yet - and as I was riding my motorcycle to work it happened! When we started this movie five years ago, I thought it would be a blast, because everything was wide open.  In a world without cars, jobs, secret formulas, villains, etc. we would be able to do anything we wanted.  It didn't take long for reality to sink in - this was going to be a lot tougher than we thought.  Staring into this limitless world that we would build according to our rules, we were suddenly coming to grip with just how wide open this world really was.  Like when
Croods Trailer and New Facebook Page
A lot of things to tell you about this morning.  First, I've gotten the word that our first Croods trailer will be up and active on Apple Trailers tomorrow morning, October 3rd.  I've heard that it's gonna be up at 8:00 AM, but I'm not sure if thats California time or East Coast time.  My guess is that's California time.  This is the teaser trailer, and since it was cut we've very nearly finished animating the film.  More trailers will follow, but not for a little while.  Be sure and check it out - our talented crew has really outdone themselves th
Oops, the store is open.
I've been so busy, I think I forgot to write to everyone and let you know that my web store is open and functioning well.  We've received and sent the first wave of Ogo mugs, and everything went smoothly.  We've limited it to the Ogo mugs just so we could get our feet wet with all the new things - weighing, shipping, packaging, etc.  It's been fun. Store is located at - But the mugs are just the beginning, I'll be loading more merchandise in the months to come, eventually selling everything from here.  Prints, sketchbooks, water bottles, and odds and ends you can't get


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genius art stylin'! bravo
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Happy birthday Chris!  Hope you check out my Stitch and Experiments episodes!
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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer
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I've also got a Lilo and Stitch/Men in Black crossover that I want to to see as well!   The Ohana Syndrome by hamursh
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Chris!  Baby!  Homeboy!  My main man!  I was just cruising around the internet and I have an idea that I would like you to hear about for Lilo and Stitch.  For the past 2 years DEECat98 and I have been imagining a new Lilo and Stitch spinoff TV series called "Stitch and Experiments" which takes place after Leroy and Stitch and focuses on Stitch and the other experiments that Jumba has made.  Details can be found here  Idea for a new Lilo and Stitch ShowI thought of a new Lilo and Stitch Tv Show that Disney should do in the future where it would be a come back to the Lilo and Stitch Franchise as well as giving the other Experiments besides Stitch more attention. The new Lilo and Stitch Tv Show would be called Stitch and Experiments. For the Show it will focus on Stitch and all the other 625 Experiments. The other Lilo and Stitch Tv Show (not counting the Lilo and Stitch Anime since the Anime is considered non canon) focused on both Lilo and Stitch and it was about them catching the other Experiments. Stitch and Experiments how ever will focus on Stitch and the Experiments and it will be about the Experiments having Adventures together where it can be on Hawaii or in Space. Lilo, Jumba, Pleakley, and all the other non Experiment characters will appear but they will have major roles. Also there will be a new Villian for the Show which is Experiment 628. For Experiment 628. Here is what he will look like. Specia here  Voices for Stitch and ExperimentsIf you have gone to DEEcat98, he has an idea for a new Lilo and Stitch spinoff TV series focusing on Stitch and the other experiments that Jumba has made and if it were real it would air on Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC (if it came back).  The voices will be various throughout this show because it would be produced by Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois, Scott Rudin and Richard Raynis so here are the voices that this show could provide
Stitch:  Dee Bradley Baker
627: Jack Black
Leroy: Vincnet D'Onofrio
Chop Suey: Chris Sanders
Angel, Belle and Babyfier: Tara Strong
Dupe and Mertle: Lilliana Mumy
Sparky, Coaster, Guilttrip, Phillip, Cable Dude and Dorkifier: Billy West
Yang and Hocker: Scott Menville
Felix, Thrasher, Elastico, Topper, Wrapper, Cloudy, Poki, Snafu and Kernel: Tom Kenny
Sample, Fibber, Hammerface, Slick, Doubledip, Pop, Digger, Derrick, Gotchu, Stopgo, Kingpin and Hamsterviel:  Jeff Bennett
Slushy, Plasmoid, Swapper and Shredder: Greg Cipes
628: Eric Bauza
 here… and a couple of episode ideas are found here… here… and here… so I'm guessing HTTYD 3 may be your swan song from DreamWorks and once the upcoming Lilo and Stitch remake makes Disney (and by an extent you) a ton of Do Re Mi at the box office this series could air on Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC (if it came back)!
Your fan
Harry Shoemaker

PS. I hope to credit you as an executive producer along with Dean!
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Se que no lees los comentarios así que solo dire eres un hijo de tu puta madre