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Counterfeit Man

Name: The Counterfeit Man
Designation: Villain

James Counter was raised on the streets of Philadelphia by his poor, junkie mother. Born with a grotesque disfigurement to his face, his mother would use him to beg for money. Most people would cringe at his deformity, avoid looking in his direction, disgusted. James' gift began to reveal itself shortly after his eighth birthday when people began to recognize him as a loved one or a lifelong friend. In James, they literally saw their wife, father, brother, best friend. While most saw his true form, through no control of his own, some could only see in him their most loved and trusted individual in their lives. These people would try to bring him home, question as to why he/she would be begging on the street. This odd occurrence was an opportunity for James to get food, money and other things he needed. His mother took from him everything he could get with his new talent to buy alcohol and heroin, eventually overdosing and dying in James' arms. 

After his mother died, James continued to use his newfound power, finding the love with these people that he never received in his life, comfort, warmth, a home. The only problem would be if that person his victims believed him to be would show up while he was around the 'trance' would break and send James running into the night, hounded by the fear and revulsion of his true appearance. He began to hone his talent, learning just when to leave, to ask for only what he needed, how to impersonate someone he knew nothing about. Being caught was too painful to bear. As James grew older, he became cynical with the love he received from people under his spell. Knowing their love was only illusory and not truly for him, he began to loathe the people who treated him with such affection. Full of hatred, he started to abuse these people, to steal from them, to make outrageous requests of them for money, hotels, travel.

One night, he made the mistake of falling asleep in a 16 year old girls bedroom. When she came home and saw him in her bed, she immediately ran to the door for help. Grabbing the girl, James attempted to keep her quiet, gripping her face in his hands so she could not scream. After a while, James realized he had inadvertently killed the girl. After the initial shock wore off, James realized he could now go on living as this girl for a time, as long as he remained out of view of others who saw his true form. Only until he got everything he could from his mark would he leave. He could then move on to bigger, richer fish. The ones with the right connections and power. He'd just have to kill a few more people to get what he really wanted...
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