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Snow 003 by AlnSue09 Snow 003 :iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 2 0 Snow 001 by AlnSue09 Snow 001 :iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 1 0 Snow 002 by AlnSue09 Snow 002 :iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 4 0
Child of Darkness
I love the darkness, and the night
I hate the sunlight shinning bright
Hidden in the shadows at night
Keeping far away from the light
Safe under a star lit skies
Away from the sun that burns the eyes
In the dark I am at home
Even though I all alone
In the dark hidden I stay
Until the light give me away
I hate the day and love the night
Love the darkness hate the light
Why stay?  Why stay?  
Hide, hide, hide away
The dark of night is my place
Away from the light of day I race
The darkness is my only friend
The light of day will bring my end
From this place I go
Deep into the dark cave below
Where I truly will be free
Where that horrible light can’t reach me
That is where I will truly be safe
Not in the light, but in the darkest place
by Alex Clark
:iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 1 0
Fallen One
He gave, gave, gave, and gave
It almost put him in the grave
He gave every thing he could
Hoping that it would do some good
He did not stop when it caused him pain
He did not boast or brag for his own gain
He did not make a huge show
So that everyone would know
For others' help he would rarely ask
No matter how difficult the task
He did not ask for a reward
or for shiny things to hoard
He did not stop until he finally fell
Crashed and burned into his personal hell
When he finally had need of help
Everyone said he was only out for himself
It mattered not the work and good he had done
He was no longer helping anyone
They said a taker, a taker, a taker he must be
Or he would not be asking for help you see
They accused him of living in the past
Their judgments came in hard and fast
Looser, lazy, no good bum,
No good for anyone.
They kicked and beat him until he fell
and told him he was going straight to Hell
When he finally cried, they kicked him more
And said he was an attention whore
:iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 1 0
Love Between Friends
Stronger than the strongest steel
So powerful it seems unreal
Love is stronger than any pain
Like a rainbow in the rain
Love unfailing always healing
No matter how badly we are feeling
Love is the light that pierces the dark
The light of love won't miss its mark
It pierces through the darkness, despair, and lies
True love is unfailing and never dies
Love brings hope and faith along for the ride
And is always ready to stand at our side
That is how it is between true friends
The love they have never ends
Through the good times and the bad
Through the happy times and the sad
It is the hand that is reaching out
Even when we fight and pout
Love is always there you see
Binding together you and me
Love never ends you see
It will bind us together for eternity
by Alex Clark
:iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 3 2
Rock Bottom
Scared, afraid and shaken
and feeling all alone
By pain I’ve been over take
It permeates even my bones
There is nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
There is no more fun
I want off this ride
I have finally hit
The bottom of the pit
It is dark, dreary and cold
And smells of decay and mold
Alone, alone, alone, alone
I groan and moan all alone
And cry, cry, cry, cry
All alone I cry and cry
Why I am trapped in this gloom
With no light or friends to help
All I feel is despair and doom
Deep in this dark pit all by myself
Doomed to a life that is dark and dreary
Watch with envy those bright and cheery
Unloved I sit in the dark, dreary pit
Despair, despair is a perfect fit
by Alex Clark
:iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 1 0
This Life
Pain, pain, pain, pain
Tears falling like rain
Pain, pain, pain, pain
Crying all alone again
Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage
Locked internally in its cage
Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage
Finally explodes onto the page
Alone, all alone, empty and broken
Many act like they care but it's only a token
They are quick to run away, fast are far
They quickly abandoned you where you are
They don't really care they were just there to take
When the need was yours they pulled up their stake
They judge, cast blame, call you lair
And tell you deserve to be thrown in fire
They tell you you're horrible, worthless, and bad
But real truth of the matter is that they are just mad
They are mad at you because you've been sucked dry
They cannot take from you no matter how hard they try
Even though you gave all you had to give
In the they wish you would die and not live
If somehow you get back up they just knock you down again
Each time you climb to the top of the pit they just push you back in
Why don't you just end it and di
:iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 0 0
Hopeless, dark, dirty and worthless
No one really cares; used by those who pretend to
Despair, dark, lonely, sadness, & shame
Pain, pain, pain, I cause all who touch me pain.
Unstable, unfinished, uncaring and unorganized
Messy, dysfunctional, cluttered, and repulsive
That is where I live, in a huge pile of garbage
Broken or lost everything is broken or lost.
Worthless, pathetic, stupid and a waste of air
Evil, vile, retched and revolting
Tortured, battered, broken and shattered
Anger and rage all I can feel is anger and rage
Yelling, criticizing, insulting and tormenting
Lies, lies, lies, there is no truth all are lies
Tearing, ripping, breaking and destroying
Negative and hurtful words and lies
Cleaning, fixing, organizing, caring,
Vanity, done for naught, for no reason
Climbing, crawling, scraping and trying
Vanity, done for naught, still at the bottom
:iconalnsue09:AlnSue09 1 0


Arch City of Nessa'Mor by Starcave Arch City of Nessa'Mor :iconstarcave:Starcave 6 0 MENTAL WARD by alan1828
Mature content
MENTAL WARD :iconalan1828:alan1828 34 9
Forest by FantasyArt0102 Forest :iconfantasyart0102:FantasyArt0102 141 2
Spider-man's Goddess Ch. 6
Spider-Man’s Goddess
Ch. 6
Everyone in the room spun at the cry.  Iron Fist was writhing in his seat, hands clutching at his head like he was trying to keep it from exploding.  Before anyone could react, he fell from his chair and lay still on the floor.  
Power Man hurried to check on him.  “Danny?  Danny, what’s wrong?”  
“We need a medic in here, ASAP!”  Nick ordered as Iron Man ran a scan on Iron… Fist.  (Good thing these guys don’t go by their first names.)    
“His vitals are normal, and there’s no sign of injury, except where he fell out of the chair.”  Tony noted.  “I have no idea what happened.”  
As the group waited for a medic, Power Man noticed something.  “Yo, hold up!  What’s up with his hand?”  Iron Fist’s
:iconleoryff:leoryff 5 0
Them by PsychoSlaughterman Them :iconpsychoslaughterman:PsychoSlaughterman 256 14
Summoning Cthulhu For Dummies
How To Summon the Dark Priest Cthulhu
Ten Easy Steps to Awaken Your Very Own Eldritch Horror
   Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what strange, unearthly phantoms seeped down from them in aeons past? Ever wanted to prove your worth to the entire world and simultaneously erase the stain of humanity from its surface? Ever had an overwhelming urge to seek out the forbidden knowledge posessed by those who cannot be named? Well, now you can do all these things, and many more! Great Cthulhu, the High Priest of the horrific Elder Gods, lies dreaming in the sunken city at the bottom of the primal ocean, and now the power to raise him from his ancient slumber is in your hands! Just follow these easy instructions to the letter, and you'll be singlehandedly responsible for the demolition of everything pure in the universe in no time!
1. Find ye the Necronomicon.
This step is often difficult, as the Necronomicon, written by the mad Arab Abdul Al
:iconbosshamster:Bosshamster 302 133
Deer Hunter by BlueRavenfire Deer Hunter :iconblueravenfire:BlueRavenfire 15 16
50 More Signs you might be a liberal
1. You think the government is legally-bound to obey the ACLU.
2. You support common core testing, no matter how incomprehensible it is.
3. You want to force Catholic Churches to admit women to the priesthood and force them to perform gay "marriages."
4. You think the planet Earth would be better off without human beings, so you advocate for voluntary human extinction (Yes, this is a thing! I'm not making this up!)
5. You love John Lennon's terrible song "Imagine", despite its calls for abolishing countries and religion, which means you either advocate a single one-world communist state, or else wish to abolish all governments, thus leading to global anarchy.
6. You think the USA and other countries should cede sovereignty to the UN, despite the fact that the UN was built upon respect for the sovereignty of states.
7. You think the Catholic Church is a hate group, but have no problem with Islamic mosques, in spite of the fact that it is the mosques which advocate killing gays, extermin
:iconaristodes:Aristodes 3 25
Mature content
Pathjammer Session 01 Part 01 :icondamasrentar:DamasRentar 1 0
Mature content
Pathjammer Session 01 Part 02 :icondamasrentar:DamasRentar 2 0
Mature content
Pathjammer Session 01 Part 03 :icondamasrentar:DamasRentar 1 0
Amazon Scout by PabloFernandezArtwrk Amazon Scout :iconpablofernandezartwrk:PabloFernandezArtwrk 941 25 Sister Lizabeth by BryanSyme Sister Lizabeth :iconbryansyme:BryanSyme 451 31 Spirit of Waynesville by FabulaPhoto Spirit of Waynesville :iconfabulaphoto:FabulaPhoto 96 10 The Nations of the Middle Sea by Sapiento The Nations of the Middle Sea :iconsapiento:Sapiento 55 6 Golden Dragon by FuriarossaAndMimma Golden Dragon :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 107 63




Womford is a settlement on the east bank of the Dessarin, north of Ardeep Forest and between Kryptgarden Forest and the High Forest. Wormford is a very small place, consisting of the ford, a mill, and three houses. Laerran Hawksul resides in one of those houses, and does a bit of trade in perfumes, spices, and cordials, with passing merchants. Wormford also has a deep sweetwater well and two sourapple orchards.

"Womford" should read WORMFORD, and it is, yes, a separate (VERY small) place from Ironford, specifically a ford (where a small, young dragon was reputedly killed, centuries ago), a mill (mixed grains grinding, or "grist"), and three houses, one of which belongs to Laerran Hawksul, a cynical, saturnine bearded retired adventurer who trades in perfumes, spices, and cordials (as in, semi-medicinal drinks that aren't magical ["potions"], or mixed freshly just before imbibing ["physics" or "physiks"]), buying and selling wares and ingredients (he makes his own cordials, and resells those of others) from/with passing caravan merchants. Wormford has a deep "sweetwater" (clear, pleasant drinking water) well sourced from a subterranean spring that has no connection to the river. It also has two orchards (that bear many "sour apples," the big, sour, green-skinned baking apples, more pedantically known as Orslen's Greens, which end up in many Sword Coast larders because they last so long before going rotten)

Wormford is on the east bank of the Dessarin, straight north of Ardeep Forest and straight east of Westwood. Which puts it close to Red Larch, from whence a path leads, through Wormford, southeast to Secomber.

More than a century has passed and it is possible that Wormford has indeed become Womford to align with the local dialect where the "r" isn't usually pronounced. In addition, cartographers are notoriously inconsistent!…


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