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December 13, 2008
A new deviant gives us another reason to ponder some of life's questions. In Thinking by ~almumen we can at least bask in the light and reflect, or just enjoy the view, it's your choice. Please welcome ~almumen to deviantart.
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I used a very super telephoto lens (1300mm) on a cropped sensor (Nikon D300) to get the model inside the sun. the model was about 150-200 meteres away from me over a high rock. I used levels to reduce the flare as the sun was still strong.

I cropped the photo from left and right only to get the proper composition...

The sun is white because it was overexposed although I used the maximum shutter speed and the smallest aperture on the lens.

I will try it again with lower sun when the sun light is weaker to get the yellow tones. With the cropped sensor of D300 (which I borrowed from my friend Murtadha Al-Homood) helped to narrow down the field of view to an equivalent of 1300X1.5 = 1900mm.

the lens used (Phoenix 650-1300mm) is very cheap and has low quality but works for this purpose. The f-number which was f/16 is not recorded in the EXIF because the lens has no CPU or any contacts to transfer lens info.
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1/8000 second
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Dec 6, 2008, 4:40:03 PM
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Congratulations! This piece has been FEATURED in my latest news article "THE SUN and PEOPLE"! Don't forget to give it a fave! Have a great day!
[link] :sun:

this is a beautiful image. I would like to use it in a blog post with full credit to you and was wondering if that was possible. If so, how would you like the credit to appear?


Kim Bauer
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I love the way the sun came out and so awesome how the model came out in the sun! :aww: Beautiful!
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Hey mate, that's one of the best silhouettes I've ever seen!
Would you mind if I use this in a power-point presentation? I promise I wont sell or manipulate this in any way....please? :pray:
almumen's avatar
sure...I do not mind...

Entarichu's avatar
No, thank YOU!
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hey, this amazing photo has been featured here: [link] :) :clap:
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Interesting.... he looks like a cutout...
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Awesome and the yellow ring around the sun does lend it more interest.
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Really neat looking, though somehow I feel like it would look better if you had cropped it so that the sun is in the middle and not so much in the right like it is now. Besides that I like this picture a lot.
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wow, it seems you put alot of work into this shot.
it worked too.
great shot :D
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I dig it. I could never tell that was a photograph.
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Very impressive. Have you considered using a neutral density filter, or two, or three(!)? Could help tame that hard sun.
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thanks. yes, I considered using ND filters but my filters does not fit the super-telphoto lens!
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oh yeah, that's something to consider. Haha. How big is the front of that lens?!
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The filter thread size is 95mm.
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wow, that's pretty big.
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Very powerful! Almost captures the essence of contemplation and meditation.
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oh wow, this is very beautiful. The sun setting gives that nice effect
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