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Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 7 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Mature content
Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 6 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Mature content
Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 5 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Mature content
Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 4 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Mature content
Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 3 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
Mature content
Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 2 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Mature content
Die Mutter des Fruehlings - Teil 1 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Sisters of Battle
Sisters, let us raise our song to the Golden Throne! 11th Movement, 'We Bless the Sinner as He Burns'. All Exorcists target heretic Warhound 17 by 12, commence Adagio and engage!
- Emillia Nihlus at the the Battle of Saints Landing
When sinners reign and planets fall
And every man does falter,
The sisters march, they’re standing tall
And bow before the altar.
They’re daughters of the Golden Throne,
The children of salvation.
Their bolters flash, the rhinos groan
To end all vile mutation.
The living saints - in holy light -
Are raining psychic fire
From shrouded skies to win the fight
And they will never tire.
They purge the dirty, pave the way
For righteous inquisition.
Their burning hearts will never sway,
Let’s pray for ammunition.
Angelic is their grim crusade
To vanquish the heretic.
They walk celestial paths of hate
And tear and sing frenetic.
Their sacred hymns are swelling up,
A call for absolution.
They smash through chaos, fill the cup
Of hallowed retr
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 10 0
Cult of Callisto by AlmostWhitey Cult of Callisto :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0
The Fall of Gondolin
The Balrogs storm encircling peaks,
The flattened plains are shaking.
The mountains melt, Tumladen creaks
And soon the gates are breaking.
The traitor’s tongue has paved their road
Towards the hidden city.
The Noldor guard their grand abode
Awaiting slaughter gritty.
I’ll find you, Maeglin, evil mole!
I’ll throw you to the fire!
I’ll hunt you down in every hole
For turning fate so dire!
The traitor rants and Idril fights,
In vain is Maeglin’s cunning.
The shining blades of able knights
Come down with vengeance stunning.
The soldiers rally to their lords
- The wing, the tree, the tower -
To stand against the goblin’s hordes
And all their evil power.
The wrathful hammers drive them back,
The demons are retreating.
Ecthelion comes to attack
And Gothmog he is beating.
United all the houses stand
But – woe! – their force is falling!
The king of Angband moves the hand
Of doom as death is calling.
His minions do what Morgoth wills,
They kill and
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 13 2
Pleasance by AlmostWhitey Pleasance :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 4 2
Black Death
The tendrils of extinction
Are rising from the bog.
No mercy, no distinction,
The world falls to the fog.
The yellow haze is whirling,
It’s carrying our doom.
Miasmic winds are swirling
And guide us to the tomb.
Whole countries have been swallowed,
Whole cities face the end.
Where once the children wallowed
Remains just sickly scent.
No matter your profession,
It comes for maids and kings.
It cares not for confession,
Your status or your things.
A pale white horse is riding
Through empty, silent land.
There is no point in hiding,
Just take the Reaper’s hand.
The hag of pest is grinning,
The witches play their roles.
As Father Death is winning,
A lonely church bell tolls.
The wheel of death keeps turning,
It creaks and sighs and groans.
The pyres keep on burning
As Europe sobs and moans.
Let’s dance the jig and jolly
Await our certain fate.
To think you’ll live- a folly!
Traverse the pearly gate.
Yourself and all you’ve cherished
Were swept away so fast.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 14 0
The mighty lion leaves the north,
From midnight he is leaping.
Like thunderclouds the Swedes come forth,
Through war-torn lands they’re sweeping.
Vienna trembles, Munich’s lost,
The empire is shaking.
To hold their ground at any cost
The god of war they’re waking.
A second time he takes command
To fuel his great ambition.
A mercenary army grand
Shall aid him in his mission.
Like Mars he rides across the field
To smash the occupation.
In heavy fog he makes them yield
To free the holy nation.
Dragoons and landsknechts, musketeers
Are fighting blind and shrouded.
The cannons roar, the bullets pierce
In Lützen, dim and clouded.
The greatest of the warlords slays
The lion undefeated.
But even so, he falls from grace,
By guns and pikes he’s greeted.
The war has always fed the war,
Three decades they have wasted.
So many died and yet there’s more
As peace remains untasted.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 5 0
When justice turned her back on you vendetta was a given.
On blackened wings you’re getting through,
By vengeance you are driven.
She’s swooping down in darkest night to catch you when you’re falling,
To lift you up and make it right
And heed her somber calling.
You’re riding high on burning hate and righteous retribution,
Your foes shall meet a deadly fate
With flawless execution.
Her poisoned dagger takes their lives but there is no denying
That even though she wields the knifes,
On you she’s also prying.
Your fury burns your soul away and makes your being rotten
And soon you’ll see that you are prey
And that you’re misbegotten.
Your prideful wishes will consume your conscience and your morals.
She’s fortune but she’s also doom,
A scale for inner quarrels.
The dark avenger’s going forth to bring what you're deserving.
To each his own, to each his worth,
The goddess glares unnerving.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
Winged Victory
Bellona rides the field of flames
To kindle new desire
To follow those who made their names
By charging through the fire.
We leave the past with lofty aims,
Encouraged by her choir.
Majestic wings are spreading wide,
In paths of war she’s trailing.
Triumphantly we see her glide,
Victoria unfailing.
Her golden rays light up the night,
Winged victory we’re hailing.
The ships are plowing through the sea,
Like spears they cut the water.
Above the bow is flying free
The titan’s mighty daughter.
Defiant we will bent no knee
And push through strife and slaughter.
Her brother lends his raging force
To all the worn and weary.
We’re standing up, we’re back on course
And conquer what is dreary.
Adorned with branches and with gorse
Her chariot soars cheery.
Victoria, your tunic weaves,
Your laurel scents the breezes.
We smell the air and darkness leaves
As bloody battle seizes.
We’re laying down our swords and greaves,
A hint of freedom teases.
She conquers deat
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
Twinkle, Twinkle, Liddell Star (Like Cassandra)
Twinkle, twinkle, Liddell star,
Let's make haste and go to war.
Take your Vorpal Blade in hand,
Snicker-snack through Wonderland!
Alice, can't you see you're mad?
That your dreams have gotten sad?
That your Wonderland turned grim
And your light is dull and dim?
Like Cassandra you can tell
That the future won't be swell.
You see struggle, strife and pain
But your warnings are in vain.
No one ever will believe
All the prophecies you weave.
Share your rage so they will know
How destructive thoughts can grow.
Shine your light and scorch the earth,
Everyone shall know your worth.
Show the world just what you are,
Twinkle like a falling star.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0


The Doll And The No by Fledermausland
Mature content
The Doll And The No :iconfledermausland:Fledermausland 54 4
Abandoned II...(color version) by thewolfcreek Abandoned II...(color version) :iconthewolfcreek:thewolfcreek 195 57 The dark... by thewolfcreek The dark... :iconthewolfcreek:thewolfcreek 21 2 practice by Clydethemouse practice :iconclydethemouse:Clydethemouse 58 3 YCH by Holivi
Mature content
YCH :iconholivi:Holivi 264 12
Moon Rabbit by Radittz Moon Rabbit :iconradittz:Radittz 740 13 Toupang Sineva, Nameless One by InstantIP Toupang Sineva, Nameless One :iconinstantip:InstantIP 744 14 Dolia by Slugbox
Mature content
Dolia :iconslugbox:Slugbox 976 20
Helheim by lhlclllx97 Helheim :iconlhlclllx97:lhlclllx97 422 23 Suspiria - doodle by wickedalucard Suspiria - doodle :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 153 3 Wild by TheFoxAndTheRaven Wild :iconthefoxandtheraven:TheFoxAndTheRaven 187 9 Controlling me by mcolon93 Controlling me :iconmcolon93:mcolon93 5 0 Between Ballons by mcolon93 Between Ballons :iconmcolon93:mcolon93 5 2 Beyond the horizon by makkou4 Beyond the horizon :iconmakkou4:makkou4 321 9 Breakthrough by MikeDoscher Breakthrough :iconmikedoscher:MikeDoscher 513 16 'Crusader' Support Tripod by MikeDoscher 'Crusader' Support Tripod :iconmikedoscher:MikeDoscher 506 27


:icongames-workshop: :icondaughtersofsanleor: :iconsistersofbattle: :icontolkien-voronwe:
Hello there.

So as you've probably noticed, I haven't uploaded a whole lot in the past few months. That's mainly because of university things but also because I've been writing a new story recently. It's the third installment in my little horror saga set in the cursed village of Nymphenbau in East Prussia. The story is about double the length of the last one and written in German. I will start posting chapters either after Christmas or in early January. Depends on how much I'll procrastinate.

I'm also planning to compile the three related stories plus some bonus content into a book next year. I would like to publish it but I'm not really sure about the details yet. We'll see I guess.

Merry Christmas, hail Satan, praise Artemis, Cthulhu fhtagn or whatever ritualistic holiday greeting you're preferring.

  • Listening to: Carach Angren


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Greetings, earthlings, lunarist rebels and other entities!

My name is Whitey, I'm a library science student from germany and I write narrative poetry about glorious battles, wicked wonderlands and gritty dystopias.

A friend once described me as a mixture of H.P. Lovecraft, Lewis Carroll and Henry Darger, but don’t listen to him, he might me crazy.

My blood-type is earl grey, my favourite flower is tree and my spirit animal is Wednesday Addams.



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