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Applejack Legs Crossed Vector

And another vector. I did a few while I didn't have internet and am just uploading them now. This vector was taken from S2E14: The Last Roundup. Added a hat for the purposes of the poster I'm helping with.

EDIT: Fixed a couple minor stroke issues.

SVG File: [link]

Characters property of Hasbro.

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That leg pose is making me itch under me
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i used in here :3

[ this :3 ]

thanks for share the vector image ^^ 
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I used your vector for my wallpaper that I made…
DigitalPwny's avatar…

Used and credited. :D Thanks for making it! :)
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Used here [link] thx for making it ;)
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Thanks for using it! Great work!
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Applejack looks cute in that pose!
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Used in an album cover: [link]
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