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Growing Around: Magical Girl Sally

Last GA art stream was a whole lot of fun, I can't wait for the next one. The idea of magical girl Sally popped up during the stream and I had just had to draw it and the entire Dunn family in on the theme.

So here's Sally donned in a chameleon inspired outfit with a whip as her weapon. Her magic power would probably one of invisibility/camouflage. Or just changing colors based off whatever emotion she's feeling at the time. Yeah, might need to think on that a little bit more.
She probably go under some title in likes of Sailor Moon, but the I'm drawing a blank and 'the Chameleon' has been used before for her evil villain get-up

Timmy is just cosplaying Tuxedo Mask here. His power is appearing during a fight to give Sally a morale boost and getting kidnapped & brainwashed by the bad guys. Linda's a witch, retired from the fighting monsters business, and Robert is her fairy companion, who has no powers.

Growing Around (c)  MrEnterNayolfa and MissyMeghan3
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