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A trusting family gathered about a "doctor" examining a young patient. Their trust is confronted with the slyness of the "doctor" himse...

So, there's pretty much of emotion in this seemingly innocuous picture... One thing that stands out are the character's expressions. Th...

All right - let's see! Most of the issues I've addressed in previous critiques had been resolved - the subject's hairstyle is now clear...

Let's see what needs fixing here... The perspective seems better than on the previous picture. The subject is drawn very well, but some...

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Alice Bradshaw gets in trouble... by Almos666 Alice Bradshaw gets in trouble... :iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0 Alice Bradshaw by Almos666 Alice Bradshaw :iconalmos666:Almos666 2 0
Mature content
The nest :iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0
The waiting room
Matt looked about the dentist's waiting room, only to find he shared his plight with an elderly gentleman and a young mother with her eight-year old, hysterical girl.
“Mommy, mommy, will it hurt?”
“No, sweetie, the doctor will give you an anesthetic.”
“What's that?”
It was five pm., a cold evening of October. Matt was desperate to take his mind off his present ordeal, and in his desperation he grabbed the nearest magazine from the rack. It was a movie magazine, and a face of a smiling young woman, perhaps an actress that he didn't recognize, adorned the cover.
A yell came from inside of the office.
“Mommy!”, the little girl curled on her seat.
“Hush, hush”, her mother said, obviously not believing in her own consolation, “It will be all right.”
“I've heard some bad things about her”, the old man leaned towards Matt, “Like that her credentials are actually fake.”
“Then why are you here?
:iconalmos666:Almos666 0 2
November morning by Almos666 November morning :iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0 September moonlight by Almos666 September moonlight :iconalmos666:Almos666 1 0 October window by Almos666 October window :iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0
The Otherlands(3)
It's nearly impossible to convey certain sensations to people who have never had them. It's impossible for someone who have seen the mountains to appropiately convey the sheer feeling of their immensity.It's impossible to describe the sheer terror, utter despair and vivid beauty to someone who have never experienced them. In the same way, the Otherworld is impossible to describe to someone who have never visited it. For sure, you can talk about the green of the grass, the endless blue of the sky, the white and coolness of the snow, for all those things are found in the Otherworld, but when you're describing them to the non-believers and ignorants they will only shake their heads. "Then this, as you call it, 'other dimension' is nothing but a copy of our world", they'll say, "I'ts but a figment of your imagination". But the Otherworld is much more than just a sum of its parts. It is at once beautiful and horrifying, cruel and enchanted; all those qualities coalesce into a beautiful and
:iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0
The Otherlands(2)
The Saturday found me and Jonas in the park. We held our hands. Jonas had the same black jacket on that he had on the day when I got scared of him for no reason on the bank on the river. The path we've been walking led inevitably towards it, like all the paths did. We've been conducting this ritual each Saturday and each Sunday, though neither of us knew why. In the world of light, love was impossible. We've been holding our hands without any emotion. We've been kissing without satisfaction. We've been talking without exchanging meaning. There was no meaning, after all. And all the paths led inevitably towards the river.
The river - whose waters I no longer remembered were once murky - glistened in sunlight. We sat on the bank, without saying anything, and this silence was in fact more meaningful than any words we have spoken. It informed us of the frustration of our bright existence. Of being unable to suffer.
Then, as I sat and listened to the sounds of the running water, I spotted a
:iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0
Mature content
The Otherlands(1) :iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0
The forest of his dreams
WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear?
The father it is, with his infant so dear;
He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm,
He holdeth him safely, he keepeth him warm.
"My son, wherefore seek'st thou thy face thus to hide?"
"Look, father, the Erl-King is close by our side!
Dost see not the Erl-King, with crown and with train?"
"My son, 'tis the mist rising over the plain."

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, "The Erl King"
"Where are we?"
"We'll be home in an hour and half. Sleep"
"Who is this man in the white robe?"
"What man?"
"The white-robe man is calling me. Who is he?"
"It's just a dream. Just a dream. Sleep."
He could distinctly feel the ground beneath his feet and smell the dark forest he was in. But just a moment before he was somewhere else. Only he did not remember where.
The forest was empty. No birds sang. No owl called. No animals crossed his path as he made his way
:iconalmos666:Almos666 1 0
The pearl in the mud
He saw it as he made his way home through the dirty street; it looked like a tiny star shining through the gutter. How could it have ended up here, he asked himself, a tiny, precious little pearl, lying in the mud along the street, passed by many, noticed by none. Without thinking what he was doing he put it in his pocket,  and resumed his walk.
The apartment was as suffocating as the rest of the city, as sparsely furnished as a cell and as old as its inhabitant. The lonely window overlooked a run-down backyard and factory chimneys were looming in the distance. The inhabitant himself, having walked in, started to undress, and as soon as he took off his worn-out coat, the pearl fell down from his pocket and rolled to the floor. He paused. The pearl lay in the corner, shining with light and color this place haven't seen for years. It was then that he thought that it was alive, that it has chosen him somehow, in his old age and solitude. He approached the pearl, almost convinced it
:iconalmos666:Almos666 1 0
Mature content
Forgive me, father... :iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0
The laughing forest
In the middle of the hot summer we moved into the house on the very edge of the Laughing Forest; through the western windows of the house we could see the thick line of the Forest, dark against the blue sky.
Many things were being said about the Forest and even more were being whispered. Some claimed that in the middle of the night one could hear laughter coming, as it were, from the trees; that was how the Forest earned its name. But other things were being said about it too; all sorts of legends, both supernatural and mundane - of lights dancing on its meadows, of strange creatures populating its rivers and streams and of things of preternatural beauty to be met among its expanse; some even said that the famous Autumn Road, the passage between our world and the Otherworld, ran through the Forest. But of course, this rumor came from the same people who believed in the existence of the transcendent Divinity whose light was trapped in the Three Ambers which are Its final emanation in th
:iconalmos666:Almos666 0 0


Kim 7 by andyf451
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Kim 7 :iconandyf451:andyf451 225 27
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*** :iconsoppotea:soppotea 124 1
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Im Muldetal :iconartinkl:artinkl 219 5
Jungle Girl : YouTube by rossdraws Jungle Girl : YouTube :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 8,442 128 Heilog by Prywinko
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Heilog :iconprywinko:Prywinko 1,268 33
People like us by stefangrosjean
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People like us :iconstefangrosjean:stefangrosjean 1,238 22
Untitled by Ddenisee Untitled :iconddenisee:Ddenisee 284 6 Otiosum by MrINSULATION Otiosum :iconmrinsulation:MrINSULATION 34 7 Campfire by nozomi-M Campfire :iconnozomi-m:nozomi-M 607 32 Sea Dream by Vitaly-Sokol
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Sea Dream :iconvitaly-sokol:Vitaly-Sokol 490 15
*** by soppotea *** :iconsoppotea:soppotea 176 8 vanilla by Aledgan vanilla :iconaledgan:Aledgan 158 9 Demon Feast by Necrovert
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Demon Feast :iconnecrovert:Necrovert 129 19


Alice Bradshaw gets in trouble...
... while snooping where she shouldn't be. Illustration for a story I'm writing.
Alice Bradshaw
A character for a story I'm writing. A basic render, but it's been some time since I last used DAZ3D.


Aleksander Mosingiewicz


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