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After the war, the soot and smoke of the burning cities obscured the sun, marking the epoch of a long and unforgiving winter.

More Journey art, which conveniently doubles as a final project for one of my academic classes. The subject of this piece was nuclear winter, which I thought kind of fit the my Journey lore from an earlier piece. I suppose falling meteorites doesn't quite fit the story, but let's pretend it's falling debris from an exploding war machine factory or something, haha. X_X

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I just... this... is so well done..
what to say thats not already been said...

This is great. Love your Journey art. Keep on doing what you're doing. :heart:
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So much exquisite detail- and yet the minimalistic low-polygon shapes merge so well with it. Very much like a tapestry or ancient scroll of sorts :)
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:D this looks very nice! :)
almond-goddess's avatar
Hehe, thank you!:happybounce: 
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of course! ^w^
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This is just so.... gorgeous! I just love the contrast from left to right, the Orange lava splashes and the bluish snow, oh and the ruins in the middle and the graves! There's meteors falling to one side and the sideways snow and clouds way in distance to the other side, it just gives it such motion and drama! It's so fantastic!
The transition is really nice. Even though it's all in the same picture, you can kinda tell the events that took place in it happened over a time. :D I also like how you didnt stick to the ordinary Journey colors like gold and ah you know XD I'm rambling.
This is by far my favorite picture from you :D 
almond-goddess's avatar
Thank you so much for such an eloquent compliment! (:
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Aww thank you! It's no problem ^-^
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this is an incredible piece of work!! I like how the orange still shine to the purple area in the middle even thought all the event in this picture doesn't happen at the same time...The war on the left...kinda reminds me of gallifrey fall 
almond-goddess's avatar
Mmmyes Doctor Who reference! I actually have a theory on what the Journey lore equivalent of the Big Red Button, but I'll leave that for another piece! (: It is more inspired by the history mural's narrative structure, except in a more literal manner and in color!
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which reminds me how much your Warrior reminds me of the (war) doctor XD
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This is Incredible!
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More great work. Keep it up!
almond-goddess's avatar
Will do! Thanks! (:
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This is amazing I'm surprised no one has DD'ed this yet!
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AHHHHH I'm so humbled that you believe this is DD worthy! Thank you!!!!! :happybounce: 
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Haha Your very wleocme then!:iconglompplz:
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This is truly awesome :)
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Drama! Drama Everywhere!

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