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The Glass Heart - The Tournament of Tribulations
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Published: January 15, 2019
© 2019 AlmKornKid
The Glass Heart is a web comic I wanna make with magic, and fighting, and drama, oh my!

These are characters created in a contest I held on my discord server, and will all appear in the story in tournament style setting for the number one spot!

From the middle going clockwise we have:

Cami Leon - An androgynous fashionista and clothing store owner, Cami loves playing pranks on passers-by. Their power of "Ink" allows them to bring anything they draw to life, as well as redraw themselves into anything they want.
Created by :iconno10core:

Iddiz - A living breathing doll created by a wise old seamstress with the ability to give life to inanimate objects. Her power of "Angry Double" allows her to create more powerful yet irrational and angry doubles of whatever she cuts with her scissors called the "Specter Cutter". Created by Zhoa0FICIAL

Dr. Colbert Gate - A self-important dentist with an aversion to conflict. His power of "Cleanse" allows him to "clean" any perceived imperfections he sees in objects and people.
Created by :iconmrkyurem:

Ghroot - A friendly, humble botanist who lost his humanity to a flesh eating magical plant that bore itself inside his body. His power of "Botany" allows him to plant his body parts into the ground for a tactical advantage.
Created by Fiesta Skull

Irvin - A self-proclaimed master of parkour and lover of sports. His power of "Boot" allows him to morph any footwear he has on into whatever other kind of footwear he wants. Saves money at the shoe store!
Created by Trianull

Kay & Karla - Kay and Karla are the same person, as in they are different personalities within the same body. Kay is the angrier, more violent personality, while Karla is quiet, anxious, and more subdued. Their power of "Crystallization allows whatever personality that isn't fronting to manifest into a giant crystal.
Created by :iconunstablereactor:

Benny - A young kid who ate too much junk food one day and regretted it. His power of "Glass Fart" allows him to transform nutrients from food into glass that he can fire out of his... *AHEM* other end...
Created by :iconboberatu:

Angelo - A disgruntled young man with ties to the mafia who has been scarred by the early death of his sister, the only person who truly cared for him. His power of "Memory" can physically recreate memories and play them back in real time, as long as he himself remembers them vividly, or he has a photo of the event.
Created by :iconhommeauxvisages:

Christian - A man with a love for hitting weights. He lost his arm in a weight lifting accident and had his arm replaced with a flagpole. His power of "Feelings" can change anyone else's mood to whatever he wants.
Created by :iconm9m:

Shelly - A spunky boxer who worked near the sea at a tackle shop. Her power of "Crustacean" gave her the tough exoskeleton of a crab, with lobster-like pincers and eye stalks growing out of her head. 
Created by Search

And that's it for now! See ya!
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Now this looks pretty excellent right there. :D
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thanks fam
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You're welcome right there. ^_^
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