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It's official my people. Starting on April 15, 2019 (which is also my 4th anniversary of my social media career), Reggie Fils-Aimé will be long gone from being the president of Nintendo of America, and he will be replaced with a new president by the name of Doug Bowser. Thank you for all of the good memories Reggie. You will always be in our hearts as the former president of NOA. I hope you continue to live your dreams Reggie, and see you on the other side.

In Loving Memory of Reggie Fil-Aimes as the President of NOA
May 25, 2006-April 15, 2019
Ella (K9.5) In Mii Form
I had decided to recreate Ella from K9.5 in Mii Form on my Nintendo Switch. So what do you think my people? Comments down below.
KawaiiNekoPotato27 In Plotagon Form
This is for my best friend KawaiiNekoPotato27. I have decided to give her a reward by making her in Plotagon form. So what do you think my best friend? :)
SallyVEVO In Plotagon Form
Requested by SallyVEVO. And also, I tried my best to recreate you in Plotagon. I couldn't even find a purple skin, and they do not have butterfly wings in Plotagon sadly. And I couldn't even find purple eyes in Plotagon sadly, and the closest I could find in Plotagon is the blue hair. But I hope you still like your Plotagon look SallyVEVO. I tried my absolute best.
Angie Sharma (KKHH) In Plotagon Form
Requested by RainbowDashFan2010 again. Here is Angie Sharma from Koochie Koochie Hota Hai in Plotagon form my peeps.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

What's up guys? It's your boi Almir here, and today I am going to discuss about my top 10 favorite YouTube channels of all-time, and this time, updated. If you guys want to see my old list, then you can feel free to check it out in the link below: My Top 10 Most Favorite YouTube Channels

Now anyways, without further ado, let's jump right into the list, shall we?

#10. Aarons (LINK:…)

Starting from number 10 is Aarons, who is a YouTuber who makes videos that is centered around hip-hop and rap. He is also a very entertaining guy too. So that is why I am going to rank him on number 10.

#9. Canadian Scout (LINK:…)

A GoAnimator with over 7,000 subscribers, he is a great user known for making the Sam series, the shitty game review series, "The Demon Inside" mini-series, and makes other well-known GoAnimate videos. And he also puts effort and motion into making those animations. And he is also known for his almost 2-hour feature length movie titled "Alison's Eventful Life", which had exceeded over 6,500 views online. So this is why I am going to rank him on number 9.

#8. MattyBVlogs (LINK:…)

MattyB is also an American rapper hailing from Duluth, Georgia (currently 16 years old now). He is best known for his cover "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes featuring Maroon 5 lead vocalist Adam Levine. The cover of "Stereo Hearts" features Florida singer Skylar Stecker, and the music video of the cover had exceeded over 250 million views online. And on his vlog channel, MattyB is currently known for posting behind the scenes footage from his music videos that was uploaded on his "MattyBRaps" channel, reaction videos, challenges, vlogs, etc.

So that is why I am going to rank him on number 8.

#7. Jillboard100 (LINK:…)

Jillboard100 is ranked number 7 because this channel currently makes music evolutions, top 10s, and more. Formerly ranked number 1, I used to be a huge fan of that channel, but I lost interest. Then once again, Jillboard100 is still a great channel, and that is why I am going to rank her on number 7.

#6. Devious Diesel For Hire (LINK:…)

Devious Diesel For Hire is an Internet web series where Devious Diesel (from Thomas The Tank Engine) tries to get a job to earn money so he can get a fast new computer, but he always keep on getting in trouble by talking smack to the customers, lies to the customers, never shows respect to the customers, and more. The reason why I putted this channel on number 6 is because of the hilarious humor this channel has putted, and how entertaining this channel is. So that's why I am going to rank this channel on number 6.

#5. M Pro Channel (LINK:…)

This channel is best known for making evolution videos on gaming consoles, video game franchises, mobile devices, etc.

And the reason why I ranked this channel on number 5 is because of the effort this channel has putted. So this is why I am going to rank this channel on number 5.

#4. SMG4 (LINK:…)

This channel is currently known for making blooper videos about Super Mario 64, and for the animated web series "SMG4", where Mario goes on stupid adventures. This channel is being currently being ruined by two brothers Luke and Kevin Lerd. And Luke and Kevin did a great job on putting a lot of effort into making these hilarious videos, and a new upcoming series will soon be released on June 2019 titled "Meta Runner". Then once again, the reason why I ranked this channel on number 4 is because of the hilarious animations Luke and Kevin did on this channel. And my favorite SMG4 character is Mario and Tari. So that is why I am going to rank this channel on number 4.

#3. TheGamingLemon (LINK:…)

This channel is currently known for making "Funny Moments" videos on various games (especially Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5), and the reason why I added TheGamingLemon on number 3 is because of the hilarious efforts he putted into making these hilarious videos and for adding a lot of motion into making these wild and crazy hilarious videos. So that is why I am going to rank this channel on number 3.

#2. gentR (LINK:…)

This channel is literally known for making "Top Rap Songs Of The Week" videos. The reason why I added this channel on the list is because of how much effort this channel has putted into making these amazing hip-hop videos. So that is why I am going to rank this channel on number 2.

#1. Katzenwagen TV (LINK:…)

And ending on number 1 is of course, Katzenwagen TV. That's right, I now have a new favorite YouTube channel of all-time, and you want to know why I added this channel on number 1? Well it is because this channel is completely known for making videos that involves around Grand Theft Auto, does a mini-series called "The GTA Tourist", does another mini-series called "The Game Tourist" where it involves around games like Sleeping Dogs, The Curse Of Monkey Island, Megaman Legends, Fortnite, and more. And Katzenwagen TV is also known for making road trip videos too. So that is why I am going to rank Katzenwagen TV on number 1. And this channel will be my favorite channel of all-time from now on, no matter what. :D :D :D


TopMusicMafia (LINK:…)

Nintendo Unity (LINK:…)

Master0fHyrule (LINK:…)

BrentAnimate (LINK:…)

FlyingKitty (LINK:…)

Choctopus (LINK:…)

GameXplain (LINK:…)

Shiromi (LINK:…)

inteNsifyCharts (LINK:…)


DripDrop (LINK:…)

#RedMusic (LINK:…)


Barbiepoledancer (LINK:…)


Current Chart (LINK:…)

Plotagon (LINK:

Vucko100 (LINK:

and many more.....

And that wraps up for today's journal my people. I hope you enjoyed today's journal, and I will see you next time. As of today, this is Almir Velovic signing off. Peace out. :)


AlmirVelovic's Profile Picture
Almir Velovic
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
You are now approaching the official profile of Almir Velovic, where pure randomness starts right here. Originally started on February 9, 2016, I was not into a lot of DeviantArt until I was fully interested on January 2017, and I had recently reopened it on November 5, 2017. In this profile, I do rants, artworks, reviews, top 10s, memes, photography, and many more in this profile. You are more than welcome to watch me anytime because I do love watchers and you can get the latest news from me and be part of the #AlmirNation, a group I had made up a couple months ago. So feel free to watch me today and be part of the #AlmirNation. And if you got any questions you want to ask me, feel free to send me your question in the discussion comments below my profile and I will reply to your question in a jiffy. You can also contact me in other social media platforms like Discord, Plotagon, or Google+ in the links below. And you can also check out my Discord server too, where I can also talk to you people, post updates, go behind the scenes on what project I am working on, talk to other fans of mine, and more. And finally, here are some ground rules you should obviously follow before you comment anything on this profile. First of all, pinging/spamming is not allowed in my profile. I will instantly report your comment if you do that. Second of all, do not EVER reveal my personal information in the public, because I don't want somebody tracking down where I live and I don't want to risk losing my life. And finally, absolutely no raiding in my profile at all, that especially applies to any other social media platforms too (even my wiki too).
So yeah, I hope you had learned something about me, and I hope you enjoy the tour of this profile. I'll see you around guys. :)

PLOTAGON: @AlmirAnimations


Q: Where do you live?
A: I am not going to reveal you the address on which street I live in, but the city I live in is Yonkers, New York.

Q: What inspired you to join Plotagon?
A: Plotagon is definitely my main thing when it comes to making animation videos. I joined Plotagon on September 2015 to see if I was interested in it, and I already was so hooked into this website that I have been using this website for 3 years now. I still use this website up to this day, and I will never retire from that website. I had even made my own original characters on that website, and one of them is my main official channel/profile mascot, Scott Irvington.

Q; Would you recommend anybody to use Plotagon?
A: Why not? Plotagon is a really great application where you can make simple animated videos by just typing in the dialogue box and you can turn your real life stories into animated videos. It is definitely way better than GoAnimate.

Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?
A: Of course I do have a YouTube channel. I had been on this website since April 15, 2015, and I currently upload all of my Plotagon animations (especially other videos I make too) on this website, and you are more than welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will leave a link in the description of this biography.

Q: What is your favorite video game as of right now?
A: I have like so many good favorites, but my most favorite video game is definitely all games from the Pokémon franchise. And my favorite is Detective Pikachu, period.

Q: How old are you, and what year were you born on?
A: I am currently 15 years old, and I was born on March 3, 2003.

Q: Do you take any requests from any other people?
A: I don't, sadly. I am full of ideas, and I can get inspiration myself by watching other videos on YouTube, and I don't want people to end up sending me stupid requests like a grounded video or something like that. So there's your answer.

Q: Which country would you like to visit one day?
A: Japan, because why not? :)

Q: Which country would you like to live in one day?
A: I would say Montenegro, because the views are beautiful, and there are very good cities you should visit, like Kotor, Podgorica, Ulcinj, etc.

If you have any more questions to ask me, don't even hesitate to ask it in the comments below. I would love to hear it from all of you. :)

~ Almir M. Velovic



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Hey guys, if you here new here, then welcome to my profile. Well I just want to let you know that I am currently setting my goal to get a CORE membership because I am planning to get a new username soon. So if you would like to donate points here, then go on right ahead. Nobody is stopping you.

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