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The Irony Of Disney XD (Pt. 2)
How the hell can you give away 10,000 free V-Bucks by retweeting this post? Come on you people, this is obviously a scam and you will fall for this crap. So do not fall for scams people.
(once again, I'm sorry if I did another exposing post on dA, but this had to sincerely be done, so don't blame me for this)
The Irony Of Disney XD
First of all, this show is obviously fake. I never even saw the real Disney XD partner up with Mojang to make a new show based off Minecraft, and it's obviously not announced yet. And also, Desmond Amofah is not in this fake show obviously. So stop spreading fucking rumors about Disney partnering with Mojang.
And I had literally found out the whole truth behind this Disney XD account. I was checking some tweets from Disney XD, and I literally found out this is a fake account. I posted a deviation of proof that this Disney XD account isn't real and Disney never even used the "N" word before. And I now realized that this whole "Fortnite" show will not come out. I cannot believe I fell for this crap. Because if they really did made a show about Fortnite, then I wouldn't be amused.
WTF Did I Just Saw?!?!
I never even saw Disney XD post this crap before, and I had just fucking figured out this account is a fake one, and Disney never even used the "N" word before. Some asshole had just decided to make a fake account to get people into thinking Disney XD will actually make a show based off Fortnite. Whoever is behind this account should get terminated from Twitter for impersonating.
(And my apologies if I done an exposing post again on dA, but this had to be done though)
KirbyFan99 In Gachaverse Form
Had just decided to do one of my good friends KirbyFan99 in Gachaverse form cuz why da fuck not??? :P



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Hello my people and #AlmirNation, for today's journal, I will be talking and discussing about my Walt Disney World experience I had from last year. So for this experience, I was staying at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando, Florida last year for 5 days, and I want to show you guys my experience on what I did there last year, so without further ado, let's get into this journal, shall we?

JUNE 29, 2017

On Thursday, we had our stuffs all packed to go to this wonderful iconic place in Florida. So first thing's first, we dropped our car off at our cousin's house and we got on my cousin's car to go to Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. We dumped our luggages into the conveyor belt and went to our gate. There was a delay on our flight, but things went in perfect condition when we boarded our flight. We officially departed from Newark, New Jersey on this 3-hour flight. We had finally landed at Orlando, Florida, and once we got out, we flagged a taxi to Walt Disney World. We had accidentally bumped into a different Hilton hotel and we thought this hotel was ours. But we had to flag another taxi to go to Buena Vista Palace located at Buena Vista Drive. So we got a room with a fountain at a lobby and we unpacked our stuffs.

JUNE 30, 2017

On Friday, my family had just woke up and we were about to do a plan for today. So we flagged a bus to take us to the Magic Kingdom. Once we got there, we took a monorail train to the main entrance, and we got inside. So the first thing I did was go to "It's A Small World". I actually enjoyed the ride, and we decided to go ride a 3-D attraction and it was so magical I almost feel wet. So we went to see a show at the front entrance near U.S.A. Main Street. We also went to go get hot dogs, but while we were eating our lunch, a massive thunderstorm occurred and we got out of Magic Kingdom so fast my legs feel tired. We waited for a long time to flag a monorail train back to the bus stop. We finally got our bus to go back to our hotel and ended our day here. I took a chill in the pool and had some fun, and I call it a day.

JULY 1, 2017

Nothing beats in like a fine Saturday. We were about to go to a waterpark, and I decided to go to Thypoon Lagoon which is about 1.5 miles from our hotel. So what we did is flag a taxi to Thypoon Lagoon. I spent almost the whole day at the wave pool and chilled at the lazy river. But it got rained out a couple hours later, but it wasn't massive this time. So we went back to our hotel room, and chilled at the pool in the hotel again. I relaxed in the hot tub as well and recorded the video where I tour my own hotel room and uploaded it on my 5th YouTube account before I closed it down.

JULY 2, 2017

It was a great Sunday today, and this time, we went to Universal Orlando Resort. I spent the whole day at the Islands Of Adventure. I rode in most of the Dr. Suess rides, and bought some Dr. Suess related stuffs at the gift shop. And that marks the end of the day. I also recorded a video where I was riding the Merry-Go-Round at Dr. Suess land, and it went very well. I was chilling at the hotel pool once again and was checking out the gift shop too.

JULY 3, 2017

Today was our last day at Walt Disney World, and this time, we went to the Animal Kingdom. We checked out some habitats of some animals and rode some rides there. But a couple hours later, it got rained out sadly and we had to leave. It was so fun chilling at the pool outside and riding the lazy river. I could feel like I was enjoying the hotel pool for the last time before we left the resort at 4:15am.

JULY 4, 2017

It was time we left the resort. We woke up at 4:00am and packed up all of our stuffs. We departed from Buena Vista Palace at 4:15am and went to Orlando International Airport. We had to wait for 3 hours to get a flight back to New York, and this time, we got a Delta flight to JFK International Airport. Once we got back to New York, I was picked up by my cousin and we went to my cousin's house to pick up our car. And finally, we finally got home from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It was so nice being there in Florida. I'm gonna probably come back there next year or in 2020 for sure.

And that finally wraps up for this experience journal. The next experience journal I will make will be my experience in Montenegro/Albania. So stay tuned, which is coming out on August 2018. So anyways, this is Almir Velovic, over and out. Peace out. :)


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You are now approaching the official profile of Almir Velovic, a 15-year old guy who does YKWBS episodes, rants, arts, top 10s, and more stuffs like that. I would be very appreciated if you watched me, because you can get informations on future plans and be part of the AlmirNation. And you can also catch up on posts about what am I currently doing. I am a huge fan of EDM, pop, hip-hop, and rap music too. So anyways, I hope you enjoy the tour of my profile and enjoy yourself. :)

~Almir Velovic



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