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BETA TEST: DeviantArt Eclipse

As you may know, DeviantArt has been long working on a big update of our site and overall user experience. It’s been over a year of brainstorms, planning, research, interviews, testing, and more, and now we’re gearing up for a full Eclipse!

The time has finally come: we’re excited to announce DeviantArt Eclipse to beta testers. Take a look at the new design and some of the new features on our promo site. How To Try DeviantArt Eclipse

Now it’s time for you all to experience it! All beta testers have been enabled with DeviantArt Eclipse. To make the switch simply click on the More menu on the top navigation and select “Try DeviantArt Eclipse.”You can switch back to the old site by clicking on the avatar icon and selecting “Back to Old Version.”

Explore What’s New

We can’t wait for you to explore some of our awesome new features! We recommend starting off by selecting Header Art in order to personalize your Profile and make a “wow!” first impression.

After you’ve done that, elevate your art by choosing a deviation background (Core Members have more background options to select from as well). Expand your watch list and community outreach by browsing status updates and polls. Experiment with the new Love Meter to indicate how much a certain work of art matches your personal taste. Go on and explore, Beta Testers!

Reporting Bugs, Feature Requests, and Feedback

DeviantArt Eclipse is still in development. You will likely encounter bugs and unfinished features. We need your help to test out our new features! If you do find any issues, please let us know.

Submit a bug or feature request (submit to this form as many times as you’d like!)Please try to include as much information as possible, such as browser info, OS info, screenshots, links, reproduction steps, what you expected to see versus what you actually experienced, and anything else you think will help describe your issue.Please do not contact DeviantArt Support about Eclipse-related bugs or issues — we’d like to collect all bugs and feedback though this form.Submit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

Known Issues & In-Development Features

Here are some of the major known issues we are aware of and actively working on:

We are still working on the favouriting and collecting experience. Please share your feedback!It’s not yet possible to include Literature and Journal thumbs in comments or galleries within Journals.Icon codes are in development.Sharing a thumbnail in a Journal or comment using a link (or :thumb: code) is not yet possible.Thumbnails of pixel art, stamps, and small images have some display issues. Literature thumbs do not include preview text.Various feedback notifications (such as certain types of replies and deviation mentions) are not yet completed and may display as an error.Feedback will sometimes get out of order after scrolling through many notifications.Minor formatting issues in new Journal text editor.Bio and personal information are not yet editable on Eclipse.Gallery Subfolders and Gallery Stats will be temporarily unavailable as we rebuild them in the future.The mobile web version is not yet available.Comment permalinks don't include links to the original content or parent comment. Submitting Journals to Groups is not yet possible. While creating or editing Commissions, the Points-currency conversion is not being calculated properly. (This is just a visual bug; the price of Points is not changing.)

Questions on certain Eclipse features? Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

:icondanlev:danlev 195 2,361
Mona doodle! by cutie-png Mona doodle! :iconcutie-png:cutie-png 186 20 Mona - Sketch 34 by Fenril-Huayra Mona - Sketch 34 :iconfenril-huayra:Fenril-Huayra 414 25 Mona - WarioWare Gold by CinSensura Mona - WarioWare Gold :iconcinsensura:CinSensura 66 4 Mona by CrystalLeeArts Mona :iconcrystalleearts:CrystalLeeArts 121 11 Mona WarioWare by Mariohenri Mona WarioWare :iconmariohenri:Mariohenri 94 11 Warioware Mona Desktop by BenMcCloud Warioware Mona Desktop :iconbenmccloud:BenMcCloud 49 8 Mona (WarioWare) by Alrooney Mona (WarioWare) :iconalrooney:Alrooney 175 59 Advice from Will Vandom by Cmanuel1 Advice from Will Vandom :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 19 10 Happy Halloween! From Luna Girl! by Cmanuel1 Happy Halloween! From Luna Girl! :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 11 5 Luna Girl's witch costume by Cmanuel1 Luna Girl's witch costume :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 13 4 Cute Maid Luna by Cmanuel1 Cute Maid Luna :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 10 3 Luna Girl's jet ski suit by Cmanuel1 Luna Girl's jet ski suit :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 3 0 Amaya's cafe maid outfit by Cmanuel1 Amaya's cafe maid outfit :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 10 15 Luna Girl's Alice in Wonderland outfit by Cmanuel1 Luna Girl's Alice in Wonderland outfit :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 6 8 Luna and Eclipsion by Cmanuel1 Luna and Eclipsion :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 13 16

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To any people out there who complains about DeviantArt Eclipse (the new major change to the dA website): Will you just shut the fuck up and get over with the changes and updates already?! DeviantArt Eclipse is actually pretty cool in my honest opinion, and it gives the website a brand new and modern look for the future. You can do many new things with Eclipse (as a beta tester) such as livestreaming, do image polls, gallery subfolders, personalized recommendations, improved tag pages, crop and adjust profile header, and many more in DeviantArt Eclipse. Just get over with the new changes and you'll be fine.
Its Snowing In My Area!!! :D
Damn son, never expected snow to arrive early in my area when we are still in fall. I’m so lucky. 😄
Hey guys, just want to wish you guys a happy Veterans Day today. I hope your day is very good, and mines was great (well not really after the passing of Stan Lee). And happy 20th birthday to one of my good friends out there, which is TheColossalD. I hope you have a really great birthday Big D, and hope you get some good presents too on your birthday. :)
Hey guys, if you haven't joined my Discord server just about yet, feel free to do so today.
I’ve got sad news to all Marvel fans out there. Apparently, the creator of the Marvel Universe (Stan Lee) has sadly passed away at the age of 95. I can’t believe it, we had lost a huge legend and a gigantic icon of this world. If you are reading this in heaven Stan Lee, we will miss you, even your best creations you made ever yet like The Avengers, Captain America, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, the Wolverine, and more, and yet more importantly, the Marvel brand you had just created. Hope you have a safe trip in heaven, Stan Lee. 😭😭😭😭😭

Stan Lee
December 28, 1922-November 12, 2018



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Walking up in a Mercedes-Benz store
I got myself a Mercedes-Benz
Driving this bad boy to Oakland
And then we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge

Bitch I flew a plane to Paris
And then I got myself another Mercedes-Benz
Took a carrier to London
And now I own 10 Mercedes-Benz


Woke up in a tiny apartment
And then I went to school to dab on these hoes
And then I got the fame by dabbing
And then makes me rapping like Lil Uzi Vert

Walking up the mansion, (oh no) mansion
And then I flew to Montenegro for the summer
Trapping like I'm Kanye West
And yo, and then I sold my record to Benny Blanco


Walking up in a Mercedes-Benz store
I got myself a Mercedes-Benz
Driving this bad boy to Oakland
And then we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge

Bitch I flew a plane to Paris
And then I got myself another Mercedes-Benz
Took a carrier to London
Now I own 10 Mercedes-Benz


Riding my Benz to Sarandë
And then I did a juvenile backflip at Ksamil
And makes me wanna K.O. Armend
And then I saved my shit for tomorrow

And then I pulled up in a BMW
And then I lived my life with Lil Mosey
And I dropped this track for you guys to enjoy
And I'm stinking filthy rich now


Walking up in a Mercedes-Benz store
I got myself a Mercedes-Benz
Driving this bad boy to Oakland
And then we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge


@ 2018 Almir Velovic Records / Composed and Written by: Almir Velovic / Production: Jaeden


AlmirVelovic's Profile Picture
Almir Velovic
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
You are now approaching the official profile of Almir Velovic, where pure randomness starts right here. Originally started on February 9, 2016, I was not into a lot of DeviantArt until I was fully interested on January 2017, and I had recently reopened it on November 5, 2017. In this profile, I do rants, artworks, reviews, top 10s, memes, photography, and many more in this profile. You are more than welcome to watch me anytime because I do love watchers and you can get the latest news from me and be part of the #AlmirNation, a group I had made up a couple months ago. So feel free to watch me today and be part of the #AlmirNation. And if you got any questions you want to ask me, feel free to send me your question in the discussion comments below my profile and I will reply to your question in a jiffy. You can also contact me in other social media platforms like Discord, Plotagon, or Google+ in the links below. And you can also check out my Discord server too, where I can also talk to you people, post updates, go behind the scenes on what project I am working on, talk to other fans of mine, and more. And finally, here are some ground rules you should obviously follow before you comment anything on this profile. First of all, pinging/spamming is not allowed in my profile. I will instantly report your comment if you do that. Second of all, do not EVER reveal my personal information in the public, because I don't want somebody tracking down where I live and I don't want to risk losing my life. And finally, absolutely no raiding in my profile at all, that especially applies to any other social media platforms too (even my wiki too).
So yeah, I hope you had learned something about me, and I hope you enjoy the tour of this profile. I'll see you around guys. :)

PLOTAGON: @AlmirAnimations


Q: Where do you live?
A: I am not going to reveal you the address on which street I live in, but the city I live in is Yonkers, New York.

Q: What inspired you to join Plotagon?
A: Plotagon is definitely my main thing when it comes to making animation videos. I joined Plotagon on September 2015 to see if I was interested in it, and I already was so hooked into this website that I have been using this website for 3 years now. I still use this website up to this day, and I will never retire from that website. I had even made my own original characters on that website, and one of them is my main official channel/profile mascot, Scott Irvington.

Q; Would you recommend anybody to use Plotagon?
A: Why not? Plotagon is a really great application where you can make simple animated videos by just typing in the dialogue box and you can turn your real life stories into animated videos. It is definitely way better than GoAnimate.

Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?
A: Of course I do have a YouTube channel. I had been on this website since April 15, 2015, and I currently upload all of my Plotagon animations (especially other videos I make too) on this website, and you are more than welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will leave a link in the description of this biography.

Q: What is your favorite video game as of right now?
A: I have like so many good favorites, but my most favorite video game is definitely all games from the Pokémon franchise. And my favorite is Detective Pikachu, period.

Q: How old are you, and what year were you born on?
A: I am currently 15 years old, and I was born on March 3, 2003.

Q: Do you take any requests from any other people?
A: I don't, sadly. I am full of ideas, and I can get inspiration myself by watching other videos on YouTube, and I don't want people to end up sending me stupid requests like a grounded video or something like that. So there's your answer.

Q: Which country would you like to visit one day?
A: Japan, because why not? :)

Q: Which country would you like to live in one day?
A: I would say Montenegro, because the views are beautiful, and there are very good cities you should visit, like Kotor, Podgorica, Ulcinj, etc.

If you have any more questions to ask me, don't even hesitate to ask it in the comments below. I would love to hear it from all of you. :)

~ Almir M. Velovic



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4 / 1,000,000
Hey guys, if you here new here, then welcome to my profile. Well I just want to let you know that I am currently setting my goal to get a CORE membership because I am planning to get a new username soon. So if you would like to donate points here, then go on right ahead. Nobody is stopping you.

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AngryBirdsatSFOT Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey AlmirVelovic! The first episode is available now! Here it is:

Character Elimination Episode 1 by AngryBirdsatSFOT

So vote for who should be eliminated and for who should win the prize!
KirbyFan99 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Student General Artist
I heard something on YouTube about a Papa's Pancakeria pack coming to Papa Louie Pals.
I don't know if it's true, but I hope it is!
Should I believe it or no?
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I am gonna to block you
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Almir, it's my birthday today.
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Have you heard about Gacha Life?
It's actually better than Gachaverse!
And it's free!
AlmirVelovic Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018  Professional Filmographer
I’ve heard, and I downloaded it today. :)
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