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UPDATE: I feel I should apologize for sounding a little brash. I deeply care about my own craft, as well as the craft of my fellow artists, and maybe I got a bit TOO passionate. Recently, I noticed two artists I follow are actually using Teespring, and I feel like I'm going against my ethic; as I say towards the end of my rant, I'm not trying to sabotage an artist's business. That I stand by, and that is why I'm sorry for my emotions getting to me.

However, I'm not fully redacting my original statement - I'm still rather skeptical of Teespring with the rampant art theft I keep seeing hosted on their site, and their report functions are not incredibly useful. But if you're following an artist (or you ARE an artist) plugging work via some place like Teespring, by all means, support your artists.

My original point stands unchanged - a lot of Facebook groups keep advertising works that are not theirs to sell, and people shouldn't be tossing their money at something so willy nilly just because it panders to something they like. The old saying goes, "A fool and their money are soon parted". Don't be a fool, do a little research, and part with your money wisely.

And I recommend you follow/support these artists.

Krooked Glasses -…

Andrew Dickman -…


To any peeps who use Facebook, I'm gonna ask a favor of you on behalf of everyone who dares call themselves an artist:


I'm calling Godzilla 2017 and Villains Community 2 out by name. There are more, but these two frequent my feed quite a bit, despite them blocking me from commenting.


It hasn't happened to me personally (that I'm aware of), but I'm sick of seeing blatant theft happening to artists, especially people I know, including but not limited to Matt Frank (KaijuSamurai) and Frank Parr (Kaijuverse). These gentlemen have very clearly stated that they are in no way affiliated with these groups, much less getting any kind of sales commission from them. I can only image how many other artists these groups are stealing from as well.

And don't worry, you don't have to do all kinds of research to see if it's stolen or not. Here are some easy ways to tell if the group is nothing but a conniving snake oil peddler:
  1. No mention of the artist or anything about the art itself. A legit collaboration would flat-out say so. Don't assume the artist wants to remain anonymous. And there would at least be some talk of the art itself. There's a story behind every drawing, so don't assume someone snapped their fingers and made it appear out of fat air (trust me, I know from experience).

  2. The "art" is a stock image or is cobbled from various stock images found on Google. There's a big difference between an artist and someone who can put a Photoshop filter on something (which is usually done to hide the low-res quality). In a way, I still consider it theft, not just because they technically are using images they didn't create, but because they pollute the waters for artists trying to get their unique flavor out there. Let me paint a little picture for you: Your purchase from an artist does more than get you a drawing. The artist will use that money for bills, food, maybe even -gasp- art supplies to make more art. It's not just about where your money goes, it's what your money DOES. So just ask yourself this question before you open your wallet: do I want my money going to some shmuck who crapped THIS WRETCHED THING out in five minutes, or do I want to see more work from an artist who makes their work from scratch over the course of hours/days?

    And before you say, "But they made it themselves!" they still have blatant theft under their belt, and they take no issue in doing it again. They can kiss my ass.

    Oh, and for the record, THIS WRETCHED THING makes every fiber of my physical being scream in agony every time I see it.

  3. Any variation of the phrases "For the fans!" and "This will sell out!" These are disgustingly hollow words that try to seem profound. Of course it's "for fans". People who like Transformers/My Little Pony/He-Man/Legend of Zelda/Disney/Muppets/Godzilla/etc will like something that's related to it by default. And saying the stock will sell out? An arrogant assumption, if you ask me. The only time I've ever heard legitimate artists say that is when orders have a cutoff date, and it will never be produced again. These groups don't have cutoffs. They say that to pressure you into buying it, especially before they get called out by the artist and their followers.

    Hell, I remember one saying "These are expensive, but you'll buy it anyway!" Do I even need to point out what's wrong with that sales pitch?

  4. The comment section is an echo chamber. What I mean by that is there aren't really any negative comments. They'll end up deleting comments (or mark them as spam) for calling them out. Several of us have been blocked for badgering them about the thefts. There have also been negative comments about the quality of the printing itself being poor, being cheap iron-on prints (for apparel, anyway) that usually get destroyed after a single wash cycle, and their source is a lo-res image they found on Google or even here on DeviantART. Public viewing does not automatically mean it is public domain. Not to plug my own store, but I can assure you my designs on TeePublic are made with hi-res files, and TeePublic has some info on their good-quality printing process (spoiler: it's not iron-on printing).

To wrap this up, I'm not trying to sabotage competition. I would never do this to an artist. I look out for my own. These are parasites. I would CHEER if I saw these cretins and their "business" crash and burn (if it did so literally, I would hold a freakin' parade). If you feel like I'm attacking you, you're either one of them, or you're a good egg in the wrong basket.

The best thing you can do is spread the word like wildfire. Calling them out for art theft should be more of a warning to potential fools; these sleazes know what they're doing is wrong, and they don't lose sleep over it. Hound their posts. Report them. Inform people to not give them money. If it damages their sales, GOOD.

Also, don't be "that guy" who is all, "But the artist isn't selling it themselves, so I'm gonna buy it here." An artist has every right to not monetize a piece, let alone as a specific item. Respect that the same way you don't share pics/info someone considers private. You're better off buying something they do have available. Again, it's more than where the money goes, but what it can do.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for supporting an artist.

I am EXTREMELY in love with my li’l 5.5x8.5 gray-toned sketchbook. So much so, I ended up buying a 9x12 book last week, and my sister was kind enough to get me an 11x14 book for my birthday! So for this round of commissions, I’m going to be selling gray-tone character sketches; they’re inked sketches, and highlighted with a white pen.

Graytone Godzilla by AlmightyRayzilla 63 Years and Counting by AlmightyRayzilla Graytone Biollante by AlmightyRayzilla



  *Single character
  • 9x12 Portrait   ---   $25

  • 9x12 Full Body   ---   $35

  • 11x14 Portrait   ---   $30

  • 11x14 Full Body   ---   $40

- 1. KaijuX - Commission - Graytone Kanimajiro by AlmightyRayzilla

- 2. Daikaiju-fanboy - Commission - Graytone Atomic Rex by AlmightyRayzilla

- 3. TheStripedProtector - Commission - Graytone Morkhan by AlmightyRayzilla

- 4.

- 5.


Send me a note titled "Commission". Let me know what it is you want me to draw, along with payment method. I'll give you the necessary info, and we'll go from there.

*I will NOT do nudity/pornographic images.


  *US Dollars

  • PayPal

Hey, peeps. I'm hopping on this bandwagon. For as low as a dollar, you can get early viewings, and for less than $10, you can have access to exclusive content, such as works-in-progress and downloads!

Just starting off small as far as goals and rewards go, just to get the ball rolling. But the more it grows, the more I would be able to give back.

Don't worry, I'll still be posting stuff here.

And be sure to keep your eyes on my TeePublic and Etsy stores!……

The May 2017 Arkansas Anime Festival is a wrap! However, the fun has only just begun. This upcoming June (9-10), I will be back in northwestern Arkansas for Art Pop Comic Expo in Springdale! And, of course, it will be followed by G-Fest in July (14-16) at Rosemont, Illinois. There is another convention held by the same folks who run A2F, called Konsplosion, that I will try to be a part of the end of September.

But for now, it's time for me to chillax. -.-
Gonna just close 'em for now, but they'll be back open eventually.

However, I've got a good selection of art up for grabs. Drop me a note if you're interested in purchasing anything below.

PayPal or Money Order accepted.

  • Powered Stickers (16x) - $20
    G-Fest 2016 Goodies pt 4 - Stickers by AlmightyRayzilla

  • Powered Coloring Pages (16x) - $25
    G-Fest 2016 Goodies pt 2 - Powered Coloring Pages by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 8 stickers + 8 Pages - $25

  • 4x6 - three for $10
    Resurgence by AlmightyRayzilla Godzilla 2014 by AlmightyRayzilla Intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 8.5x11 - $10 each, or two for $15
    Guardian of the Universe by AlmightyRayzilla  Shadow of Evil by AlmightyRayzilla The Last Defense of Terra by AlmightyRayzilla Inferno and Thunderstorm by AlmightyRayzilla Gamera painting by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 11x14 - $12 each, or two for $20
    Halloween 2012 - GHOST GODZILLA by AlmightyRayzilla The Magnificent Machine by AlmightyRayzilla Joy of Fire by AlmightyRayzilla Megaton Godzilla by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 11x17 - $15 each, or two for $25
    BIG MACODON vs JUMBO FRANKOSAURUS by AlmightyRayzilla The Ultimate Confrontation by AlmightyRayzilla The Year of Gamera - 50th Anniversary Tribute by AlmightyRayzilla 'Yin and Yang' Godzilla vs Space Godzilla by AlmightyRayzilla Ultraman 50th Anniversary Tribute by AlmightyRayzilla

  • Swag Bag (pick two of each size - 4x6, 8.5x11, 11x14, 11x17) - $30

  • 8.5x11 - $25
    Fierodon Marker Sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 8.5x11 - $30
    Godzilla 2000 marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 8.5x11 - both for $25
    Red King marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla Zetton marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 8.5x11 - $30
    King Shisa marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 11x14 - $40
    Imago Battra marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 5.5x8.5 - $15
    Blacklight Goodness - Evangelion Unit-01 by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 5.5x8.5 - $15
    Blacklight Goodness - Zetton by AlmightyRayzilla


  • 8.5x11 (framed) - $75
    Space Godzilla painting by AlmightyRayzilla

  • 8x10 (no frame) - $50
    Alien Baltan painting by AlmightyRayzilla
Commissions are still open!


Send me a note titled "Commission". Let me know what it is you want under which category, along with payment method. I'll give you the necessary info, and we'll go from there.

*I will NOT do nudity/pornographic images.
*You may choose from more than one category, but please limit yourself one slot per category and one commission piece per slot.


*US Dollars

- PayPal
- Money Order


Category 1 - CHARACTER PROFILE (full-body) - *SLOTS FILLED*

*One character; no scenery

1. Steelia Commission - RAGNAR by AlmightyRayzilla

2. KingShisa08 Commission - Dorae-Goji by AlmightyRayzilla

3. TheStripedProtector Commission - Hyenia by AlmightyRayzilla

4. KaijuDuke Commission - Tiamab by AlmightyRayzilla


*Flat-rates based on A) a single character in a setting, or B) two characters/figures (this includes multiple views/forms of the same character)

1. dashgalaxy Commission - TANG VS BEAR TANK by AlmightyRayzilla

2. KingShisa08 Commission - NARA AND REXY vs I-REXES by AlmightyRayzilla

3. SXGodzilla Commission - Kong vs Ymir by AlmightyRayzilla

4. jira004 Commission - Cyber-Zilla and Chameleon by AlmightyRayzilla

Category 3 - MARKER SKETCH (8.5 x 11; grayscale or color)

Commission - Irokus marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - CUSTOMIZED GIGAN by AlmightyRayzillaImago Battra marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

- Portrait - $25

- Full-Body Profile - $35

1. JacobS-KaijuCreator Commission - Monsturra marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

2. KingShisa08 Commission - Minilla marker sketch by AlmightyRayzilla



Category 4 - COLORED SKETCHY CARD (4.5 x 6.5)

*Ask for available colors

G-Fest 2016 Goodies pt 3 - Sketch Cards by AlmightyRayzilla

- $5 each






Also, be sure to check out my Etsy store and Teepublic page for other cool artistic goodies!……
I would say there's a fairly good-sized pachyderm on the premises that needs addressing - I might have mentioned I was going to open up commissions back in July right after G-Fest, and I apologize that I haven't done so yet.

I have been doing sketches for the Inktober challenge, as you can see over on my Tumblr. Truth be told, it's actually a good exercise because it does build a sense of time management and pretty much tests one's dedication to the craft. Frankly, it's something I feel I've needed for a while. I'll pick a few of my favorites and/or color them (if I haven't already) and post them here in due time.

But that may have to be delayed for a bit, as this November 13-15, I will be setting up shop at Arkansas Anime Festival (aka A2F) in Springdale! I'm a little nervous because this is the second con I'll be selling art at, but with six G-Fests under my belt, it's not like I'm going into it totally blind.

I'm pretty much going to be selling what I've brought to G-Fest before, but just so I have at least one new thing, I've selected Joy of Fire to be the new print! I was planning on making it a print anyway, this just means it's happening sooner.

Joy of Fire by AlmightyRayzilla

I might try to ready another goody or two, but for sure, Joy of Fire will be there.

So yeah, looking forward to this. It's a new chapter in my artistic ventures, so hopefully it's good enough to warrant future attendance. :)


UPDATE 11/3 - I have another convention to add to the list - after sorting out a little bit of a mix-up, I will also be setting up at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Expo the 20th through 22nd, the weekend after A2F. So yeah, two Con weekends in a row - COME AT ME, BROSEPH. I'll see what I can whip up in time for it (I'm at least looking at doing re-prints of one or two older pieces, but we'll see).

Oh, and fellow kaiju fans, be sure to wish a Happy 61st Birthday to the King of the Monsters himself - Godzilla! :D
I decided to put my own spin on the Trendmasters Godzilla Force logo, and after quite a bit of tinkering with it, I decided that it needed to be on a shirt.…

*The four different colors match the Godzilla Force figures' colors and ranks - Pete Richards (black), Michael Van Horn (blue), Margaret O'Brien (white), and David Easton (red).

I'm also looking to do other things with it too, not just clothing. And I'm going to be adding another design or two there as well, so keep in touch for any new stuff. ;)

And don't forget to check out my Etsy shop!…
I think that might have been my most successful G-Fest yet. Had a TON of fun!

I'm also going to branch out some and go to some other cons. I'm looking at this one in Memphis in November, so hopefully something comes of that.

And though it isn't until March of next year, I WILL be going to a little comic convention in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is REALLY close to where I currently reside. I went to it back in May as an attendee (I was a bit too late on getting a table), but it definitely looked like something worth getting involved with. To get a bit of local exposure, and whatnot.

*I'm not listed in Artist Alley '16 yet, but I have been approved for it.

But until then, I have my Etsy shop going again, so go check out some of the stuff I've got for sale on there! I'll be posting a few more things on it soon (I'm thinking of testing the waters and opening commissions through it), so keep a close eye on it.……

I'm certainly excited as can be. G-Fest is proof that there is a Christmas in July after all. ;p And this year marks my 6th year as a member in Artist Alley (and 8th G-Fest overall)!

Anywho, here's what will be at my table in Rosemont, IL next week:

- Handmade Trading Cards
G-Fest 2015 Goodies pt 1 - Handmade Trading Cards by AlmightyRayzilla
Trendmasters Kaiju Trading Card Collection by AlmightyRayzilla

- Commission sketchies
G-Fest 2015 Goodies pt 2 - Sketchies by AlmightyRayzilla

- Sketch Cards
G-Fest 2015 Goodies pt 3 - Colored Sketch Cards by AlmightyRayzilla

- Mystery Packs
G-Fest 2015 Goodies pt 4 - Mystery Packs by AlmightyRayzilla

And of course, new prints!

- 11x17 Year of Gamera
The Year of Gamera - 50th Anniversary Tribute by AlmightyRayzilla

- 11x17 The Ultimate Confrontation
The Ultimate Confrontation by AlmightyRayzilla

- 8.5x11 Gamera painting
Gamera painting by AlmightyRayzilla

- 4x6 Godzilla 2014
Godzilla 2014 by AlmightyRayzilla

I'll also be bringing a few other artistic surprises, so if you'll be attending, be sure to stop by my table!

Wild Wild G-Fest XXII by AlmightyRayzilla
I figured it's time to close up the store for now. I'll open 'em up again down the road.

I would like to thank you commissioners for being patient, and I had fun with the commissions this round. I can definitely say they presented some new challenges in each medium that was selected. I have been working on some of my other projects on the side, but I wanted to be sure to finish/upload the commissions first, especially ones that require a bit more effort. So expect some more new art coming this way pretty soon.


Some things I've failed to share my thoughts on in recent memory:

-I don't recall if I commented about it here, but GODZILLA 2014 was a fantastic movie. I'm likely not alone in saying that I wasn't expecting the best Godzilla movie, but by golly, that was definitely a Godzilla movie, and a good one. I do think the acting was a little stiff, but for what it was, it was a pretty good movie. Godzilla looked so MASSIVE in that movie, and the MUTOs were awesome. :D

-As some of you may have heard, Koichi Kawakita, known best as the special effects director on the Heisei Godzilla films and first two REBIRTH OF MOTHRA films, passed away last December. I had the honor of meeting him briefly at last year's G-Fest, and he especially loved the artwork I gave him (a print of "Sanctity"). He was one of those people who have that aura about them that makes them very approachable and friendly. He was certainly no exception.

Out of respect, I set the piece as my featured upload on my profile page here on DA.

Sanctity by AlmightyRayzilla

Rest in peace, Kawakita-san.

-It definitely made me pumped to know that Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi are on board for the 2016 Godzilla film. To know what the two are capable of in collaboration of live action/miniatures, check this out:

-I also now have a Tumblr blog, so what you want.

-And I have an Etsy shop! There's not much there (just a few perler bead sprites), but keep an eye on it. I may start throwing more stuff on there sooner or later.…

Anywho, that's all I have for now. Keep it real, everyone. :D
I'm opening up commissions again! Gonna do a few things differently this time, so please read carefully.


Send me a note titled "Commission". Obviously, let me know what it is you want (following the criteria below), along with payment method. I'll take everything from there and give you necessary information.

*Nudity/pornography is NOT on the menu.


-Money Order


*One slot per category, and one commission per slot. (You can have one slot from all three categories.)

Category 1 - Character Profile (one character; no background scenery)

- Pencil Sketch - $15

- Inked Sketch - $25

- Color - $30

1. :iconjeht-maverick: Commission - ATLANTEAN SOLDIER by AlmightyRayzilla

2. :iconexuitirteiss: Commission - SUPER XERAIMUS by AlmightyRayzilla


Category 2 - Scene/Multiple Figures (a character interacting with additional character(s) and/or background scenery)

*Flat-rates based on A) two characters/figures, or B) a single character in a setting.


1. :iconkingshisa08: Commission - MONSTER ISLAND KERFUFFLE by AlmightyRayzilla

2. :iconkaijuduke: Commission - NEMESIS by AlmightyRayzilla

3. :iconbigjohnnycool: Commission - GODZILLA VS ALEXANDRITE by AlmightyRayzilla

Category 3 - Marker Sketch (8.5 x 11; color or grayscale)

- Portrait - $20

- Full Body Profile - $25

1. :iconkaijugreg: Commission - CUSTOMIZED GIGAN by AlmightyRayzilla




Choose from the following designs:

- Pixely Kaiju by AlmightyRayzilla $8 each

- Pixely Godzina by AlmightyRayzilla $5


Leftover G-Fest prints

   - Ask (via note) for what's available and prices.

Trendmasters Kaiju Trading Cards

Trendmasters Kaiju Trading Card Collection by AlmightyRayzilla

The cards themselves (aside from printing) are hand-crafted by yours truly - cut out, folded, and spray-glued. Cards are six to a pack (#1-6 and #7-12), and are categorized by Red or Blue Series. They'll come in their own little box and are snug inside their own little sleeves.

- 1-6 (Red or Blue) - $5
- 7-12 (Red or Blue) - $5
- Red or Blue Series (12 cards) - $10
- Entire Collection (24 cards) - $20

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. I can get a wee bit confusing at times, especially with text.
Finally home from a much-needed vacation. I do plan to re-open commissions soon, I just need to straighten a couple things out with PayPal. Hopefully that won't be too much of a hassle.

Anywho, another G-Fest has come and gone, but on the bright side, it has made way for another. My trading cards of the Trendmasters Kaiju for this year were a big hit, leaving me with only THREE of the 180 I crafted, as well as cleaning out the rest of last year's stock. I picked up some pretty good swag, both art from various fellow artists and some collectabibbles of different shapes and sizes (the Giant Size Godzilla 2014 has officially stripped my 12" Imperial Godzilla of its title of being the largest Godzilla toy in my collection, an honor it embraced since 1998).

But those are mere bonuses. The real treat was getting to see all sorts of familiar faces, as well as those I've not seen before. From the fellow artists to the art enthusiasts; from the average Kaiju fan to the child excited to be amidst a world of giant monsters, it's the people who make every G-Fest worth while. To every person (here on DA or otherwise) who stopped by the table, even to stop and admire my work and/or chat it up, you all are the true reason I come back the following year. I don't often say this to folks outside the family, but I love you all, and I do hope to see all of you again soon.
Come on out the 11th through 13th for the greatest weekend a Kaiju fan could ever ask for!

Oh, and some shmuck by the name of Ray Fromme will be there loitering in Artist Alley. ;P

G-Fest 2014 ARTIST ALLEY Poster Map by kaijuverse

The fifth year in a row (golly, five years!?), I'll be setting up at G-Fest's Artist Alley. Find my image for this year, and you'll find me (unless I'm raiding the dealer room)!

G-Fest XXI - The Quickening by AlmightyRayzilla

-Plenty of prints!

Now I Am Become Death by AlmightyRayzilla 20 Super Years by AlmightyRayzilla BIG MACODON vs JUMBO FRANKOSAURUS by AlmightyRayzilla The Magnificent Machine by AlmightyRayzilla Sanctity by AlmightyRayzilla Inferno and Thunderstorm by AlmightyRayzilla  The Last Defense of Terra by AlmightyRayzilla Intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic by AlmightyRayzilla

-Starting last year, I've been turning my Trendmasters artwork into trading card-sized prints. This year, six more are ready for the festivities! Come by and pick up a set, plus a bonus card!

Trendmasters Baragons by AlmightyRayzilla Trendmasters Mothras by AlmightyRayzilla Trendmasters Battras by AlmightyRayzilla Trendmasters Rodans by AlmightyRayzilla Trendmasters King Ghidorahs by AlmightyRayzilla Trendmasters Godzillas by AlmightyRayzilla

-Aside from original line art for the prints, I'll have plenty of other traditional-media pieces up for grabs. Sketchie Cards are still around, and I've taken a fancy to doing COLOR marker sketches!

Sketchie Cards for G-Fest XXI 1/2 by AlmightyRayzilla Sketchie Cards for G-Fest XXI 2/2 by AlmightyRayzilla Fierodon Marker Sketch by AlmightyRayzilla

For everyone going, hope to see you there! :D
Not really, I'm here, guys.

I was outta town for the holidays, and it was eventful, to say the least. It was all good and everything, but it kinda ended on a sad note.

My grandpa, Francis "Red" Fromme, was moved into hospice care shortly before the new year, and I got to see and talk with him for the last time on the 2nd. He passed away on the 5th, his funeral the following weekend. He was ready to go, as he said himself, it was just a matter of time before God would let him on the train to Heaven.

He and his wife were truly meant for one another, they had been married since 1942, and ever since she died in 2011, he was ready to be back with her, as well as his son (my dad, who passed in 2009). He was gonna be 98 in April. He always had a smile on his face, even the day I last saw him (which says a lot, since he wasn't able to move much). But that always confused me, my dad would tell old stories of how he'd get so mad about the electric bill being a whopping $8 back then, or the time he used the Farmall 400 one last time on the day he was gonna trade it in, when the axle suddenly broke on it. He must have been redder than the tractor!

(He actually had red hair back in the day, but being a farmer that always drove International Harvester equipment sorta became synonymous with his nickname.)

But he loved every single person in his family and everyone he knew. That was his most valuable possession in life. Despite it being a funeral, everyone was glad that we were all able to come together, and that's what he would have wanted for us all.

It goes without saying that he will be missed.


So anyway, now that I'm back home, it's a new year to start fresh. Obviously commissions need finishing, but I did some thinking, and I'm wanting to get some artwork published in the near future or at least try to get more recognition.

The biggest thing I've really done with my art is G-Fest and commissions, and I'm aware I can potentially do more with it. I do have a plan in mind to throw some artwork around locally - before moving to my current residence, a tattoo shop owner in my hometown area was rather interested in my artwork, and he was even willing to sell prints for me, not just have me do tattoo designs. This was back in late 2011, and I kinda turned him down because of moving. So far, it's been one of my biggest regrets in art. Anywho, I'm hoping to see if I can try again with a couple local tattoo shops (if anything, better to know it doesn't work than to never know that it can). I'm also looking into going to other conventions besides G-Fest.

Like I said, I'm looking to get some of my work published in the near future, or at least take a step toward that by getting it recognized even more. I'll be dropping a poll in a bit asking a few questions (by the way, thanks, :iconbigtimbears: for the premium membership!).

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and is staying warm out there!


1. :iconimposterzilla: Commission - BAHADORG by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - KAMEREGON by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - GODZILLA VS. KING ZERO by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - PATHSTOMPERS by AlmightyRayzilla
2. :icondoctordid: Commission - DIMENTOR by AlmightyRayzilla

3. :iconkingshisa08: Commission - SAN VS ANKYLA by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - KAIJU COUPLES by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - FAMILY FEUD by AlmightyRayzilla

4. :iconawesomesauce-57: Commission - MECHABURGER by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - MECHABURGER PRIME by AlmightyRayzilla

5. :iconexuitirteiss: Commission - X-I by AlmightyRayzilla

6. :iconbedlamnac: Commission - GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH by AlmightyRayzilla

7. :iconkaijuduke: Commission - ASUKA ZERO colors by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - IZANAMI and IZANAGI by AlmightyRayzilla

8. :iconscalyschisms: Commission - Nuocerious by AlmightyRayzilla

9. :iconcomicmakerjoe: Commission - Godzilla and Ebirah by AlmightyRayzilla

10. :iconboogie209: Commission - HYO-JIN by AlmightyRayzilla
I sincerely apologize for virtually disappearing as of late. But this year, classes, which I hold as a high priority (not necessarily my highest, but high nonetheless), have been throwing all kinds of big assignments our way. Being a Goodwill employee had its benefits, but it got to the point I wasn't getting ANYTHING done, and since I couldn't get my hours cut back, it was just time to move on.

But everything is starting to slow down a bit, so I'm able to devote more and more time to personal projects, including commissions that are long overdue. Believe me, I've not forgotten ANY of ya. So do expect the next several uploads to be commissions.

And to wrap this up, be sure and give a big Happy 59th to our favorite city-stompin' monster that is Godzilla! :D


1. :iconimposterzilla: Commission - BAHADORG by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - KAMEREGON by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - GODZILLA VS. KING ZERO by AlmightyRayzilla One more is WIP

2. :icondoctordid: Commission - DIMENTOR by AlmightyRayzilla

3. :iconkingshisa08: Commission - SAN VS ANKYLA by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - KAIJU COUPLES by AlmightyRayzilla One more is WIP

4. :iconawesomesauce-57: Commission - MECHABURGER by AlmightyRayzilla Commission - MECHABURGER PRIME by AlmightyRayzilla

5. :iconexuitirteiss: Commission - X-I by AlmightyRayzilla

6. :iconbedlamnac: Commission - GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH by AlmightyRayzilla

7. :iconkaijuduke: Commission - ASUKA ZERO colors by AlmightyRayzilla One more is WIP

8. :iconscalyschisms: Commission - Nuocerious by AlmightyRayzilla

9. :iconcomicmakerjoe: Commission - Godzilla and Ebirah by AlmightyRayzilla

10. :iconboogie209: WIP

11. :iconalmaster09: WIP
It's about time I got around to posting this. Gah, Goodwill is killing me. And this slow computer isn't helping*.

As many know, PACIFIC RIM premiered the day G-Fest began, and ERMAHGERD. ER. MAH. GERD. This movie is so much fun. The film does have a few flaws (which most are boiled down to nitpicks), but the film does what it's supposed to do - entertain. The actors do seem to be having fun with their roles (especially Ron Perlman and the two scientist dweebs). The story is fairly standard, but this movie wasn't meant to be some ground-breaking story, nor was it meant to be "the next Avatar" (though the visuals were pretty spectacular); it was meant to be a tribute to a genre that really needed some love. That's why it's a great film.

I'll tell ya what, the kaiju are pretty spectacular. When they decide to f**k s**t up (including but not limited to the Jaegers), by golly, they F**K. S**T. UP. Just the way El Raymondo likes his giant monsters - beastly and destructive.

Please, do not look at this as another Transformers movie. People need to be aware that Transformers are not the only giant robots, and giant robots vs. giant monsters is far from being a new concept. Hell, Transformers aren't even the only transforming robots. THEY'RE NOT EVEN THE ORIGINAL TRANSFORMING ROBOTS.

Anywho, do go see PacRim. It's definitely worth the watch. And pick you up one (or all) of the figures that NECA has put out - I picked up Knifehead the other day, and he is HIDEOUS (in a good way).


As for G-Fest itself, the best part about it is getting to see everyone who was there, be it reuniting with friends, or people I've had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. It's definitely perked me up. So anyone who dropped by the table and/or chatted it up elsewhere, you guys are awesome! :D

I got some cool swag this year - a chibi Biollante, Bandai Godzilla '89 and Gyaos '99 dioramas, small-yet-extremely-detailed mini figures of Baragon, Gigan, and Biollante (despite them being one solid color, the detail is outrageous), a Hedorah '04 figure, and S.H. Monsterarts Space Godzilla!

As I've told a few people there at the convention, this was a bit of a throwback year for me, what with me doing the Trendmasters kaiju. In the dealer's room, getting to see the very first Godzilla toy I ever got still in the package, the Godzilla: King of the Monsters "Godzilla vs. Mothra", that takes me back.

I have a few prints leftover, so feel free to contact me about them. And as usual, I definitely look forward to next year. :)


*In other news, I'm in the process of upgrading to a new computer because the one I have is just getting slower and slower. Already had to type this journal up twice because of it bogging down so hard. Bleh.

In the meantime, I'll be catching up on commissions (as long as the 'puter holds up). And hopefully some snoozing.

No, Goodwilly, I don't need any more hours...


Here's the commission list up to date. :)

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