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King K. Rool

One of my Inktober '16 pieces I decided to kolor digitally.

Donkey Kong Country on the SNES is one of my favorite games, and of kourse, K. Rool is one of my favorite video game karacters. I played the game not too long ago, which led to me putting him on my Inktober list. He's such an ugly brute, but that's what makes him really kool. When drawing him, I had a random thought kross my mind of Vincent Price voicing him, so I tried channeling some of Professor Ratigan (another favorite villain of mine) into his pose. :)
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he look so fantastic, would you draw more kremlings in that style too?
like Rockkroc ,Kobble & Koin & Krumple ,Skidda , Klinger, Re-Koil Klong 
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Kinda looks like Godzilla dressed as K. Rool, that's awesome.
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so many Ks in the description :O
JacobSpencerKaiju79's avatar
Awesome job, my friend!
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Oh man, what a nostalgic treat. King K. Rool is great. The whole Kong Krew would look great in your style. 
earthbaragon's avatar
I love the texture you did here. Looks just absolutely great :)
Darkton93's avatar
Your deskription makes this worthy of a fave all on its own.
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Love the way this is drawn; just way too badarse! Also, that Ratigan homage. ;)
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always awesome to see the king of the Kremlings show up 

I wished that he was in smash bros
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