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Heaven is Lost

Ok, this is my pseudo latest wallpapers (pseudo because it was made in August - I haven't been in a photoshop mood lately == ).

Anyway, this is Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, from the FullMetal Alchemist movie (meaning that the wall has spoilers). I thought the theme of the original scan was pretty, so I decided to make a new sky and add some surreal details. I had to vectorize the scan also, because the original was SO awful in quality.

I hope you like it.
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FMA is the best!!!! Although I haven´t seen the movie till now, but I have the whole serie. :XD: Did you vectorize them or did you really draw them without reference?
If you like FMA you should check this deviation out:
it´s really funny
Almighty-Bazaa's avatar
Just vectorized - unfortunately, I don't have enough dexterity on my hands to draw a single line XD
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it turned out really great!
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You should see the series on CN (CartoonNetwork).
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I'm not from the USA ^^ I already watched the subs, but if it ever airs here in Portugal I'll gladly watch it again.
Laurelin-Vardamir's avatar
Ah! Now I see. They sell the DVDs in stores, and all. And I've seen it online, but I haven't gotten thta far in the series, yet. ^^'
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Wow! Nice!! :D I knew there was a movie, but I've yet to see it. I hear it's supposed to be awesome, though. I'll be sure and check it out. And you keep up the awesome work!
Almighty-Bazaa's avatar
I've only watched the unsubtitled cam, but I think it was quite good. As soon as there is a DVD-rip there will be a subbed version =)
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Wow, I didn't know there was a movie, but I would kinda assume if they had made a movie, it would be of his brother getting his body back. Pretty sweet picture, though.
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