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Ambivalence - V15

Layout made for the first anniversary of "Ambivalence". This is the all CSS version, but Blogger is evil and, to make it work decently, I would have to use stuff like margin-bottom:-3170px; so I had to use another version for it O__o

It was greatly inspired by a purse of mine X'DD A NICI one, I use it for classes a lot.

The footer is fixed, so you always see it in whatever point of the page you are. The main content and the side bar for the links are always on the center, and the header and the badge also have dynamic positioning.

By the way, if you think the badge looks fugly, please say something, because I was unsure if I should included it until the end XD.

The header pattern was made by snrk [link] and there's a javascript for png transparency which I didn't made, because I only understand the basics of javascript, but I don't know where I got it.

Either way, it's not technically perfect, far from it in fact. I wanted to do a all CSS version to submit to a gallery, although I wouldn't be confident about its aesthetics. But I finally feel like my style is evolving, so I'm very happy with it.


I know this won't get much exposure, but if you have some kind of critic, go ahead. I don't get enough feedback from my work because I only do private stuff, so it's kinda hard to do something new.
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