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  That story had zero traction.  Maybe because of the fact that in 15 parts I hadn't even covered 48 hours or the fact the whole "Nimbus 7" title didn't make sense until part 15.  Plus there were story elements I was going to fill in to answer so holes that the narrative couldn't explain?  I don't know.  Zero feedback on the story doesn't give one much to base how something failed.  Maybe the cast was too big?  I mean we had the kids 6 (7 if you included the dead one), their parents and the baddies.  There were a few twist and I was starting an alt story under the images I had recently title X1 , x2 and so on, but never quite made it to those parts, so at first...or second, third...hell it's been a lot, you don't succeed.  Try, try again.  So story ideas I'm mulling over.

1.  Dystopian future alien oppressors and magic powered liberators.

2.  Modern times elemental spirits go insane creating a new age of magic.

3.  Modern times aliens prison ship crash lands  on Earth.

  I'll mull some more over the work day. 

 Tweaking some of my OCs, started with Nicole, Marcus is up next.
Nicole Mendez-Williams : Tweaking
  Been tweaking her a bit lately, slightly different hair style and color, along with a slightly stronger and bustier physique!  Always 47,  married or divorced to Marcus Williams with two children Nico and Veronica. 

 This will be my baseline for her and whatever powers she may or may not have.  She's Cuba-Rican (meaning Puerto-Rican and Cuban American). 
I know the crowd doesn't like it when I render males, but a few do and I'm experimenting with scifi characters.
Nimbus 7: Chapter 4, pt 3
  James Jones didn't know what to say when he saw it....hell he didn't know what to say about what he was wearing. 

  Mark had arranged for them all to meet here.  James came with Nico (who had stayed at his parent's home after his brother's funeral), Mark came with Aria, last to arrive were Veronica and Paul.  Mark, who was the 'party' guy of the group was dead serious when the entered what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse out in the middle of nowhere.

"There are doors with your names, go inside and change into what the outfit down there" Mark said pointing at a secret entrance leading underground.  "Trust me on this one."

  The six of them were like family, hell they were more than family in James' mind and he answered seriously "I don't know what's up Mark, but by your tone, if there's a tutu down there, I'm putting it on."

  Mark smiled.  He had pretended to be a drunk party boy for the last few years and it was comforting to him that his friends; his true friends, knew the real him well enough to trust him.

 James saw the outfit and started to change.

  "When you're done" Mark's voice came over the audio system built into the outfit "Take a right and enter the room at the end of the hall."

  This is where he was now.  He felt funny in the outfit but  not in a sense of how it felt, it felt incredible, but in a fashion sense.  The others joined him seconds after all wearing the same type of outfit and Mark stepped out in front and pointed at what James was looking at.

  "This" Mark said "Is an exact replica of the device they said killed John."

   James said nothing, in fact no one said anything, they just waited for Mark to continue.

  "John wasn't sure why the government was so hell bent on creating a omega particle generator so a few years ago he started sending me blue prints and schematics and told me to build it in a secret place." the room still was silent fixated on Mark.  "He didn't trust Col. Meyer...."
   Mark paused and looked at James.  "He was murdered."

  It was Aria who spoke first "Save the drama Mark and get to the meat."

  "Please."  James said.

     Mark started to explain everything.  John had found out that not only were at least one of their parents members of Nimbus 8 with Col Meyer, but also that Meyer had become jealous of the rest that still had a small portion of enhanced abilities.  This obsession led to him wanting to regain his super abilities he also planned a coup with superhuman soldiers by his side.  It was irony that Veronica and John both worked at Keystone and were helping him achieve his goal.  Yet the Colonel had planned for a few of the former members to help him and since John never uncovered which ones, this would have to remain a secret from their parents. 

  Everyone mumbled amongst themselves for a second before Mark regained control of the group.

  "John wouldn't have known anything but for our trip to New Mexico a few years back he wanted to surprise us with our ancestry.  The thing is when the results came back, his results said he shared paternal DNA with Veronica."

  "What the..." James started to say.

  "Hold on James."  Mark smiled looking at Veronica "As Veronica already knows, this was bullshit.  You see Veronica, our resident super alien biologist, and John fertilized some of her eggs a year earlier and she ran DNA test on the both of them.  So now John had to figure out who would plant this and why, and eventually led to the Colonel and his little pity party."

  The group seemed somewhat at ease and started asking Veronica about fertilized eggs..

 "Hold up a sec."  Mark shouted "I'm not done yet, I'm going to give you facts...."

  And he did beginning with  John was successful in making the Omega particle generator, the one in front of them was fully functioning but the one at Keystones labs was designed only to give about 1% of the output of the one in front of them.  John and Mark had both used the machine several times so when the test run of the one at Keystone resulted in an explosion, Mark knew enough that there wasn't enough power to cause all that damage and had guessed that the Colonel has a copy made, just as John did, but his copy was a much inferior model of the one that stood in front of them and he only wanted John to finish the machine and then kill him so no one else would have access to the generator.
   Secondly the suits they were wearing were designed to retain Omega particles, the reason why they all felt so good right now is because like their parents they now had enhanced abilities and special powers, but since the world wasn't saturated with Omega particles as it had been during the invasion, they  would have to wear the suits to access those abilities, without the suits the 'charge' would only last for about an hour or so.

 "We got a run down of what your parents could do"  Mark said "And a training room.  Your powers (I've already tried mine out) may differ a bit but should be along the same power base.  Veronica " he said looking at her "Your mom had super strength, your dad had mind powers, so you may end up with both or....well we don't know.  So we'll test the others first and do you last."

  She nodded.

   "Finally.  John wanted to break this to Nico by herself because it's very private but at the same time I think we should all know, especially you Veronica."

 Veronica and Nico looked at each other with quirky expressions.

"Just spill it."  Nico said "You guys are family so whatever it is, I can take it and if I can't, I have my best friends in the world to help me through it."

 They all smiled at each other before Mark came out with his announcement.

"Nico is the Colonel's daughter" he said slowly

"But my mom can't stand...." she started to say.

"Audrey Belle isn't your mother" Mark said almost regretting he had to tell her. "Veronica's mother Nicole is."

  The next few minutes everyone started answering questions and Mark explained as best he could about private investigators when Nicole met with the Colonel (a few months after Veronica's birth) and how Audrey was unable to have children because of a past trauma. 

  It was James that changed the subject with "So what did my brother expect us to do?"

 "Stop Colonel Meyer"  Aria said sounding slightly annoyed.

  "  'N' '7' " Paul said " Nimbus 7? John wanted us to be Nimbus 7...."

  "We're only six now..."  Mark started to say.

  "NO."  James spoke up "He may not be here, but we're here together because of him....having the 7 in the names means we'll never forget my brother."

  Everyone was quiet for a moment.

"To Nimbus 7" Aria said loudly

"To Nimbus 7" they all repeated.




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