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Winter in Almead by AlaisL
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Death Bed Memories of Home by Newsha-Ghasemi
Fifth Almead Contest Entry by chelleface90
Elmead Contest! Eskella! by Leon12Wang

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Are you mine? by lunalove2
Eskella and Eda by rozziblue
Daemla by Vouvou-Touch
Sisterly Love by smilkey

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CE: Baby, it's cold outside by pink-gizzy
Daemla, Winter Almead Contest by VeLLuchi
Daemla by nanako87
Daemla - A gift for somebody special... by Crida
Frogs and Lizards by TirNaNogIndustries
November- Daemla by Forunth
February- Laila by Forunth

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Laila by Shia-Rina
COMM Laila by Pchoberry
COMISH pixel [anim] OC Laila by Scintillant-H
AT: Aaia by nanako87
PCommission: Aaia by AurionPride
Commission: Aaia by ClassyNaru
Eskella and Eda
Eda by kejtTENSHA
Eda Commisssion by Tuna-Patty
PCommission: Eda by AurionPride
Erinel and Ronyhle
Portrait 3: Ronyhle by Forunth

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Slave Sisters (Animated) by RaisloverSakura

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Temptation by Fayerin
Commission: Revv by AurionPride
Revv the Hunter by kejtTENSHA
Revv by LeelooKido
Revv for Forunth by anka-kokos
C: Marco (10) by teiteika
Commission: Marco by AurionPride
Marco by LeelooKido
Forunth - sketchy drawing by Forunth
Selene by ChristinZakh
New dress for Neya - Contest entry by Crida
Miranda and Ferric
PC: Forunth 1/2 by BatCup
Portrait 1: Bianca by Forunth
Nivelle by Forunth
Ellen and Revy by LeelooKido
Commish- Sun Flowa by Shushun
2013 Elf Gift 5 by SeiAni
Miranda and Ferric by LeelooKido
2+ characters and other
New Magic Words by Forunth
Lock Eyes from Across the Room by Allegro-Designs


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Commission: Forunth by AurionPride I want my tears back by Forunth Prize for Forunth by Funiku Comm: Precious moments by brassmosquito

:bulletgreen:Age: 26-27
:bulletgreen:Race:- Even she doesn't know. Her mother was human, but Forunth doesn't know her father. She can control fire on low level, so she's not 100% human.  
:bulletgreen:Hair: long, straight with purple highlights
:bulletgreen:Eyes: light purple
:bulletgreen:Tattoos:Regular Priestess tattoos- three on her right cheek, right arm, left hip and left ankle
:bulletgreen:Priestess status: regular priestess in Death&Life Temple.
:bulletgreen:Body type: Slim, with wide hips and average breasts
:bulletgreen:Special properties: piercing under her lower lip, or you can draw her without that piercing, she takes it out later
:bulletgreen:Family: sister:Selene, mother: Neya, unnamed father
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: She can control fire on low level
:bulletgreen:personality: Introverted, mature, kinda dreamy, sarcastic sense of humor
:bulletgreen:very short story: Forunth after being separated from her family during childhood, was raised by priestesses to be one of them. Due to her charming face and talent with poison making she was picked to fulfill wealthy people's special orders. She was poisoning unwanted people for money, or sold her poisons. Main story takes place when wounded Forunth is found in forest by Aaia, elf who hates all humans. For various reasons Aaia helped her to reach Daemla's castle, where she could rest and heal her wounds, and also secretly meet her lover, Marco.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Com/Selene by Shia-Rina Death Bed Memories of Home by Newsha-Ghasemi Selene by ChristinZakh Winter in Almead by AlaisL

:bulletgreen:Age:  32
:bulletgreen:Race:- Half elf half human. Her father was elf soldier
:bulletgreen:Hair: Black with purple highlights
:bulletgreen:Eyes: white, hollow, she's blind
:bulletgreen:Priestess status: regular priestess in Nature Temple. Later, she becomes Highest Priestess of two Temples (Nature and Highest Temple of Almead)
:bulletgreen:Body type: slim but curvy, big boobs
:bulletgreen:Family: sister:Forunth, mother: Neya, unnamed father
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: none, she has no superpowers, except she can get on well with all animals, she's "forest child"
:bulletgreen:personality: Shy, always scared, hates crowded places, prefers to spend her time in forest, can be also brutal and dangerous
:bulletgreen:special properties?:She's blind, barely visible scar on forehead
:bulletgreen:very short story: Selene lived with her mother and Forunth in small village, as child she drank poison after long sickness she lost her sight because of it. When Selene was teen, group of ex-soldiers attacked her village. They killed Neya, Forunth ran to the other city, and Selene hid herself in a forest. She spent there long 3 years. She was found by Revv, after that she became priestess in Nature Temple
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Aaia by Lightning-Spirit While your lips are still red by Forunth March- Aaia by Forunth Red Snow by lildebbie:thumb367578052:

:bulletgreen:Age: +600
:bulletgreen:Race:- Forest elf
:bulletgreen:Hair: Deep green
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Gold cat-like
::bulletgreen:Family:  ???
:bulletgreen:Body type: athletic and feminine at the same time
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: Great archer, and warrior
:bulletgreen:personality: Brutal, introverted, anxious, but she becomes calmer after meeting Daemla
:bulletgreen:special properties?: Triangular marks on body
:bulletgreen:very short story: Aaia didn't like typical elvish life, singing, hunting, sharing everything. One day a man accidentally killed little elvish child. This was the day when all elves (regular, forest, dark- every one) gone for a war with humans. Aaia hated humans from the beggining, so it was just perfect for her. She was very brutal and she could easily kill a baby, or innocent girl. One day during the war one priestess tried to go through the forest of elves. Her name was Forunth, she was injured and she knew that she will be killed if she won't make this. On the other side of the forest there was peaceful land, where here friend- Daemla had a big castle. Aaia met Forunth, when she was walking through most dangerous part of the forest. At first Aaia wanted to kill her, but when they talked she decided to help her. When they came out of forest Aaia decided to go with Forunth. When they came to the castle Daemla asked Aaia to stay at her place, and she said yes. It was beggining of very platonic but beautiful love between silly human girl and brutal elf hunter.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Commission: Triple happiness by AurionPride November- Daemla by Forunth Smile of happiness by Forunth An anonymous gift by LeelooKido Keep Believing by Lightning-Spirit

:bulletgreen:Age: 19
:bulletgreen:Hair: Carrot like orange
:bulletgreen:Eyes: green
:bulletgreen:Body type: skinny, teen type
:bulletgreen:Family: Father, and mother (not important characters)
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:Personality: Talkative, sometimes immature, always happy, friends call her little sun
:bulletgreen:Special properties?: She breeds little creatures called Ei
:bulletgreen:very short story: Daemla is daughter of a successor of biggest manor in the Almead. She's Forunth's best friend. After Forunth's and Aaia's journey, she helped both of them. There is very platonic love between her and Aaia
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

[REQ] Bianca by kurochii Commission: My little sun by AurionPride:thumb361511628: Colorful Bianca by Daemla Comm: Bianca and Ellen by brassmosquito

:bulletgreen:Age: 32
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human
:bulletgreen:Hair: White with warm shades
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Blue
:bulletgreen:Body type: average, slim
:bulletgreen:Priestess status: Highest priestess of Sun Temple (she has FOUR dots tattoos)
:bulletgreen:Family: Ellen-sister, Miranda and Ferric-parents
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:personality: Very mature, quiet, she's quite tragic character, cause she always wanted to have someone to protect her, she's little girl inside, but because of life problems she acts very mature and she always tries to protect her sister
:bulletgreen:Special properties?: She ALWAYS wears red earrings and necklace in "s" shape. Also, she uses red eyeshadow
:bulletgreen:very short story: As children Ellen and Bianca lost their parents, Bianca was 7 years old, and Ellen was  only one month. Bianca was so desperate to find place to sleep and food, that she knocked to the Sun Temple. Highest priestess decided that she will help both girls, but they will become priestesses later. After old Highest Priestess died Bianca took her place. After 10 years at age 37 Bianca died. She was stabbed by soldier by mistake. If you want to know her whole story read this: part 1:… ,part 2:… , part 3:…
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

:bigthumb262486497: Contest: Revv and Ellen by brassmosquito Ellen by SimonneX Commision-Ellen by RudeOwl Commission: Meow! by AurionPride

:bulletgreen:Age: 25
:bulletgreen:Race:- human.  
:bulletgreen:Hair: White with warm shades. Short , but with long ponytail at the back  
:bulletgreen:Eyes: blue
:bulletgreen:Body type: Slim, with wide hips and average breasts
:bulletgreen:Priestess status: regular priestess in Sun Temple.
:bulletgreen:Family: Bianca-sister, Miranda and Ferric-parents
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:personality: Immature, rebellious, very teen-like
:bulletgreen:Special properties?: She ALWAYS wears red earrings and necklace in "s" shape. Also, she uses red eyeshadow
:bulletgreen:very short story: As children Ellen and Bianca lost their parents, Bianca was 7 years old, and Ellen was  only one month. Both girls raised in Sun Temple. After 10 years at age 37 Bianca died. She was stabbed by soldier by mistake. After Bianca's dead, Ellen at the age of 30 became more mature, and responsible, she also fell in love in Revv. She left Sun Temple, and bought her mother's old Tavern. If you want to know her whole story read this: part 1:… ,part 2:… , part 3:…
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Purple by Lightning-Spirit Miranda by LeelooKido ACEO 34: candles by Forunth Miranda by SimonneX Commision for RaisloverSakura by Luycaslima August- Miranda by Forunth

:bulletgreen:Age: 35 (???)
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human from Aerie village
:bulletgreen:Hair:White with warm shades. Always braided
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Light orange
:bulletgreen:Body type: skinny, small breasts and medium wide hips, she has delicate figure
:bulletgreen:Family: Bianca and Ellen- daughters, Ferric- husband
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:Personality: Talkative, sometimes immature, always happy, friends call her little sun
:bulletgreen:Special properties?: She ALWAYS wears red earrings and necklace in "s" shape. She also has mole under HER left eye.
:bulletgreen:very short story:  Miranda was very lively and talkactive girl and everybody loved her. Miranda was typical teenager, every room was full of her. She had a dream, she wanted to see "big world" she felt that  village in mountains is too small for her. When she was 19 years old she left home and she travelled to the Almead's capitol named Varos. She was amazed by big city and it's atmosphere. She didn't have enough money so she started to work in a tavern, Miranda helped old lady who treated her as her own daughter. In that tavern she met human soldier- Ferric, and she fell in love with him. Ferric was tall, handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. 9 months later Miranda gave birth to little girl. Girl was born with white hair and beautiful blue eyes, so her parents named her Bianca. Miranda, Ferric and little Bianca lived peacefully upstairs of tavern. When old lady died she asked Miranda to take care of her Tavern, she didn't have any kids, so she left everything to that white haired woman from North and her husband. Whole family was very happy, and their place was always full of love. 7 years after that their second daughter, Ellen, was born. When Ellen was only 1 month old Miranda and Ferric decided to go to festival. They knew that many of their friends will be there, and both of them hadn't seen them for a long time because of their little baby. They never came back.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Comm: Hot Chocolate by brassmosquito

:bulletgreen:Age: 35 (???)
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human
:bulletgreen:Hair: blond
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Light blue
:bulletgreen:Body type: average, average muscles, wide arms
:bulletgreen:Family: Bianca and Ellen- daughters, Miranda- wife
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:Personality: Funny, talkative, but also mature, great protective father and husband
:bulletgreen:very short story:  look above at Miranda's one. The only difference is that Ferric meets Ellen after years (after Bianca's death). He didn't want to tell
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Marco for Forunth by brassmosquito Comm: Precious moments by brassmosquito Marco by LeelooKido Commission: Marco by AurionPride

:bulletgreen:Age: 29
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human
:bulletgreen:Hair: Brown. Long ponytail
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Brown
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:Body type: Slim, athlethic, wide arms, narrow hips, chest hair (!)
:bulletgreen:personality: Mature, manly, protective
:bulletgreen:very short story: Marco is a soldier in war between elves and humans, he's also Forunth's lover.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Irony by Forunth

Mature Content

White Panties by Forunth
ForunthBust Linework by Newsha-Ghasemi

Mature Content

Foru Contest : Laila by Funiku
Comm: Laila by ivixus

:bulletgreen:Age: 34 (???)
:bulletgreen:Race:  Noone knows but she's not human for sure
:bulletgreen:Hair: Deep red. Like actual red. Middle-back length, wavy
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Light red
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: She can control weak minds. Like make them feel sick etc
:bulletgreen:personality: Ironic, wicked, mysterious, seductive, evil
:bulletgreen:Body type: very curvy and sexy, big boobs, tiny hourglass waist and wide wips with big thighs, still she's not chubby, but curvy in slim way
:bulletgreen:Special properties?: tattoos! And very special tattoo "8" on her stomach
:bulletgreen:very short story: Laila is evil one. Very mysterious, she's Forunth's biggest opponent. She comes along every time something important is about to happen and ruins it. People are always like:  "OH NOT HER AGAIN" and "WHO DAFUQ IS SHE?!". Noone knows who she is,  but she has priestess tattoos mixed in her own tattoos so it means, that she has to be priestess. She likes to seduce mans.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Promise this by Funiku CM: ACEO-Neya by pink-gizzy ACEO Escape by SimonneX forunth's neya by expresso-boy:thumb353618463: Commission: Memories of beloved by AurionPride

:bulletgreen:Age: 32 (???)
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human
:bulletgreen:Hair: BLACK (!!!!) with purple and blue shades
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Dark deep blue, short with one longer lock with metal ring tangled at the end.
:bulletgreen:Family: Selene and Forunth- daughters
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: None
:bulletgreen:Body type: Slim, with wide hips and average breasts
:bulletgreen:personality: Funny, easy-going, but she's also very protective and she was great mother
:bulletgreen:very short story: was mother of Forunth and Selene, she had to escape from her village, because she got pregnant at the age of 16 with Elf soldier. Ring tangled in her hair is from that soldier, as promise that he will find her. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find his true love. Neya died during attack of ex-soldiers on her village. She decided to sacrifice herself to save her daughters.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Revv for Forunth by anka-kokos Contest: Revv and Ellen by brassmosquito:thumb257667417: Revv by LeelooKido Revv the Hunter by kejtTENSHA

:bulletgreen:Age: 25 (???)
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human from Aerie Village
:bulletgreen:Hair: White with warm shades, wavy
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Light orange
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: Beast hunter, awesome warrior
:bulletgreen:Body type: Skinny and athletic,
:bulletgreen:personality: Immature, rebellious, very teen-like, silly, stupid sense of humour
:bulletgreen:Special properties?: Lots of scars
:bulletgreen:very short story: Revv is Aerie, just like Miranda, that's why he has white hair and orange eyes. He's beast hunter. And please, do not compare him with Geralt the Witcher. I know they are similar, white hair, scars, and beats hunters, but I created him BEFORE I knew Witcher. Revv was in love with Forunth for very long time, but it was very platonic love, he liked her mature character, it impressed him. Forunth was never interested in Revv. He's also best friend of Selene, he found her in forest while he was chasing one of beats. He helped sisters to meet after years. After Bianca's death he fell in love with Ellen.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

:bigthumb366088226: Yenha by Forunth Yenha Comission by Hellatina Art trade - Yenha for Forunth by Solceress Yenha by TheAvies

:bulletgreen:Age: 20
:bulletgreen:Race:- Human
:bulletgreen:Hair: Dark blond, Braid on side
:bulletgreen:Eyes: Grey/green
:bulletgreen:Body type: pear shaped
:bulletgreen:personality: honest, simple, she's not strongest brain in Almead
:bulletgreen:very short story: Yenha is someone like maid to Daemla. She was important string connecting other characters with Bianca and Ellen. Cause she's very religious, and she always wears sun necklace. She's countryside girl, so it was most important temple for her.
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Eskella by Forunth Eskella by Forunth Commission for *Forunth by Joanamosi

:bulletgreen:Age: 27??
:bulletgreen:Race:- Dark Elf with warm purple skin
:bulletgreen:Hair: Very long, white and straight
:bulletgreen:Eyes: gold
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: Very smart, she's fast learner.
:bulletgreen:Body type: Slender, small chested
:bulletgreen:personality: Proud, little egoistic, with high self esteem, but also protective (and over protective) about people she loves
:bulletgreen:Special properties: none
:bulletgreen:very short story: She was captured during war, and kept in castle as a slave together with Erinel and Eda. She wasn't a sex slave, but due to her intelligence she helped her owner in administrating
:bulletgreen:Inspirations for outfits:…

Commission for *Forunth part2 by Joanamosi Eda by Forunth Eda by Forunth:thumb403086551:
:bulletgreen:Age: 18
[Bullet; Green]Race:- Dark Elf with warm purple skin
[Bullet; Green]Hair: Very long, white and wavy. She has ponytail, fringe and shorter curly bangs on sides. ALWAYS uses hair sticks. and decorative accessories.
[Bullet; Green]Eyes: pink (not very vivid.
[Bullet; Green]Special abilities: Fast learner, she has amazing memory
[Bullet; Green]Body type: Chubby, big chested and with very wide hips. Short.
[Bullet; Green]personality: Joyfull, teen like, always happy. But inside she's really responsible and can act seriously when it's needed.
[Bullet; Green]Special properties: none
[Bullet; Green]very short story: She was captured during war, and kept in castle as a slave together with Erinel and Eskella. She wasn't a sex slave, but she helped with managing other slaves as servants. (in kitchen etc.)
[Bullet; Green]Inspirations for outfits:

Erinel, the slave by saniika

Mature Content

In my dungeon by Forunth
Erinel by Daemla

Mature Content

Erinel by mario-reg
May- Erinel by Forunth Erinel by TovioRogers

[Bullet; Green]Age: 22 (???)
[Bullet; Green]Race:- Dark Elf with warm purple skin
[Bullet; Green]Hair: Very long white hair with violet ends
[Bullet; Green]Eyes: gold
[Bullet; Green]Special abilities: none... or being well trained in various sex techniques is special ability? xD
[Bullet; Green]Body type: VERY curvy, even chubby, very big breasts and very wide hips with bug butt
[Bullet; Green]personality: Teasy, shy, innocent when it comes to everyday life
[Bullet; Green]Special properties?: Gold rings on her hair
[Bullet; Green]very short story: She was captured during war, and kept in castle as a slave. Due to her curvy body she was favorite slave of castle owner- Ronyhle. There is love-hate relationship between these two, and as a slave Erinel have really big freedom.
[Bullet; Green]Inspirations for outfits:


Mature Content

Temptation by Fayerin

[Bullet; Green]Age: late 30s
[Bullet; Green]Race:- Human
[Bullet; Green]Hair: shoulder long, black
[Bullet; Green]Eyes: brown
[Bullet; Green]Special abilities: sword master
[Bullet; Green]Body type: athletic
[Bullet; Green]personality: Alpha male, racist, lloves black humor, later he changes because of his love to Erinel
[Bullet; Green]Special properties?: --
[Bullet; Green]very short story: Very wealthy and noble knight. During great war he capture huge group of dark elves for sale as slaves. He kept around 20 of them, as servants, and one of them, curvy Erinel caught his eye. Ronyhle made her his sex slave, but slowly he started to fall for her, even if he didn't want to admit it to himself. They developed incredibly strong bond that survived more than even regular relationships.
[Bullet; Green]Inspirations for outfits:…

Myriad by LeelooKido MYRIAD Comission by Hellatina chibi commissions by kejtTENSHA Comm: Myriad by ivixus Myriad by yahiroxyuki Myriad by AurionPride

[Bullet; Green]Age: early 40s
[Bullet; Green]Race:- Human from Aerie Village
[Bullet; Green]Hair: White with warm shades, short
[Bullet; Green]Eyes: Light orange
[Bullet; Green]Special abilities: martial arts master.
[Bullet; Green]Body type: very skinny in unhealthy way, athlethic
[Bullet; Green]personality: Religious fanatic, does not sleep or eat well, constantly have shades under eyes.
[Bullet; Green]Special properties?: shades under eyes
[Bullet; Green]very short story: She's Revv's master, she's kinda villain, cause because of her religious fanatism she on personal crusade to kill all priestesses who are not "saint" enough
[Bullet; Green]Inspirations for outfits:…
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